Other Prophetic Voices

Holy Priesthood
A Word to the Warriors

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January 2001

Melting Love Pouring Down From Heaven

Walking Under An Open Heaven- Fireballs Being Released 

Forgiveness-The Heart of the Father

The Song of Worship & Praise

February 2001

Seeds of Faith, Glory & Power

One Heart-One Beat

Demonstration of My Power

Entering into the Fullness of the Promise

March 2001

Heaven's Plans for You

Flames of Desire

April 2001

Heart Motives

Simplicity and Faith of A Child 

June 2001

The Song of the Overcomers

Vessels of Purity and Holiness

Shaking the Very Foundations of the Earth

The Joshua Generation of Overcomers

June July 2001



Trust Me in the Cleansing Trials
A Testimony of Triumph From Colorado
Walking on the Waters of Faith
If the Devil Says Jump - Are You Going to Jump?

The Image of Things to Come
The Beginning of the End
Tears From the Father
Callback to the Laodicean Church

Bathtub from Heaven
The Shofar Sounding From Heaven