Cost of life


  Those are the price of the normal day to day life in Techno-death.

  - Appartment:
                        W   WHS  HS
    for a night:     50  120     500
   for a month   500  850  3500

  - Lunch:
    survival       10
    normal        40
    good           85
    excellent   150
    hight class 800

  - Transport:
    Moto-Taxi    initial:15   mile:2
    Taxi              initial:50   mile:5
    Bus                       30
    Subway                40
    Sky train               75

  - Bars:
    Water                              5
    Coke                             10
    Ale                                 20
    Drink                              30
    Bottle Wine                    75
    Bottle Champagne        300

- Cinema:
     XXX                      5
     Normal                18
    3D                        21
    3D Hard               30
    3D Super Sonic    50

  - Theater:        45

  - Opera:         150

  - Museum:      30

  - Road Passage:
    Normal Hightway:      2
    Protect Hightway:    10
    Hight speed:            15
    Hight speed plus:     20

  - Elevator: (Per utilisation)
    Wild city: 1
    Hot spot: 5

  - Shower:  (Per utilisation)
    Small:             1
    Normal:          3
    Personnal:       5
    Class:           15

  - News paper:
    Fast news:       2
    Large news:     5
    Special:           8
    Voice:           12
    Video:           15

  - TV Services:
    Appartment:    10/ month   1/night
    Chair rent:         2/hrs
    Shared room:      1 to enter

  - Trideo tape:
    Movie:         15
    News:          10
    Black:          25
    Hard Black: 75

  - Senses Record:
    Normal:          20
    Hot:                30
    Black:             50
    Hard Black:  125
    Mayhem:       275
    Death:         1000

- Prostitution :
    Hand Job           30
    Blow Job           50
    15 min Fuck     100
    1hrs Fuck         275
 Hight Class
    Hand Job                    70
    Blow Job                  125
    1hrs Fuck               1000
    Escort 4hrs             2500
    Escort + Fuck 6hrs 6500

- Drug :
    Pot                          500
    Acid                        850
    Coke                     1500
    Crash                         30
    Big Blue                     15
    Crimson                     15
    Sim Glue                    20
          Lost                     15

Lunch :
        In Techno-death, when you eat once a day, youíre a normal person. "You can go up to 3 days without eating, but after that it will cost you 1 point of health level per day without eating".

Sky train :
        The Sky train is some kind of train that is moving over the circulation. It is flying at about 40 feet over the road. The train reach speed of 300 kmh. You can get to any where in the Hot Spot or in the Wild with this transport.

Cinema 3D :
        Itís more real than real. You almost live the action. And you are still looking, not doing. The hard one are for illegal movies. And the Supersonic is the ultimate things to experience. You live in a virtual movie for an hours or two.

Protect Hightway, Hight speed and Hight speed plus:
        Those roads are on a constant camera surveillance and on a hight security patrol. The Hight speed and the Hight speed plus are two type of road that have no limits and that is mostly only in the Hot Spot. The plus is for jet car, this is really expensive and mostly drive by computer or riggers.

Senses Record Black, Hard Black, Mayhem and Death :
        Those are record of illegal stuff. The Mayhem are from people rapping  or beeing rape, killing and some alien species. The Death is about the death of the person wearing the system. Some donít survive to the Death records.

Crash :
        The Crash is a new drug on the market. It drives you to hight in a speed record,
But it brings you back as hard after 1hrs. Most people just canít go trought the come back, so they use a time clock to know when they have to take the other dose. Itís an expensive drug.

Big Blue :
        This is an old drug. It is well known on the market and use by a lot of people. It is the best way to relax. The big blue make you feel like if nothing matters. You donít care anymore.

Crimson :
        This drug is the most deadly shit that you can find. It drive the user to the killing rage. On this drug, you would take an army against you ( thatís how you feel). It is really dangerous to take that drug, usually you ended under the gun of the police ( Dead).

Sim Glue :
        This one is use to accelerate the rigger and decker operationnal possibility in the virtual universe. Too much and you will never come back from the computer. Your brain will be lock in it.

Lost :
        This drug is really bad, you loose memories of hours with one dose and with the usage of more than one dose a day, you could loose your mind. Itís a mind killing drug. The standart quotes about this drug is « If you donít like this fucking world, Forget it! ».