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And Jesus answering saith unto them: "Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." (Mark 11:22-24 - KJV)

"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." (Matt 21:22 - KJV)

Enter into the Garden of His Miracles

God wants to show you He is a miracle working God, even today.  That miracles happen, when people believe and have faith in Him. He plants the seeds of faith in people to believe for their own miracles through me.  I just love to see people believe for their own miracle gardens.

A MIRACLE is defined as: "A remarkable and welcome event that seems impossible or improbable to explain by normal means. Whether the event is miraculous in itself, or the timing of the event is viewed as miraculous, the miracle is attributed to divine intervention."  God has given to me this faith to see miracles come to pass.  We plant His Seeds of Faith in others as we speak forth the words of faith that He gives us to speak. He has given me seeds of faith to plant first in my miracle garden, then in others miracle garden, to grow into the most beautiful flowers.  Each miracle
blooms as one of his beautiful flowers in His Garden.  Below are some of the miracles that He has worked for me and my children.   He is a miracle working God.  It is difficult to describe how it works, but I know that He is a miracle working God, and with Him nothing is impossible.

Fish and Loaves Miracle Story

This is a story that happened at Easter a few years ago.   It was almost Easter, and I had  just started to work again.  I wouldn't get a pay check until after Easter had passed. I was not worried though, we would manage as we always did.  But this Easter would be different, it would be a lesson in God's provisions today.  No matter what things may look like,  God is still the same God who multiplied the fish and the bread, and He can do it again today.  That Easter, suddenly every person that didn't have family to be with came to me, and asked if they could come for dinner.. I couldn't refuse them. My heart would
not allow it, and yet, I said, God I only have 20 dollars how will I feed all these people.  He said to me have faith.   Now, I have lots of faith, but this was a miracle story of faith and of not giving up on his promise to me.  It was now the night before Easter, I only had $20 and no provisions had come yet.  My daughter was panic stricken by then. What will we do Mommy, all these people coming and we have no food. I said Daughter, Have faith.  He will not fail us.  I went to the store, $20 only  bought a leg of lamb enough to feed 4 people, and I bought a bag of potatoes.  That was all this bought that night.  I came home, and my daughter again, said, Mommy what shall we do, we have about 50 people coming for dinner.  I said to her, God will not fail us, daughter, go to bed, and in the morning, I promise you He will provide all we need to feed these people.

Well, you can image my state of mine by now.  All these people and nothing to feed them.  I cried out to the Lord.  Lord, please, you have never failed us before.  Please for my daughter's sake, to build faith in her, please bring this to pass.  I went to bed with total peace.  In the morning, I awoke quickly, awaiting the miracle He was about to do.  I was praying when the doorbell rang.  I ran to the door to answer it, hoping it was not an early guest.  On the porch, lined up from one end to the other was grocery bags, with tons of food in them.  There was so much food, I looked, and screamed with delight for my daughters to come and see the miracle God had done that day.  No one was in sight,  the street deserted.

We quickly brought in all the groceries, looking for more lamb to add to the pan.  No Lamb!!! No meat whatsoever, or bread for the table.. I was saying what is this Lord, no meat. I don't have enough to feed these people.  He said to me, have faith. I said, okay, I will, I will not doubt. I had not a clue what he was going to do.  I thought someone might bring one, but no one did.  My neighbor then comes over, and says, I don't know why I baked one to many loaves of bread, please take the bread for your dinner.  I said, yes, bread, not even realizing that this is not enough bread either.

Well, we had so many people for dinner that day, thank goodness they all came in shifts, and that lamb just kept on giving all through, and it never went to less than 1/3 of a leg of lamb.  And the bread too, just kept giving that day, we had enough to feed all the people, plus seconds, that Easter.  And you know that leg  of lamb just kept feeding all the drop ins that week and my family, lunch and dinner all the way to the next Saturday, when they were screaming, no more lamb.. and there was still 1/3 of it left.  That Saturday, I got paid and changed the menu.  But my kids have seen the provision of God.  How if you have faith up until the  very end, never doubting his promises, then you too will see his miracle working power in your life.

I have had many miracles happen to me, individually, and to our family. God teaches our children through what He does in our lives. I hope that these stories will touch someone's heart, and restore faith in them to believe again in miracles.  I hope that these seeds of faith will be planted in your heart to believe for your own miracle garden to grow.  He is truly a God of Miracles.

Miracle Coat Story

I was a recent widow, and not yet learned to walk in faith for my finances.  My daughter was in terrible need of a coat.  It was  almost Christmas, and she didn't have a coat to wear, and it is cold in the Northeast.  I only had enough money to pay the utilities through Christmas, and just a hundred dollars left for food, and presents
for my children, and the tree.  This is nothing.  But she needed a coat. We went to this  store that has discount outdoor clothes and equipment.  I thought maybe I could secure a coat for $50.  We go in and begin to look at the coats, there was nothing under two hundred dollars, and she looks at me, so broken hearted.  She says I told you there would be no coats in here for that price.  I had told her God would provide.. .I cried out to the Lord right that in the middle store, please, Lord, don't let her down, I told her you would provide for her.

And just at that very moment, I turned and saw a lonely coat on a rack that wasn't there before.. I called to her to go and try it on, all the coats in store had also been to big for her. . and she said, what for, mom, it won't fit, and it will be too expensive.  I said, have faith child, He will provide for you.  So she went over and tried on the coat, what a surprise, it was a perfect fit.. She looked at the label, she said, oh, mom this is the most expensive coat in the store, this is a $300 coat, the best of down coats, mom.. I said how much is it. She said there is not a tag in it.  I
ran to the manager to ask him the price, against my daughters better judgment.. He went to try to scan it.  He came over a long time after that, and said, I am so sorry, but  I can't find this coat in our inventory, so I could not find a price for it.  We don't sell this coat, so I cant sell it to you.  I am so sorry. . I went to turn away, then  he said in a loud voice, but  I can give it to you, miss, Merry Christmas, take it it is yours, he says.  Merry Christmas he said again.  I took the coat, and right there,
fell to my knees before the Lord almighty and began to cry and weep and thank him so loud. That all the store began to gather round, and praise his Holy Name for what He had done for a child of his that day. So many were crying and weeping and singing right there in the store, we gave Him all the praises and the glory that is due Him.

When the manager said, someone must have left it here when they went to put on another coat, I knew that someone was an angel who put it there. We had already been past that rack already and it was empty before.. So we ran out the store., so afraid we would set off the alarms, and that he would change his mind.  Nobody in NY gives a coat like this away.  When we looked in the pockets to see if it was worn, it still had the packets in it and the tags, from being brand new.. We praised the
Lord, because God gave my daughter the best coat for free that Christmas. The best down coat made and it was for free, because He is a miracle working God.

I invite you to share your miracle stories,  please feel free to send your miracle stories to me, so I may share it with others here.  So that others faith may grow to.  His miracles plant seeds of hope to believe for miracles.

Come and plant seeds in his Miracle Garden.  Each miracle grows and grows, and travels like the seeds in the wind to plant and to reseed the earth with beautiful flowers from his garden.

You can send your miracle story to me by e-mail at the following address: nitehawkdw@earthlink.net.


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