Papers and Articles

My blessings are like the rain: sometimes I take them for granted, but they fertilize my life. They’re like the sun: sometimes I complain about them, but they warm my heart. I am grateful for my blessings.

Papers and Articles

This is a small collection of scholarly and practitioner-based papers/articles I wrote/co-wrote in the past years.
For additional works, kindly consult with Google Scholar

Limited Selection of Articles 2006-ongoing:

This is a collection of the papers/articles I wrote
during my MBA and doctoral studies, as well as in moments of inspiration.
Feel free to use the information and/or references for your own works.
Just be so kind as to cite the used sources.
Don't do unto others what you wouldn't want to be done unto yourself...:

For some of my more recent works, kindly consult with Google.
Uploading to my website will follow.

Articles 2001/2002:

Articles 2003:

Articles 2004:

"Loneliness is the most terrible poverty" -Mother Teresa-

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