General Equipement


This a big list of equipement that you could use in the game. Even if there's a lot of things, there is sill a lot more that could be created to go in the game ( as spacecraft...).

To have any equipement, you have to pay for it ( in game). You can’t have a laser pistols if you don’t have the money and the contact to get it.

  Clothes                       Cost
  Street clothes               $10
  Casual clothes              $50
  Business wear            $150
  High fashion               $500
  Uniform                     $100

  Armor                                     Cost
  Armored clothes                clothes x 2
  Leather jacket                            $500
  Light kevlar                              $1000
  Heavy kevlar                            $2000

  Tools                                       Cost
  Mechanic toolkit                      $100
  Electrician toolkit                     $250
  Mechanical lockpick kit           $150
  Electrical lockpick kit              $300
  Bomb disarming kit                 $200
  Blowtorch                               $100

  Personal                                  Cost
  Data viewer                            $100
  Television                               $500
  Audio recorder/player            $100
  Digital camera                        $350
  Video camera                         $300
  Video player                           $200
  SenseData recorder                 $750
  SenseData player                    $500

  Personal Items                       Cost
  CredID                                      $25
  CredID transceiver                     $50

  Medical                                Cost
  First aid kit                           $300
  First aid supplies                     $50
  Medical kit                         $1,000
  Surgery kit                         $5,000
  Hospital day                          $800
  Intensive care day                $1000
  Minor Surgery                  $20,000
  Major Surgery                $100,000

  Patch :
  Body                                      $150
  Cure disease                             $75
  Dermal                                   $150
  Detox                                       $75
  Neural                                    $150
  Sedative                                   $75
  Stimulant                                  $75

  Weapon accessories                      Cost
  Smart module                                      $750
  Laser sight                                           $800
  Scope                                                  $800
  Thermal sight                                      $3000
  Light amplifier sight                               $800
  Recoil compensator - pistol                   $950
  Recoil compensator - pifle                     $800
  Silencer - semi auto                               $800
  Holster                                                    $80

 Communications                                Cost
 Earphone communicator (5km)            $300
 Pocket communicator (10km)              $250
 Cellular phone                                      $500
 Pager                                                     $90

Vision Systems                                  Cost
Electronic binoculars (x25)                   $650
         ...Light amplification                  +$300
         ...Thermal                                 +$600
Light amplifier glasses (25m)                $500
Thermal glasses (25m)                         $500
Flashlight                                               $25

Surveillance                                       Cost
Movement sensor (50m)                      $250
Tracking transmitter (5km)                   $100
Tracking locator                                  $350
Commline tap                                      $250
Transmission tap (5km)                        $200
Data decryption system                     $1,000
Laser microphone (50m)                      $500
Bug (1km)                                           $300
Micro camera (1km)                         $5,500

Surveillance Countermeasure                    Cost
Bug scanner                                                  $250
Data encription system                                  $500
Commline tap finder                                      $250
Transmissior jammer                                     $500

Security                                                    Cost
Mechanical lock                                          $50
Electrical lock                                            $150
CredID identification                                  $100
Finger print identification                             $250
Palm print identification                               $500
Retinal print identification                         $1,000
Voice print identification                             $200

Computers                                               Cost
Numeric computer                                  $1,000
Neurologic computer  .                           $5,000 /per level
CyberDeck                                            $1,000
Minidisk                                                        $1
Datachip                                                       $3
Attack software                                    $10,000
Defense software                                    $7,500

SkillSoft From Power Mind                       Cost
 Combat Operative                                    $1,800
 Corporate Relation                                   $1,000
 Casanova                                                    $850
 TechnoWizard                                          $1,550
  Zero-G                                                    $1,000
  KungFu Fightin                                        $1,750
 CrystalJok                                                $1,550

 Vehicle                    Skill                   Speed                Passengers             Cost              Armor
 Light Motorcycle     Bike                   150                         2                     $20,000                0
 Heavy Motorcycle   Bike                   200                         2                     $30,000                1
 Small Car                Car                     120                         4                     $30,000               1
 Medium Car            Car                     140                         5                     $50,000               2
 Luxury Car              Car                     180                         5                   $100,000               3
 Sports Car              Car                      220                        4                    $125,000              2
 Van                         Car                     140                         8                      $50,000              3
 Open Truck             Car                     140                         5                      $45,000              3
 Wingpack                Plane                    50                          1                     $50,000               0

Drone                 Type                       Cost       Armor
                          Surveillance            $5,000       1  ( $1,000  more per level    max of 3)
                            Spotter                 $5,000        1   ( $1,000  more per level    max of 3)
                            Weapon             $10,000        1   ( $2,000  more per level    max of 5)



Street Clothes – Very ragged clothes usually worn by people who live on the streets or spend a lot of their time there.

Casual Clothes – These are casual clothes usually worn by the lower class – they look OK and are

Business Wear – Clothes that are usually worn by the corporate class (suits).

High Fashion – These are very expensive clothes, which are only affordable by the corporate or higher class.

Uniform – Just what it sounds like. This is what the military, police, fire department, etc. wear.


Armored Clothes – Taking regular clothes and enforcing them with small patches of kevlar is quite
common in the Techno-death world. This kind of armor can take 1 hits.

Leather Jacket –The standart look of jacket like in the movies. This kind of armor can take 2 hits.

Light Kevlar – This is a vest which is made of very thin and light kevlar. It can be worn underneath the clothes and only close observation will reveal it. This kind of armor can take 2 hits.

Heavy Kevlar – This kevlar jacket is about 2cm thick, cumbersome, and is worn above the clothes. It is usually only worn if the wearer knows he is heading into battle. This kind of armor can take 3 hits.


Mechanical Toolkit – Just your usual mechanical tools (screwdrivers, ratchet, etc.).

Electrician Toolkit – A bag of tools used for any electrical repair.

Mechanical Lockpick Kit – All the special instruments needed to break a mechanical lock.

Electrical Lockpick Kit – whatever is needed to pick an electrical lock.

Bomb Disarming Kit – Another set of tools, this time for disarming bombs.

Blowtorch – Just what it sounds like.


All personal items usually come with all forms of inputs and outputs: A minidisk player, a datachip slot and a universal connector.

Data Viewer – A small screen that is used to display any visual data (text and pictures).

Television – A bigger version of the data viewer which is not portable and only has a universal
connector. In order to view a minidisk or a datachip one has to use a video player of camera.

Audio Recorder/Player – Small appliances which are used to listen and to record any auditory data.

Digital Camera – Used to take pictures and store them as visual data.

Video Camera – An advanced form of the digital camera which is also able to store video and not only still pictures.

Video Player – An appliance which is used to read visual data and send it through a universal
connector (usually into a TV).

SenseData Recorder – A very sophisticated recorder which can record SenseData from a DNI (though an input slot) into a minidisk or a datachip.

SenseData Player – This translates the SenseData from a recording into a format which can be read by  DNI (through an input slot).


CredID – A combination of a credit card and an ID. This is the standard money exchange method in
Cyber-death. The CredID holds data on your bank account and transferring of money from one CredID to another is done with a CredID transceiver.

CredID Transceiver – This is a small device which has 2 slots for 2 CredIDs, a numeric keypad and a small screen. The transceiver transfers money from one CredID to another through wireless
communication with the net.


First Aid Kit – This is a small kit that holds medical provisions and instruments. It is designed for
fieldwork. It holds supplies for 5 usages after which it has to be refilled (To be consider as 5 patch that has to be chosen before gaming).

First Aid Supplies – A kit that holds only the expendable supplies of the first aid kit ( To be consider as 2 patch that has to be chosen before gaming).

Medical Kit – A more advanced version of the first aid kit, this kit holds better equipment and a medical computer to aid in analysis. It is the size of a small suitcase and not very useful under field conditions.  (To be consider as 15 patch that has to be chosen before gaming and someone has to be qualify to use this kit).

Surgery Kit – All you need for a field surgery. Not advisable but can save your life. (Can give back to the character 3,4 or 5 healt level).

Hospital Day – A day spent in hospital heals 2 levels.

Intensive Care Day – A day spent in intensive care heals 4 levels ( but the perso has to stay 3 days after to recover).

Minor Surgery – Any medical surgery that doesn’t involve the heart or brain and minor cybernetics
surgery (not involving any neural systems). ( 5 days after )

Major Surgery – Any medical surgery that involves the heart or brain and any complex cybernetics
surgery (dealing with neural systems or body wide operations). (10 days after)

The Patches - Patches have levels which represent their strengths - this number is the amount of health level that are recovered when the patch is applied.

Please remember that a healing patch may only be used ONCE and then all the drugs are used. Also you can only apply 1 patch of each kind to a person per day, unless you have a medical skill.

Body -Heals hits to the body. Can get a Mercs back from death if apply quickly. (Blue)
Cure disease -Counteracts most diseases in the body (Brown)
Dermal -Heals hits to the body or death. Special for the cyber ware. (Silver Grey)
Detox -Counteracts most poisons in the body. (Red)
Neural -Recovers Hackers death recieved in the computer net only. (Yellow)
Sedative -Makes the recipient unconcious for 10 minutes. (White)
Stimulant -Conteracts the sedative patch. And boost the perso. (Black)


Smart Module – A module that is attached on the weapon and interacts with a smart pad and DNI cyberware. The module (with the complementary cyberware) allows the user to see weapon data in his field of vision (like the number of remaining bullets, safety status, where the weapon will hit, target range, etc.) and to control the weapon mentally (switch safety on/off, switch to auto fire, eject the clip, etc.). +2

Laser Sight – attached to the weapon, it displays a small red dot where the weapon is supposed to hit. It is only useful when shooting non-automatic fire (the weapon shakes too much when shooting automatic fire for the user to spot the small red dot). +1

Scope - Attached on top of the weapon it magnifies and helps aim.  +1

Thermal Sight – An attachment to a scope that allows thermal vision

Light Amplifier Sight - An attachment to a scope that amplifies light for night vision.

Recoil Compensator - Pistol – An attachment to a weapon that helps compensate for auto fire recoil. +1

Recoil Compensator – Rifle – The same as above but this module is made for rifles. +1

Silencer – Semi Auto – an attachment to the end of the barrel that silences shots into mere swoops of air. This module is for single shots.

Holster – a small leather pouch to place a pistol. It can be worn on the belt or inside a jacket.


Earphone Communicator – A small communicator that is placed inside the ear and a small microphone which is usually placed on the short collar. It is effective for a 5km range.

Pocket Communicator – A bigger device the size of a small cell phone. It has a greater range of 10km.

Cellular Phone – Just what it says.

Pager – A small 5x5cm device for receiving textual messages.


Electronic Binoculars – Just like regular binoculars, but the amplification is assisted with a computer. It is also able to check the range. They can amplify up to x25 times.

…Light Amplification – An add-on to the electronic binoculars that amplifies light (see description of Light Amplification cyberware).

…Thermal – An add-on to the electronic binoculars that enables thermal vision (see description of Thermal Vision cyberware).

Light Amplifier Glasses – These are glasses that amplify light (like the Light Amplification cyberware). They have a range of 25 meters.

Thermal Glasses – These glasses will enable you vision into the thermal spectrum (like the Thermal Vision cyberware). They have a range of 25 meters.

Flashlight - Your regular flashlight.


Movement Sensor – A device that can detect movement and the range and direction related to the user. It’s effective for 50 meters.

Tracking Transmitter – A very small device that transmits a fixed signal. The signal is effective up to 5km. It is used coupled with a tracking locator.

Tracking Locator – This device can read the signal transmitted from a tracking transmitter and can determine the range and direction of the transmitter.

Commline Tap – A device, which is attached to a communication line of any sort and can read the data.

Transmission Tap – An advanced version of the commline tap that can intercept wireless transmissions within a 5km radius.

Data Decryption System – A system which is used to decrypt any encrypted transmissions.

Laser Microphone – A device, which can be used to hear noise from up to 50 meters away. It comes with a set of earphones.

Bug – A small device that can be hidden almost anywhere and transmits all audio data in its surrounding. It can transmit up to a range of 1km.

Micro Camera – The same idea of a bug, this less than 1cm camera transmits visual data up to a 1km range.


Bug Scanner – A device that searches for transmission frequencies of bugs and therefore can detect them.

Data Encryption System – Used to encrypt any kind of data. Needs to be located on both transmitting and receiving ends.

Commline Tap Finder – An electrical device that sends special transmissions into a communication network and can find commline taps.

Transmission Jammer – This device jams any type of wireless transmission. It is used to interfere with surveillance transmissions (bug, micro camera, tracking transmitter, etc).


Mechanical Lock – The regular locks used on most doors.

Electrical Lock – This is a lock, which is based on an electrical locking mechanism. It comes with a keypad as a default, but can have any of the security systems attached to it.

CredID Identification – Requires specific CredIDs to open it.

Finger Print Identification – Programmed to identify and allow entrance only to specific fingerprints.

Palm Print Identification – The same as fingerprint, but requires a whole palm print for identification.

Retinal Print Identification – The toughest security system available. It identifies specific retinal prints and only allows those with permission to enter.

Voice Print Identification – Identifies a person by the voiceprint.


Numeric Computer – This is the regular 20th century computer. It is used for research and entertainment.

Neurologic Computer – This is a computer that is specifically designed to run skillsofts. It is used for implanting as a cyberware. You cannot run Skillsoft that have a rating highter than the one of the Neurologic Computer.

CyberDeck – This is a computer, which is specifically designed for netrunning. When not using a CyberDeck, the user can’t visualize the net and therefore can’t enter cyberspace.

Minidisk – A storage device, which looks like a CD, only it’s a 1cm radius. The amount of data it can store is:
Low quality sound (speech): 41.7 hours
High quality sound (music): 8.3 hours
Low quality video (security camera): 16.7 hours
High quality video (movie): 3.3 hours
Low quality holographic video (security camera): 8.3 hours
High quality holographic video (movie): 100 minutes
SenseData: 100 minutes
Picture: 5,000
Holographic picture: 2,500
Text page: 10,000 (50 books)

Datachip – A storage device which resembles a chip with connectors (2x2cm). It has the same storage capacity of a minidisk. The advantage of the datachip is that it is usually placed in slots where several datachips can be placed and it combines their storage capacity. The amount of datachips that can be combined is only limited by the number of slots in the reading device.

Attack Software – A software that is used for cyberspace attack. The level of the software is used to increase the damage an attack does.

Defense Software – A software that is used for cyberspace defense

Power Mind Skillsoft Package –  This is some of the package that PM do sell on the market :

Combat Operative
                 HandGun +2, Stealth +2, Martial Arts +2, Melee +2,
                Rifle +2

Corporate Operative
                 Influence +2, Style +2, Finance +2,
                             Special Knowledge Corporation +2, Etiquette +2,
                             Language (as appropriate) +2

                 Influence +2, Style +2, Seduction +2,
                Cooking +2, Sex +2, Massage +2

                Computer Operation +2, Electronics +2, CyberTech +2,
                Nanotech +2, Photonics +2, Robotics +2, Security +2

                 0G Maneuver +2, Space Survival +2, Drive Plane, space ship +2,

KungFu Fightin
                 Language :Chinese +2, Martial Art +3, Spec.Knowledge: Kung Fu Cinema +2
   Blade +2, Melee +2

Crystal master
                Computer System +2, Computer Programming +2, Math +2, Language +2,
                CyberDeck Design +2, Special Knowledge :Virtual Reality  +2

Wingpack – This equipement allows a wearor to fly. It consists of a pair of enormous, leathery, bat-like wings, a small, light body and four long, extremely slender, clawed legs. The 2 hands of the wearor are free and the system fly on its own.

Drone – Many remotely piloted vehicules are available in surveillance, spotter and weapon carrier modes. You have to be equipped with a Vehicle Interface to use a Drone.


  Visual                  Humanity         Cost                 Bonus
  Artificial Eyes           2              $20,000
  Optic Readout*        1                $4,000
  Shades*                   1                $2,000
  Light Amplifier*       2                 $6,000
  Thermal Vision*      2                 $9,000
  Micro Vision*          2               $9,000
  Mag Vision*            2               $9,000                  +1   firing
  Video Reception      2               $9,000
  Video Trans.            3               $9,000
  Video Recorder*      2              $9,000
OutGear Heads-Up Mapping Display  $5,000
Internal                      1                $7,000

 * Requires artificial eyes.

  Auditory             Humanity       Cost                 Bonus
  Artificial Ear                2          $6,000
  Auditory Listener*       1          $2,000                 +1
  Sound Amplifier*         1          $3,000                 +1
  Dampers*                    1          $4,000
  Radio Reception          2          $4,000
  Radio Trans.                3          $4,000
  Audio Recorder           2          $4,000

 * Requires artificial ears.

  Interface             Humanity        Cost
  Input Slot                  2                 $1,000
  MiniDisk Slot           3                  $3,500
  Chip Slot                   3                $2,000
  DNI Smart Pad         2               $10,000

  Neurological       Humanity        Cost                 Bonus
  DNI                         2               $10,000
Vehicle Interface
            1                    4                 $1,000                 +1
            2                    6                 $3,000                 +1
            3                    7                 $8,000                 +1
            4                    8               $30,000                 +1
            5                    9               $90,000                 +1

  Implanted Computer  5              $4,000
  SenseData Reception   2          $10,500
  SenseData Trans.         3          $10,500
  SenseData Recorder     2         $10,500
  NeuroLink Web           3          $11,000
  Ambidexterity               2            $2,500
  Reflex Booster
          1                           1            $4,000                 +1
          2                           2          $10,000                 +1
          3                           2          $30,000                 +1
          4                           2        $100,000                 +1
          5                           2        $400,000                 +1
  Pain Blocker                 5           $10,000

 Body Systems        Humanity        Cost
Muscle Replacement
                1                     1             $4,500               +1
                2                     1           $10,000               +1
                3                     1           $30,000               +1
                4                     1         $100,000               +1
                5                     2         $300,000               +1
Structural Strength
                1                    1            $10,000               Armor 1 hits
                2                    1            $20,000               Armor 2 hits
                3                    2            $50,000               Armor 3 hits
               4                    2          $150,000               Armor 4 hits
                5                    2          $500,000               Armor 5 hits
Elastomer Plating            1            $10,000               Armor 6 hits
Steel Plating                    2            $20,000               Armor  8 hits
Chemical Filter                1            $20,000
Air Filter                         1            $20,000
Blood Loss Healer           1            $20,000
Artificial Internal Organ    2            ~$6,500
Hidden Compartment       1              $3,500

Limbs Systems         Humanity         Cost               Bonus
Artificial Hand*                     2           $4,000                  +1
Artificial Arm*                       2          $8,000                  +1
Artificial Leg*                        3          $9,000                  +1
Retractable Razornails            2        $10,000                 +1
BioWear Retractable Fangs    1          $8,000                   +1
SeaTec Bioware Gill System   2        $12,000
QL Bionics Combat Cybertail  2       $25,000                 +2 (combat) +1 (Else)



Artificial Eyes – A replacement of the organic eye. It allows regular vision. This cyberware is needed for any further cybernetics enhancement of the eye. There is no limit on the number of enhancements that can be loaded on the eyes.

Optic Readout – Artificial eyes enhancement. This allows display of any visual data into the visual field. The input can come from an implanted computer, or any of the interface devices.

Shades - Artificial eyes enhancement. This device kicks into action whenever there is a bright light – it compensates the light in a way as to allow the user normal vision. It comes in handy in combat situations where a light can be so bright as to blind.

Light Amplification – Artificial eyes enhancement. Light amplification enhances lighting in situations where the normal lighting conditions are not enough to allow normal sight. It is very handy for night actions. Note that minimal lighting must be present for the light amplification to function. In situations of total darkness it is useless.

Thermal Vision - Artificial eyes enhancement. This enables the user to see in the thermal spectrum. The vision can discern different grades of heat, therefore constructing a limited vision of the surrounding area. It is very useful for combat situation where there is no lighting at all.

Micro Vision – Artificial eyes enhancement. This enhances vision to a level of a small microscope. It is very useful for researchers.

Mag Vision – Artificial eyes enhancement. This is the reverse of the micro vision. It enhances long distance vision and serves as a scope. in combination with a DNI and a smart pad it serves as a scope on the smart weapon.

Video Reception – This is a device that receives video transmission. The visual data can be stored (if the user has any storage capability) or just viewed on the spot (with the usage of an optic readout).

Video Transmission – This device transmits any visual data. The data can come from an artificial eye or from any storage device (implanted computer, minidisk, etc.). The transmission range in up to 5km.

Video Recorder – This device records visual data. It needs a storage device – a minidisk, a datachip, the internal memory of an implanted computer, or anything outside the brain connected with an input slot.

OutGear Heads-Up Mapping Display - The Heads-Up Mapping Device was developed to aid city paramilitary forces and civil services in navigation throughout urban structures. It has since been developed for any environment. Its common uses range from navigating cleanup crews through urban sewers to resource teams tracking geothermal ducting in the wilderness.

 The main unit is available in eihter an external portable unit or an internal cyberware version. Both can be linked to external or cyberware display links. The exact location of the user is obtained through a signal from one of the many orbiting global positioning satellites and converts it into grid coordinates.

 These grid coordinates are then used to determine position within maps stored in the unit's expandable map processor. Maps are fed into the processor using either datasofts or storage disks. The combination of coordinates and map imaging is used to project either a 3D image of the surrounding area or a top-down image of the same upon the display link. This makes navigation at night or in obscured environments much
 more efficient.

 The 3D image can be adjusted for viewing in wireframe, transparent shaded, or solid shaded mode. The detail available in the display is limited to details in the map file used for navigation. If a general map is used to navigate a structure or landscape, then only general structural features may be viewed. If a more complex map is used, more detailed information may be viewed such as locations of power conduits, ventilation
 ducts, underground streams, cave systems, or other unseen physical structures.

 The ability to zoom in and out of images and adjust detail level allows the wearer to focus only on the parts needed or zoom out to scan entire areas. Another feature recently developed for use in military and paramilitary forces is the ability to link the unit into any of the available tactical computers, directly or remotely, and provide
 tactical information upon the displayed map image. Vital information such as optimal locations, unit relation locations, and general distances are easily accessible.


Artificial Ear - A replacement of the organic ear. It allows regular hearing. This cyberware is needed for any further cybernetics enhancement of the ear. There is no limit on the number of enhancements that can be loaded on the ears. The cost is for replacement of one ear.

Auditory Listener – Artificial ear enhancement. This allows listening of any auditory data. The input can come from any of the interface devices (minidisk, datachip or input slot).

Sound Amplifier – Artificial ear enhancement. This amplifies surrounding sounds and increases any sound based perception by its level.

Dampers – Artificial ear enhancement. This device kicks into action whenever there is a sound that is too high - it compensates for the high volume sound in a way as to allow the user normal hearing. The device is able to discern different frequencies and only dampen the high volume sounds (allowing, for example, to hear a whisper in the middle of combat).

Radio Reception – This is a device that receives audio transmission. The auditory data can be stored (if the user has any storage capability) or just heard on the spot (with the usage of an auditory listener). This, in combination with an auditory listener and a radio transmission can function for team communication.

Radio Transmission – This device transmits any auditory data. The data can come from an artificial ear, from voiceless talking or from any storage device (implanted computer, minidisk, etc.). The transmission range in up to 5km. This, in combination with a radio transmission and an auditory listener can function for team communication.

Audio Recorder – This device records auditory data. It needs a storage device – a minidisk, a datachip, the internal memory of an implanted computer, or anything outside the brain connected with an input slot.


Input Slot – This is a universal plug that serves as an input jack into any inner cybernetic devices, or as an output jack from any inner system to the outside of the body. Several cyberware can connect to the same input slot. The location of the slot can be in plain sight (like the forehead or the backhand) or can be hidden (in back of the head under the hair).

Minidisk Slot – This is an implanted minidisk driver. Anything internal can use the driver – either for playing minidisks or for recording data into it. This is usually placed in back of the head under the hair, but can be placed anywhere.

Chip Slot – This is a socket for a datachip. As many as 10 can be placed together (each one bought separately) for enhancement of data storage capacity. Anything internal can connect to the slots and use them for reading or writing data. It is usually placed in back of the head under the hair, but can be placed anywhere the user wants.

DNI Smart Pad – This is the interface for a smart weapon. It is located in the palm of the hand and communicates with the smart module of the weapon (located in the handle) via electromagnetic transmission. It has to connect to a DNI in order to complete the link to the brain and to take advantage of the smart weapon bonus.


DNI – an acronym for Direct Neural Interface. This is the most advanced interface method at this time. Placed on the brain, it connects any electrical device directly to the relevant nerves. It serves as an input and output device for any data format – visual, auditory, SenseData, commands to an implanted computer, etc. If coupled with a DNI smart pad, the user can give commands to a weapon with a smart module (eject clip, switch to automatic fire mode, etc.) and receive visual data on the expected hit location (which is then displayed into the user visual field).

Vehicle Interface – This is a modified version of the DNI, which is specifically designed for vehicle control. It has to connect to a vehicle through an input slot in order to function. Once functional, it merges the user with the vehicle and results in very good vehicle control and fast reaction time. The level of the vehicle interface is added to the skill level of the driver for any vehicle-related tasks.

Implanted Computer – Implanting a computer is usually done for running skillsoft. These are computer software that enhance the user’s function in the specific skill they are created for. For example, a Firearms skillsoft at the level of 5 will increase the user’s Firearms skill to level 5. The computer must be bought separately and must be a neurological computer. The level of the computer is the maximum level of skillsoft that can be run. A NeuroLink web must be implanted. The computer can also be used to read and store data to any of the interface devices (or to it’s internal memory). A DNI must be implanted in order to interface with the computer.

SenseData Reception – This is a device that receives SenseData transmission. The data can be stored (if the user has any storage capability) or just sensed on the spot (with the usage of DNI).

SenseData Transmission – This device transmits any SenseData. The data can come from a DNI (that records what the user is sensing at the moment) or from any storage device (implanted computer, minidisk, etc.). The transmission range in up to 5km.

SenseData Recorder – This device records SenseData. It needs a storage device – a minidisk, a datachip, the internal memory of an implanted computer, or anything outside the brain connected with an input slot.

NeuroLink Web – This is a web of wires that runs through the body and connects to key points in the muscles. It is used for activating any physical skillsoft – it transmits commands from the computer to the muscles directly (not going through the DNI and brain) which is faster and doesn’t risk rejection by any defense mechanisms the brain might activate.

A chip that goes into your DNI system and allows you to weild a weapon in each hand or to use a weapon and a medical patch etc at the same time. Characters without this implant may only undertake one task at a time.

Reflex Booster – This cyberware enhances the reflexes of the user. Basically what it does is increase the reaction and movement speed of muscles through direct connection (very much like the NeuroLink Web). In game terms, it increases Dexterity for any action that requires reflexes. Give a bonus for all the skills of Reflex except these one : Art, Music and Senses.

Pain Blocker – These are special controllers which are placed in specific points on the nervous system. What they do is block any feeling of pain before it gets to the brain. In game terms, it negates any penalties resulting from pain .

Datajacks and chipjacks (and the combined omnijack, which costs a little more but does both jobs) are the most popular cyberware out there.

Thrill-Kill Link – This is one of the most sick creation of the cyber technology. This things connect with all that is needed to feel sens data, will give the user orgasm after each of the kill he’s doing. The more you kill and the more the thrill is hot. Most user end up killing around 50 to 60 peoples before someone stop them.


Muscle Replacement – By replacing part of the muscles into synthetic replacement, this enables greater strength. It increases the Strength level by the cybernetics level for any task that is related to. The muscles size is increased by the implants, but not to a level that it looks unnatural. Give a bonus for all the skills of Reflex except this one : Construction .

Structural Strength – The general concept is replacement of the body infrastructure with strengthened materials (either strong plastics of steel). The replacement includes not just the bones and joints, but also covering of sensitive organs with a protective shell. The result is increasing the Body Resistance level by the level of the cyberware.

Elastomer Plating – Implanting an elastomer beneath the skin, resulting in a ‘natural’ armor. Only very close observation will reveal the implants – to the casual observer the body looks natural.

Steel Plating – The same idea as with the elastomer plating, but very thin steel plates are implanted. Not like the elastomer plating, the plates can be seen and the body looks ‘reinforced’.

Chemical Filter – Installing special filters in the digestion system, this cyberware helps resist harmful chemicals.  The downside of this is that it also resists medical.

Air Filter – Working on the same principle of the chemical filter, this filter is implanted in the respiratory system to resist any inhaled harmful chemicals. The downside of this is that it also resists medical drugs.

Blood Loss Healer – Replacing the blood with a special chemical that congeals when it reaches an open wound. This stops blood loss. (Act as a patch of +1 healing for one time a day)

Artificial Internal Organ – Any internal organ that is damaged beyond repair can be replaced by an artificial one. This gives no special bonuses in terms game play, but enables normal functionality of the body.

Hidden Compartment – Making a small pocket below the skin and making it almost not noticeable even to close examination. The pocket is big enough to hold something in the size of a cigarette package and can be located almost anywhere.


Artificial Hand – Replacing the hand with an artificial mechanism.

Artificial Arm – This is a replacement of the entire arm (it includes the hand).

Artificial Leg – Replacement of the leg with an artificial mechanism.

Retractable Razornails – Small 3cm blades are implanted below the nails. They can be extracted and retracted mentally. When retracted they are undetectable.

BioWear Retractable Fangs - Getting tired of that same old look? Well, get yourself a theme and grab yourself some fangs! BioWear cybernetically enhanced upper and lower canine tooth replacements are fully functional and retract when not being flashed menacingly. The procedure is totally inpatient and provides the look to die for! Get yours today!

An additional $400 per tooth at the right clinic can get you poison injectors integrated into
 your ratractables. An ultimate for any slithering snake fan!

SeaTec Bioware Gill System - With the introduction of self contained underwater environments, scientists have
 struggled for an economic method of individual air production. Their research has led to the Bioware Gill System. Based on the anatomy of fish gills, these bio-engineered gills are matched to a person's respiratory system and operate evenly in relaxed and stressed situations. Above the surface of the water, the gills remain closed and do not interfere with normal breathing. Special ducts are installed to keep the gills moist when not in the water using normal body moisture. The gills allow operation under water up to 125 meters without further respiratory aid. The gills are at the base of the neck and are totally hidden with collared shirts.

QL Bionics Combat Cybertail - Want that extra edge in melee combat? Need an extra hand while ascending a steep cliff? QL Bionics has introduced an excellent solution. Their new Combat Cybertail is both a versatile, prehensile tool and a formidable weapon. The super strong myomer fibers used to control motor function provide great lifting power and offer fine movement of the tail for precision work.

 Fitted into the end of the tail is a small three digit manipulator claw for light grasping and lifting. The claw can extend up to 60cm and can rotate along its axis for precision operation. For the extra edge in combat, eight retractable spike are installed toward the tip of the tail. These spikes can be dikoted as an additional option.

 The tail can be easily removed from its base with a cyber-reactant pneumatic locking mechanism. Different aesthetic skins, colors and textures are available.

Some other stuff:

Camping gear                    200
Chain saw                           75
Clinbing gear                       50
Construction tools               75
Metalworking tools             75
Mining tools                        75
Tape                                     5
Backpack                           25
Battery                                  5
Beverage  (Cannette)             6
Blanket                                 8
Book                                    8
Compas                              10
Gasoline                                5 / gal
Hiking pack                         25
Lighter                                   4
Meal  (army)                        10
Rope                                    10
Watch                                   50
Drug  analyser                     100

Camping gear
                  A small collection of camping gear including a two-man tent, sleeping bag, lighter, flashlight, 25 feet of rope, knife, and a compass.

                  A gasoline powered chainsaw. Capable of 2 damage per second of contact. Will run for an hour on one gallon of gasoline.

Climbing gear
                  A complete set of climbing gear including 500 feet of rope, spikes, cleats, climbing harness, chalk, grapling hook, and a hiking pack.

Construction tools
                  A complete set of construction tools including measuring tape, hammer, sand paper, plane, saws, level, tool belt, chisels, screw drivers, pencils, chalk line, utility knife, trowl, duct tape, and various other related tools.

Metalworking tools
                  A complete set of metalworking tools including hammers, wire brush, anvil, files,  pliers, forging clay, chisels, hack saw, brazing rods, and small acetyline torch.

Mining tools
                  A complete set of mining tools including shovels, pickaxe, maul, sledge hammer, small wheel barrel, and a sifter.

                  A roll of tape of your choice from duct, electrical, medical, and masking.

         A standard sized backpack which can carry 20 pounds. Add five to your maximum carrying weight while using a backpack.

         A standard cell in any size ranging from AAA to nine volt.

         An ordinary blanket to snuggle up to on those cold nights.

         Books are excellent sources of entertainment and knowledge, however, many of them were lost in the war. If you are lucky enough to find one, chances are that it will be expensive.

         An ordinary compass that usually points north.

         One gallon of 80 octane gasoline. It is crude but it will fuel an internal combustion engine.

Hiking pack
         A standard mountain climbing backpack which can carry 35 pounds. Add 10 to your maximum carrying weight while using a hiking pack.

         An ordinary cheapo butane flint lighter. Good for 100 lights.

         A meal from an army ration pack.

         Twenty-five feet of 1,000 pound test rope.

         An ordinary $3.00 cheapo wrist watch.

Drug Analyzer

About the size of a bottle of Excedrin, the Drug/BTL Analyzer takes a chemical or electronic sample from a drug  A: What the drug is, and B: Whether or not it is pure. Only a small, almost insignificant sample is required to make the test.