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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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"I've Taken My Vow: Now What?"

You’ve discovered that you have the True Will for Everlasting Life. You’ve made a Holy Vow of your dedication to the Immortal Pathway. Where do you go from here? Hopefully your pathway will grow ever brighter, lit by the fires of praise that come from an open Heart and a burning passion for Life.

Trust is a key element when we first dip our toes in the uncertain waters of eternity. The ability to swim in a sea of gratitude fills the gap between the past and future. We float buoyed by love on Waves of Certain Change; the universe is a completely safe place for those who trust in their own Immortal natures. Eternity unfolds with maximum harmony as all pains, sufferings, and deaths dissolve. This dissolution of all limitation and illusion releases energies which have been restricted.

You discover the Art of overcoming death by trusting in, and listening to, the oracle of your Heart. It is here that the Will unites with Love forming a Chariot of Ecstasy to the Stars. Through the twin marriages of True Will and Love, and Trust with Thanksgiving, the Holy Grail appears upon the High Altar of your heart - and you clear the Way for the total communication of your Being to the Destination of Highest Desire.

Dare to Trust completely. If you place limitations upon your Trust of Immortal Wisdom within, then you delay your ascent to the Citadel of the Grail - and beyond. Dare to abandon all doubt and begin to utterly Trust the Magick of Immortality in all things. Do this, and the Initiatory Pathway shortens and accelerates.

As your Immortal Word manifests itself, its radiant structure renews every atom and cell of your Body. Your Immortal Body Is the Ideal Form, or archetype, of this Word.

Total communication of Being is Bodily Teleportataion. In order to make this Word of Hermes Flesh, three things are needed: The total devotion of one’s being in Service to the evolutionary design of Immortality in the universe; total Trust; and actual travel within the pure vibratory vehicle of Joyous Thanksgiving.

Communication implies relationship. Trust is the foundation for all types of exchange among all beings. The Earth, as a living being with a creative will of its own, entrusts itself to Life - in all its diversity. We do not own the Earth. The Earth entrusts itself into our keeping. If we break that Trust, then the earth has a right to revoke it. Learn to listen to the Will of the Earth. Trust in its Word.

Listen to the democratic vote of billions of cells, atoms, and iota particles deep within you. This message, rising from deep wells of wisdom, is devotion to Immortal Life throughout the universe. With humility, vow to be the servant of this democratic Will.

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