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Tokyo Snow (Angyl) ~ Yuki Eiri/Shindou Shuichi, Adult-graphic (16K) 12-14-04
Christmas Eve, Snow, Tokyo and lovers.


Arthurian Legend

A Knight's Honor (Orithain & Rina) ~ Mordred/Lancelot, Adult-graphic (48K) 04-14-02
Mordred arrives at Camelot for the first time, and the first thing he sees is Lancelot.
Notes: We've taken the easy route and used the common convention of Medieval settings and garb, including full armor. We know that 5th Century Britain was barely post-Roman and very different from Medieval England in every way, but the whole 'knight in shining armor' thing is what most people tend to think of when they think of the Arthurian legend, so we went with it.


Battlestar Galactica (2004)

The Original Starbuck (Angyl) ~ Apollo/omc, Adult-graphic (9K) 01-23-06
Everybody thought Apollo was in love with Starbuck. Everybody was wrong... and yet they were also right.


Criminal Minds

Line by Line (Orithain & Rina) ~ Morgan/Reid, Adult-graphic (9K) 08-30-09
Morgan gives Reid something to remember.
Note 1: Intended for the Porn Battle, but we missed the deadline. Prompt: eidetic
Note 2: This was actually written and posted to lists and ljs back in June, but Ori completely forgot to put it up here.


Dark Angel

Mating Day (Orithain & Rina) ~ Alec/omc (Jason Kittridge), Adult-graphic (160K) 01-08-05
An immunologist works on a cure for Max and Logan, while Alec becomes a distraction.



Nice (Orithain & Rina) ~ Jayne/Simon, Adult-graphic (68K) 01-08-05
Can Simon and Jayne make nice?



The Best Laid Plans (Orithain & Rina) ~ House/Wilson, Adult-graphic (15K) 05-22-06
Things never seem to go quite as planned.


Master and Commander

All at Sea (Orithain & Rina) ~ Jack Aubry/Stephen Maturin, Adult (17K) 12-03-04
Celebrating Christmas together far from home, Jack and Stephen realize that they feel more than friendship for each other.



Time for Every Purpose (Angyl) ~ Gibbs/DiNozzo, Adult-graphic (53K) 12-20-05
It's an AU sorta story because I'm playing 'what if'. What if it were Tony who'd gone with Gibbs to apprehend Ensign Hayes and had been forced to kill an innocent man? What if Gibbs didn't want to see Tony and Agent Cassidy together? What if the redhead in the flashy convertible was just a friend?


The Outsiders

All I Want for Christmas... (Angyl & Rina) ~ Nightwing/Arsenal, Adult-graphic (27K) 12-15-04


Prison Break

Heat (Orithain & Rina) ~ Alex Mahone/Michael Scofield, Adult-graphic (10K) 10-27-07
Two angry men alone in a prison cell.
Spoilers: Up to episode 3.4 Good Fences


Star Trek (reboot)

Friends with Benefits (Orithain & Rina) ~ James Kirk/Leonard McCoy, Adult-graphic/NC-17 (25K) 02-13-10
Jim and Bones fall into bed together whenever Jim gets drunk and comes home alone. (And that was all it was supposed to be!) 

Veronica Mars

When He Was Good (Orithain & Rina) ~ Logan/Veronica, Adult-graphic (51K) 06-16-05
Logan and Veronica work their way back to each other.


Vertical Limit

Catch Me (Rina) ~ Tom McLaren/omc, Adult-graphic (20 K) 12-9-00

For more Vertical Limit fic, see the Crossovers page.


Warchild Universe

1. Finding Light in the Black (Orithain & Rina) ~ Niko/Jos, Adult-graphic (33K) 03-17-05
Niko and Jos put aside their burdens for one night at home.
SPOILERS: Warchild (major), Burndive (minor)


Anime - Arthurian Legend - Battlestar Galactica - Criminal Minds - Dark Angel - Firefly - House - Master and Commander - NCIS - The Outsiders - Prison Break - Star Trek (reboot) - Veronica Mars - Vertical Limit - Warchild

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