There are several major
corporations and your
character may or may not have
been involded with them. The
following is a list of the largest and
most well known.

        Crankor Industries , It is known for its large chain of stores ranging from large department stores to 24hr convenience stores. And it is well know all over the colonies.

        Cyberscope lead the way with implant technology and still does. It is Moon based and has offices in most large Hot Spot. They have many research projects underway, almost all of them classified.

        Cybertechnology International Though Cyberscope has the cutting edge of implant technology, Cybertechnology has made itself by mass producing implants to the awaiting millions. It has now diversed into security and weapons, though it still can't rival D.H. (see later) in this field. It is believed that Cybertechnology is going to use its mass marketing skill in this field to promote its

        The realman corps: This is the most know organisation to make illegal "Sens Recording". This organisation is known to make some of the most sick digital recording of senses on the market. If you want to feel death, to know what it is to die, this corpos has it all. The only problem is that most of the people trying those recording do really die or loose some mental senses... This is not a legal corporation, so you have to search to find them. They are paying a lot for illegal record from SIT team (lots of people want to feel the danger without being in it).

        D.H.( David Humbart )Corporations specialises in providing guards and specialist teams to most corporations. Their Matador security guards & teams are a well known sight in most
Hot Spot though their numbers are small. They also have a weapons & arms division and a special research department.

        Global 33 is the largest entertainment and news corporation both in size and  distribution. They have facilities in 90% of the countries world wide and own dozens of channels. They deal with anything that is broadcasted on the global network – news, documentaries, sitcoms, sales, movies, talk shows, entertainment shows, etc.

        Mining Astral  is the major exploration company. It search the univers for mineral and lots of other things. With Mars, the company started something really big and it is now moving really fast. With the discovery of Cromalt, the company has found energy sources  for thousand years. When you want to travel in space safely, you find yourself a MA pilot to hire (they are the best).

        Space Security  is the oldest security company in space. Originally, it was a section of Mining Astral, but in 3980 the section got sold to become the Space Security corp. Most of the security out of earth is done by this company. They have space transport and fighter. All their team are well train in space and most of them never have been on earth.

        Midnight Explorer  are the explorer of the universe ( and that’s what they say). This corporation has some Spacecraft that could take you almost anywhere in space, the only problem is that they don’t have the experience of the MA pilot. With some special team, they explore new planet. They are looking like a military style corp, but it is only in apparence. Most of the people workin in ME are only space pilot and explorer.

        Power Mind is a corporation that make some of the finest skillsoft on the market. When it is made by PM, it is a sure thing. This corp only build skillsoft, but in a lot of different package.

        Pradigo arms is the most powerful weapons corporation at 4520. It develops everything from handguns to starcraft missiles. Most of the world’s corpo armies buy from Pradigo.

        Intel is the most principal competition to Global 33 on the information and news supply sector in the world. Their "News & Info" global network is subscribed to by over 39% of the population of the world (that is above the poverty line).

        Marasarki Incorporated has its roots in the far east. It currently says that it is the largest in the world and few dispute it. It is known to provide almost any product and any service imaginable
and a few more.

        Maxis Research is a medium sized corporation which survives by its diversification into many different areas of business. It has a low media profile which aids it as it has managed to exploit
several business areas. It has exploited several business markets successfully with a subtle approach.

        Medick inc specializes in health facilities. Most of the private hospitals belong to Medick. Medick does more than build hospitals though – it deals with anything that has a medical nature to it like qualifying doctors, nurses and pharmacist or funding medical research.

        Master Security is a new corporation which specialises in providing security for office buildings and research properties. The corporation is beginning to increase its market share, even though it is comparatively new.

        Neopharm, as opposed to Medick, deals only with medicine and drugs. Though Medick had tried to buy Neopharm, it didn’t succeed. Neopharm had taken the science of medicine research into a new era. With top of the line scientists, backed up by the company’s financial stability, one can expect wonders.Lately they have entered the field of bioware and the world impatiently awaits their results.

        Seedek is the first company to introduce cyberspace (on the global network) interface to the world, and still the leading one. Most of the cyberspace presentation software are Seedek’s ( besides some privately written software that has tendencies to crush at the most inconvenient times). They have recently entered the field of artificial intellignece and their new cyberspace products incorporate some AI technology into them.