Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Proud Of YOU

Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Proud Of YOU!

Burbank, California; January 17, 2002; Joan Marques, MBA, Doctoral Student.



    1. You are of the highest importance to yourself. If God is in all of us, that means you are a piece of God. You can create, maintain, and elevate to your best insights.
    1. You are unique. Even if you weren’t born alone, you are still one of a kind. No one feels for you the way you do. Go to a quiet place and listen to your breathing…and think of the miracle that compels you to act on your own. Imagine the force that drives you…and be in awe!
    1. You have the power to motivate yourself, even in the darkest, grimmest situations. If you’ve ever read Viktor E. Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning,” you must know that even when stripped from all your external dignity, you can maintain a deep belief in yourself…and get through everything.
    1. You have the power of “relativity”, and, hence, you can retaliate when you’ve experienced a bad, threatening, humiliating, or even an elating experience, and see it in the right perspective when the first sensations have subsided. Being able to see the bigger picture will keep you down to earth.
    1. You can communicate with everything and everybody, if you want to. Where words are inapplicable, gestures, touches, eye contact, mind contact, and heart contact are among the scope of possibilities.
    1. You can learn everything…if you’re interested enough. As long as the drive is there, as long as you really want it, you can! No one should be pushing you for it, though. It has to be your own choice…your own will.
    1. You possess the power of imagination. You can foresee things, and take precautions if you feel that they’re necessary. You can execute every possible scenario, once you’ve used your mind's eye to put it together. It’s this particular gift within you, that enables you to picture future situations, possible responses, and, hence, successes!
      You have the ability to prove everyone else wrong when it regards yourself…by changing when you feel that you ought to, for your own good. Just like failure mainly comes from a negative state of mind, success comes from its positive complement. External factors are just at your disposal to be used either positively or negatively. It’s up to you!
    1. You can show the world something you don’t feel…by smiling when you feel like crying, and by living when you feel like dying. You are the master of your life’s performance. You are the sole proprietor of “You, Inc.” You are the author of your mission and vision, and you live them!
    1. You are a genius! You only have to find out where your brilliance lies…and you actually already know it…if you just listen to yourself!