Character Creation

        "Sorry, for now there's no characters sheet avalaible. I'm working on it and will get it on this page as soon as possible."

For player with no experience in roleplaying, you should read the section about the background. It will give you some question that you should be able to answer before placing any points on paper.

First, every character begins with $150 of equipement (else than the special background). Each chracter have 50 points of essence when they start the game. When they reach 0 of essence, they are no longuer a human and give the character to the GM. they loose essence when they get too close to death and when they get some cyberware in them.

1 : You choose The Concept of your Character.
2 : You choose The Truth and Face of your Character.
3 : You place your points for the head of your column.
4 : You place your points for the skills.
5 : You choose what you want to do with your free points.


To make a Background will help you to already have something to say to other player.

Know these things about your perso and you can assume that you have a good background.

-Your character's history; where they were born, how they grew up, the events which have shaped them. ( 40%)
      -What skills / hits / abilities you think your character should have. (20%)
-Your characters IDs, nicknames, family details, place of birth, other technicalities (10%)
      -What makes your character tick: what they love, what they hate. Favourite album, book,  poet... (10%)
      -What religious / mythological identification your character has. If "none" we will presume pure capitalist... (10%)
      -Recurring dreams, nightmares, deepest desires, greatest fears... (10%)