People quickly detect whether you speak from the heart or from the head. There is something about pure honesty and openness that cannot be beaten by smart chatter.


These are the organizations I am affiliated with:

Management, Spirituality and Religion (AOM Interest Group)

MSR explores how spirituality and religion can influence organizational dynamics and affect management outcomes. In that regard, MSR is devoted to defining the relevance and impact of spirituality and religion in management, organizations and society. Major areas of study include theory building and empirical research around the issues of faith, spirituality and religion as they influence principles and practices in management. Important contributions have been made in MSR research to better understand the meaning of work, the impact of spirituality and spiritual leadership in the workplace, the purpose of business, the affects of religious pluralism in the workplace, and the distinctive elements of individual religious and spiritual beliefs that cultivate inner awareness and promote wisdom for the common good. (see "

The Academy of Spirituality and Professional Excellence

ASPEX is a group of scholars and practitioners; members of the workforce - people from all walks of life: All cultures, nationalities, religions, ages, capacities, and other settings, connected through the belief that we can enhance the quality of life for ourselves and others, one person at the time.

Aspex engages in activities that target to draw out a greater level of consciousness among members of the human cohort. With a great respect for diversity and an undying belief in human potential, we work on raising the awareness of interconnectedness with all being in as broad a way as we can. We believe in the unity of things, and work in various fields to carry out our convictions.

"Happiness is [like] a Swedish sunset; it is there for all, but most of us look the other way and lose it" -Mark Twain-

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