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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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The Greatest Gift

"The body is a temple and is designed to express physical immortality, if the manufacturer's instructions are faithfully followed. The warranty is forever."

Offered the idea of immortality or extended life some people say "Who’d want to live that long, let alone forever? It wouldn’t be right."

Wouldn’t it? Life is the greatest gift. All other gifts are meaningless without it. There is no way to experience the treasures and riches the world has to offer without our physical bodies.

Sure we can theorize about some possible heavenly hereafter, a spiritual dimension, a different planet to incarnate on, or reincarnation on the earth itself - another chance maybe that we’ll play our cards right next time. All of this is pure speculation.

The only truth you have is that you are alive, here, right now. This moment will never happen again. When you fully realise this, complete and utter gratitude for all life comes easily. Everyone, everything and every instant of your life is seen to have its purpose - the divinity of each sacred moment waits with patience to be unveiled by your open heart.

Though, having said this - that life is a precious gift - does that make eternal life our sole objective? The only goal worth reaching at all costs? No, far from it. Once we each realise that it’s our True Will to be immortal then, surprisingly perhaps, immortality takes a "back seat." It ceases to be our main concern.

What then takes priority for immortals rather than their own immortality? Service. Physical Immortality is the perfection of service. If you desire to be of the highest possible benefit to the universe, then you will seek to perfect the art of service. We all have many abilities.

As an Immortal, dedicate your every thought, word, and action to being of the greatest possible usefulness to the efforts of every individual to discover and to completely manifest their own True Wills. Master this dedication, and you will grow to experience the truth that physical immortality is the perfection of service.

Tell the universal life force that you want to be of the greatest service to it at all times, and in all places. Immortal service is forever. There is never a time where you retire. Mean what you say if you are telling the universe that you want to be of highest benefit at all times - for among all these times is eternity...

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