10 Reasons Why You Should Nurture A Spiritual Mindset

Joan Marques - Ed.D., MBA.
Burbank, California

    1. All thoughts you send into the environment have a reciprocal effect on you: send bad thoughts, and you will weaken yourself; send good thoughts and you will strengthen yourself.

    2. If you lend a helping hand or a listening ear, you shall not only be intrinsically rewarded through a wonderful feeling of satisfaction for doing the right thing, but you will also receive extrinsic rewards by encountering gratitude in the most unexpected places and at the most unexpected times.

    3. Setbacks occur in everyone's life. The spiritual epiphany usually surfaces after confrontations with emotional, physical, financial, or mental hardship. Yet, why wait for that unavoidable wake up call if you are not asleep anyway?

    4. In retrospect almost every memorable experience in your life is a non-materialistic one. This underscores the fact that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Shouldn't you, then, keep that awareness of the relativity of things in mind as a foundation for all your future decisions and acts?

    5. As diverse as the people in a workplace look, as diverse are their characters. The spiritual mind understands and respects that, and works pleasantly with each character, even the more difficult ones.

    6. Spirituality is an ever-elevating plane of caring, understanding, and respecting. A spiritual person is aware of the fact that he or she is still on his or her way to absolute spiritual performance, and is therefore appropriately humble. This humility enhances one's will to cooperate in good activities, and makes a spiritual worker a valuable one.

    7. A spiritual person is honest, open, and truthful, and, hence, free from having to remember any made-up stories or false attitudes. Being spiritual therefore makes life less complicated.

    8. Applying a spiritual approach at work will enhance an "at home" feeling, which encourages creativity, proactivity, and responsibility among all members of the "family."

    9. Spiritual people value each other's insights and can therefore work very well in team settings: they are aware of the advantages of team building (recognition, enhanced involvement, networking, more in-depth output, and interconnectedness), and they contribute to their best capabilities. The result for the organization that these spiritual teams are part of is consequently easy to conclude: increasing excellence.

    10. Nurturing the spiritual mindset is just a matter of connecting with yourself without fear of what others may think of you. Performing spiritually, then, is nothing else than being your own best self. That should not be hard, should it?