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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Evidence of immortality

“Show me evidence of immortality – and immortals – and then I’ll believe…”

Evidence of immortality may be found, but not in public display. The earth itself has been alive for billions of years - to most people this would seem like eternity. Close your eyes, and then meditate on as many possible scenarios as you can think of where ‘normal’ evidence of physical immortality could be offered. In all honesty, wouldn’t most people still be sceptical? If you have doubts about immortality ask yourself what would it take to convince you that physical immortality is possible?

If a birth certificate was produced declaring someone to be three hundred years old, who would believe a piece of paper? It could be fake. If an immortal showed great detailed knowledge of history, we’d say it could have been learned in a book. If he or she looked youthful and wrinkle free, today we’d probably think they’d had laser treatment, or cosmetic surgery. If the immortal levitated in front of a thousand witnesses it could be said to have been caused by mass hypnotism, or an optical illusion. How much ‘normal’ evidence would be enough?

The truth can be staring people in the eyes but still they don’t see it. The same with immortals. There is a strong tradition of immortals in Chinese culture that comes from Taoism. People in China readily accept that immortals exist yet it is not enough to motivate everybody to seek immortality for themselves.

How would you recognise an immortal if you met one? Because the immortal said he or she is immortal, because the immortal performs some death-defying feat, or walks on water? Again, it’s important to meditate and thoroughly imagine all possibilities and how you might react to them if they did occur. Imagine an immortal appearing to you seemingly “out of thin air” without using the door. Would you be surprised? Would you believe your own eyes? Would it shock you? Would you question your sanity? You may be surprised at how you’d really deal with such an event if it happened.

Supernatural abilities are not proof alone of immortality either. Yogis in India have been demonstrating unusual abilities for many years without being immortal. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to manipulate a few atoms and molecules. It is harder to remain pure in heart and achieve physical immortality. Indeed, immortality is not an easy path to tread. One needs to be completely, utterly, devoted to immortality. It really does mean giving up the ‘reality’ you have come to know. How many people are truly prepared to do this? Not for nothing is it called THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE.

"That golden key
That opes the palace of eternity." - John Milton, Comus (l. 13)

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