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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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The Mechanics of Physical Immortality

What are the mechanics of physical Immortality? How can a human body appear and disappear at Will? What about Bodily Teleportation? Recent advances in physics are making these mysterious phenomena much more comprehensible to the intellect. I am sure that, one day, scientists will be able to explain Immortal activities. Fortunately - just as we don't have to master bio-chemistry in order to live - we don't have to be nuclear physicists and mathematicians in order to be Immortal!

The basic idea descriptive of the Immortal process is this: It is possible to make a transformational shift of bodily structure and energy to both higher and lower frequencies. As wave length patterns throughout the Living Form shorten and increase vibratory frequencies, the individual reaches a level above entropy and decay. At this point, an observer may think that the Immortal has dematerialized because he or she is no longer visible. This is not accurate. "Bodily Translation" is a more descriptive term. The Immortal Body maintains its essential structure as it subtly shifts in and out of the visible spectrum. Certain gifted individuals are able to perceive Immortal Beings who are vibrating only slightly above the normal range. A current example of this - the Yugoslavian children who can perceive and TOUCH the refined physical body of the Virgin Mary.

What controls this transformational shift? Is there a button we can push? A dial we can turn? "Beam me up, Scotty!" How do we translate and teleport without having to depend upon the sci-fi technologies of Star Trek? The Immortal answer is this: There are Divine Qualities of energy that may be radiated consciously from any Being who is capable of making decisions and directing the True Will in a Creative Way in SUPPORT of these decisions. An Immortal example of this may be understood by considering the spiritual quality of PRAISE. Have you ever praised the Divine within and radiating from a beautiful sunset? Immortals practice the Praising of the Divine at Work within All Phenomena. This quality of Praise has a feeling of Light, of Joy, of Fire. These feelings are felt throughout the consciousness and the material body of the person who is generating this energy. The generation of Divine Praise, or any other Immortal Quality, produces REAL frequencies of energy with specific wave lengths and with specific effects upon ALL structures and energies in the environment which these forces Touch.

The atoms and molecules of the universe "jump for joy" whenever they are irradiated by Immortal frequencies produced by the actions of Conscious Will. The most effective forms of morphic resonance are activated by Immortal activities - for Immortal frequencies DO NOT DECAY when projected over great distances. Scientists have recently discovered that a vibration originating from what they inaccurately call "the big bang" still pervades the universe in an incorrupt state. On the spiritual level, what they are detecting is the True Will for Universal Physical Immortality generated at the Primal Source of Creation upon the spiritual wavelength of unlimited Gratitude - which IS a physically Immortal, Transformative quality. This is the Grace of the Divine everywhere present in equal concentration - invoke this Divine Force and open the atoms of your being to its Magick. Breathe it in and out with every breath: This is the fulfillment of Divine Will emanating from the Fount of Original, Ancient Creation, the Ancient Will NOW speaking its Pure Word within every iota particle of your Being: Your Destiny is Union with Me in a never-ending Ecstasy of Creative, Joyous, Everlasting Life!

The reason that your every atom "jumps for joy" when bathed with Immortal Radiation is this: Every iota particle (The iota particle is the smallest conceivable yin-yang particle in existence) has the True Will for Physical Immortality. In order for this True Will to be fully manifested, the consciousness in control of the specific Life Form must discover the Way of Fulfilling its own Happiness and Destiny by the clear and powerful generation of Immortal resonating Morphic frequencies. When such Immortal frequencies as Praise, Love, and Joyous Thanksgiving are broadcast 24 hours a day, then Physical Immortality is certain. The True Will for Everlasting Life, alive and conscious within every iota particle, is Liberated, Fulfilled, and made Manifest. The Living Being awakens to the direct and continual experience of its own Divinity. This attainment is the ONLY absolute proof for the existence of God. All else is mental gymnastics; or the locating of one’s potential proof somewhere in abstract dimensions dislocated from the Here and Now. In the words of the Prophet Jesus (John X:34) - Know Ye not, that Ye Are Gods?

When the True Will creatively generates Immortal Qualities of sufficient intensity, the Body awakens and responds. It is not entirely accurate to say that thought sculpts the flesh. This is too passive. In truth, the Supreme Will and Intelligence inherent within your atoms, molecules, cells, responds to the emerging Word of your Illuminated True Will and, together, they co-create, they recreate Immortality. The Kingdom of Heavenly Immortality, the Kingdom of Everlasting Life, is within You...Listen to the wisdom arising from the sub-atomic depths of your being... Invite this Word to come Forth... be midwife to your own Divinity... Oh Let the Word of Everlasting Life now be made Flesh! Proclaim in Victory over death: Behold! I make All Things New!

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