A city usual organisation

The gangs of The Riviera city

         This is a help guide to some of the gangs you can find in The Riviera city. I hope that it will help you in creating some nice stories for your players.


The bouch :
         North of the Hot Spot of The Riviera City you find The bouch. They are around 40 000 peoples. With a sector of 12 miles on the edges of the HS and 4 miles going North, this gang is establish in the city to stay. They have laws really close to the standart and a police/military force of a good proportion. The pople are not too friendly with outsider (itís normal). You can cross their territory with some cash. Thereís around 30% crime in that sector and it is quite on the average of a gang territory. One of the thing that they are known for is the cage match. Their ennemy are The Than, just more North of them.

The Than :
         They are the ennemy of The Bouch. There is mostly Warrior that lives on that gangs territory. They are the ressource for the corporation when they need flesh to fill out army lost. With 10 000, they are less than The Bouch, but their brutality got them a large territory and fear of all the other gangs of the city. A modo of this time is « Donít mess with The Than, or you could get burn. »

The Corn :
         This is the main source for food near the city. They are the one who has been doing the work to make the land rich and fertile. They are not warrior, but they have a good police/army to defend their land. They even sell goods to the Hot Spot of the city. With 50 000 peoples on their territory, they are not really easy to invade.

The Human Right Guild (H.R.G.) :
         One of the last places in this city that looks like the old time. On this territory, you have police, judge, lawyer and all the old politics jobs. Yes, there is a government on this territory that has been elected by the population. With 2 Million people on this territory, this is the largest gang (in the view of the Corp) in the city.

The Slayers :
         If madness would need another name, it would be Slayer. Those people living in that territory donít know any laws except the laws of the wild. Itís a territory because of their King. Yes, they have a king, a very hard man named Krotar that has every power over the Slayers. With 38 000 peoples on this territory, itís one of the larger and also one of the more dangerous. You can go in this territory, but you never know if you will get out.

The Hard Road and the 2 Hot Spot :
         This city Hot Spot is in 2 section. The section on the ocean side is a commercial place. Most business is done there. And the other section is for relaxation, pleasure and fun. Between those 2 section thereís the Hard Road. This a road 40 feet hight over the ground with protection tower all along it. It is not a good idea to come close this road because the guard fire on sight with no warning. Thereís 4 guard camp under the road with elevator to get to the road.

The 99 :
         They are really close to the Slayers in the style of organisation. They also have a King. King Malcom is not really a nice man, but heís just with the man and woman living on his territory. You could expect a nice life there. If you can prove that you are better than the one that want your wife and house. Yes, everything is on the laws of the wild. The strong have what they want until someone stronger get to them. Thereís 57 000 peoples on this territory and it is going stronger from day to day.

The Corp 2Be :
         Those are the people that do all they can to get a job in a corp. If you want any chance to work for a big corp, you have to live in that place. They have most of the corp laws and the security that goes with it. The lower class of worker from the corps are living in that territory. It is not wise to kill someone there, you never know if that person work for a corp or not. Itís a good place to get illegal job. Most of the SIT have some contact there. With 500 000 peoples, itís a big part of the city.

The Stars :
         This is the territory where the military troops train for the wars between corps. On this territory, you find development building, experimentation building, test site and a lot of soldier in war situation. This is as close as you can be to the real war. 128 000 peoples are living in this territory. Rumor has come out that more than 5 000 peoples died in last week battle test.

All the non-territory sector :
         On those territory, you find what is really the wild city. No laws, and no police to serve and protect. Itís really hard to live there on your own, but more than 3 Million people do their best to survive. Most of the time, itís street gang that do the security for a sector. And killing for 5$ is nothing on the street. Youíll find lots and lots of junkies there and also some of the finest SIT team in the city.