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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Our Earth: The Most Important Teacher of Everlasting Life

The earth is the most important teacher of everlasting life. We spend more time in the company of the earth, than with any other being. The earth is alive, has a creative will or purpose, and is able to communicate. A mystic is someone who directly communicates with universal intelligence, without an intermediary. Almost all mystics developed this ability in conditions of solitude. But they are never really alone. They are always in the presence of the living earth.

Physical Immortality is only for those who deeply love the earth. And if you love the earth, the earth will nurture and expand your life until you arrive at the state of incorruptibility. What is not yet understood widely is that the earth is an Immortal. Of course, you would have to live for a few billion years in order to begin to either prove or disprove this statement. Be a skeptic and stick around long enough to decide for yourself. See every instant of your daily life as a unique gift, given to you by the earth. Use this gift, instant by instant, to glorify all life. To "glorify" is to make more present to consciousness the existence of eternal qualities. When you use your creative talents to glorify all life, you are helping to make more visible the magickal and eternal qualities of things.

The earth is speaking a very powerful message, and we need to learn the art of listening to it. If we master this art of listening, then we are able to hear its message at all times and in all places. The entire body of the earth is sacred. But, if we are just beginning to learn this art, then it is sometimes easier to travel to someplace on the earth that is sublime and powerful with its energies. In every culture, such places are recognised as sacred sites, and attract visitors from afar. It is at these sites, which have been developed for centuries, that the eternal message of the earth can be most clearly heard.

The Immortal teachings of the earth are not directed primarily at the human species. The evolutionary purpose of the earth is to advance all beings, human and non-human, towards the direction of physical immortality. In order for Homo Sapiens to evolve to Homo Immortalis, we must learn to recognise that this great adventure is a cooperative effort evolving all species.

The archetype of the Immortal Child is a sufficient pole star to guide all species into participation in a global culture where knowledge of physical immortality is widespread and true harmlessness is practiced universally. If you want to arrive at the place where the lion lies down in harmony with the lamb, then let a little child lead you there. Humility and a deep appreciation of the beauty of the present instant of your experience are essential, if you are not to lose sight of the eternal pole star of your voyage.

It is absolutely essential to develop a perfect relationship with the living earth if you want to be physically immortal. To ignore this requirement is to exhibit an ignorance of biology and the functions of the human body. Our bodies are designed to function within the special environment maintained by the earth. Immortals are designed to breathe the atmosphere of the earth, and feel the same warmth of the sun that everyone else feels. You can not ignore the earth and become Immortal. Many have tried, and all have failed. All who have overcome death love life and love this earth and its eternal wisdom. In this Great Work, the earth is always our greatest teacher and our greatest ally.

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