10 Ways to Develop a Good Business (or Any Other) Strategy.

Joan Marques - Ed.D., MBA.
Burbank, California

As you may know, in management there are 3 main levels: strategic-, middle-, and first line management. Strategic management is the top level of an organization. Therefore, strategic management does strategic planning. Sounds logical so far? Good! Now, strategic planning pertains to the company's performance over the next 5 or 10 years: long term, in other words.

It may be best to start out by trying to explain what a strategy is in simple terms: If you are now at point A, and you want to go to point B, then the road you choose to go from A to B is your strategy.

A ---strategy---> B

But just like everything else in management, strategies are also things that non-managers deal with all the time. After all, we are always deciding how we will go from one point in our life to the next, isn't it? Well, those are all strategies. We just don't call them that.

An important thing you may want to remember is that strategies, too, are subject to change. But unfortunately, a lot of companies seem to forget that. They blame everything for the company's declining performance, as long as it's not the dead horse they’re riding on: their good old strategy. But as you know: if something has worked for 25 years in a certain way, it may be time to alter it, and that can very well happen to a strategy, especially in these fast-changing times!

Here are 10 simple points that may help you develop a good strategy, whether you are a manager at work, or just the manager of your life: