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Phoenix of Immortality

The Path of the Phoenix:
The Spiritual Road to Physical Immortality
by Robert Coon

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Essential Virtues of the Immortal Pathway.

There are many virtues or qualities which contribute to everlasting life. After you have discovered that you have the True Will for physical immortality, then work to strengthen all the positive virtues. Virtues are not abstract ideas, or principles. They should be felt in the body as positive frequencies, as radiant energies. As you strengthen the frequencies of these virtues, your body should begin to glow as a synthesis of all developed qualities.

Observe how individual liberty functions in your own life, and in the world. Seek to increase this principle. Immortal Life is incandescent with a passion for liberty. Master flexibility, adaptability, and change. Become a pure expression of change, and use this quality to adjust all situations into states of greater beauty, harmony, and justice. Adjust your own life until liberty and justice unite to give birth to physical immortality.

Explore the frequencies of peace in the earth, in nature. Form a relationship with the living earth based on the exciting dynamics of peace. Let peace interact with liberty and justice. Explore the mysteries of birth and creation. Consecrate the radiance of your life to be a perpetual blessing to all births. Recreation is play. Create something completely new. Renovate the universe with your activities.

Trust totally in your own eternal nature, and in the same quality present in all things. Eternity is dependable at all times. It can be wholeheartedly trusted. Have a deep faith and confidence in the principles of everlasting life. Don't waste energy distrusting that which is not Immortal, for energies given to what is not eternal will only prolong illusions, and delay the unveiling of the Immortal Child - crowned and triumphant and everpresent within all phenomena.

Upon the foundation of trust, explore your own uniqueness and become the master artist of your own life. Dedicate all your creative energies and abilities to the highest ideals which you can imagine for yourself and the universe. Use beauty to reveal truth, wisdom, and the presence of eternity in all things.

Open your heart to the widest dimensions possible. As you do this, deepen your humility and courage every step of the way. Physical Immortality is the total purification of the heart. With wings of humility and courage, let love fly to the summit of every quest. Let the heart expand until the Holy Grail is revealed, and its waters are released.

Overcome gravity with laughter, enthusiasm, and joy. Fuel the fire of praise within your heart so that all judgements are burnt up within its flames. Direct your praise so that it illuminates the Immortal presence in all things. Work with the energies of thanksgiving until its powers of multiplication are fully experienced. Physical Immortality is the absolute abundancy of life. Joyous thanksgiving for all things, without exception, is a golden, alchemical key to full experience of this eternal reality.

Seek the truth and trust in your own experience of life. Maintain a healthy skepticism and find the proof of Physical Immortality present within yourself. Let your every action embody the vibrancy of eternal laws. Immortal laws are living forms. Explore every law until you discover and marvel at the flow of life within its form. Laws connect life to greater life, and then transmit elixirs and ichors of magick to create beautiful and abundant change. Liberty is born through mastery of Immortal Laws. Seek the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

Distill all experience until the energized wisdom of your distillation shines brightly throughout all time and space. Fathom the infinite possibilities contained within every instant of time. Dive deeply until you find the jewel contained within this day, within this hour, within this minute, within this second.

Create new pathways of Everlasting Life. Maintain the Immortal health of all things. With grace and beauty, harmoniously dissolve all illusions. Unite Love and True Will, and within this union, find compassion. There are many qualities and principles awaiting discovery upon the road of Everlasting Life. At all times, enjoy this great adventure.

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