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Blow the Shofar in Zion

Holy Spirit, I welcome you in this place, today. I thank you for touching each person, who reads these words. I ask that you touch the ones who read these teachings. Let them see the truth of your words here, oh Lord, I pray, and touch them so they know you as Lord, what they have longed for, the missing piece. Touch them, so they will know you.

A Treasure that is Worth Hunting For

If you are do not know Jesus, as Yeshua, then you do not really know Him. He can only be known by his roots, which are Jewish. We cannot separate the Old from the New Testament. Without the old, we do not have a new covenant. Without knowing what Jesus Christ fulfilled in the old, when He died for you and for me, we cannot truly walk in victory in the new covenant.

When you begin to search the word of God as for treasure, the Holy Spirit begins to show you things which you have never before seen. He shows how Jesus Christ was the Passover Lamb. Jesus Christ, Yeshua, was the Messiah that so many had been waiting for. To understand how it was all fulfilled is hard to fit in these small space, but I hope that I can give you a glimpse into what happened, with these words, and into the why’s of it all.

Everything in the Word of God fits together so perfectly, that it is mind boggling at times. When you try to divide it into teachings, it becomes more difficult. The Scriptures are so interwined, and tell a story of creation, from beginning to end. If you will ask Him to show you the treasures, that lie within these pages of gold, He will. It is like finding the finest treasure here on earth, when He begins to unfold for you. This treasure is the finest you will ever come across. It is better than all the gold, and diamonds from the earth. His words impart life to us. His words are as words of fine gold. When He begins to unfold the story of creation, the treasure is worth more than all the riches on earth. This bible is a story, from beginning to end, of creation, and the salvation of creation, by Jesus Christ. It is beautifully woven together, like the threads of a fine tapestry, telling a story from the beginning to the end. Below, is just a little gem, a treasure, a nugget of gold from this treasure chest of God’s.

Who is Yeshua? And why did He come?

Yeshua, Jesus Christ, fulfilled all of the old testament requirements that the Messiah was to fulfill. Jesus Christ came first to the Jews. He was the Messiah for whom they had waited. He was the Passover Lamb. He gave his body as a living sacrifice on Passover one year; first for the Jews, then for the new body that would be formed after his death and resurection.

He came for the Jews. Even in the giving forth of this new covenant from heaven, first it was given to the Jews. Then, his covenant came to the rest of the world. First to the 120 who were gathered in the upper room, then to the Jews, then to us, the Jews and Gentiles. Even this was fulfillment according to the scriptures.

We were grafted in to the olive tree, which is Israel, after it was offered to the Jews. Before this, we were strangers afar off, but by his mercy and grace we were made worthy by the blood of the Lamb. He is the Messiah who the Jews had waited for 4,000 years to meet. He came, and was crucified, and it was all in the plan of God. There was a reason, why Yeshua was crucified, and it is called Salvation. Man needed it badly; we were in desperate need of this. Yeshua, first came for the Jews, then for all mankind. He was and is God’s plan to save all mankind from destruction. This destruction began in the Garden of Eden. Yeshua was born for a purpos, which is to save all of mankind from destruction, yet, it is every man’s choice, even today. Are you missing something in your life? Are you looking for that missing piece, when you can’t quite figure out what it is? Well then, read on. Yeshua, Jesus Christ, is the missing link, to fill the void that you cannot fill in your life. He is the answer to what you seek. He is the answer, the key to the missing part of every man, he makes up what is missing from birth.

Following Truth or Traditions of Men?

Do we believe that the word of God is really the truth? Or do we believe the great illusion of truth, set up by the great seducer of mankind, the devil. That is a question before each man on earth. Do you chose to follow after truth, or would you rather be seduced and follow a fable, a tradition of man, just because others are following it? This question is before us all. Do you long to be filled with the truth? Are you searching for truth? Do you feel empty inside, and have no answers to the things which trouble you so much? Are you searching for the missing link? Are you searching for something, which you can’t quite find? Are you empty inside, and nothing you have tried has filled that void? Well, if you are an adventurer, and are seeking answers on your journey through life, then read on.

If you would rather just go with the crowd, following after traditions of men, then this teaching is not for you. These words are for those who dare to follow the truth rather than to follow the traditions of men. It is for those who are seeking answers and truth. It is for they who are not pacified with riches, but seek more in their life. This quest is for those who dare to be different, and who want to know the answers. This is a journey for seekers. Are you a seeker? Do you long to know the truth, and answers? Are you missing something in your life? Partying, money, women, men - nothing fills this void. Then you have come to the right place.

The Treasure Hunt

This is a treasure hunt for the greatest treasure on earth, truth. Truth is for those that seek it. Truth can only come from the One and Only True God, who does not lie. He is the only source of truth. The enemy, called the devil, would have us think otherwise, saying the word of God was written by men, and not by the Holy Spirit. He wants you to believe it was written by a bunch of men, a long time ago.

However, the bible says, that the word of God, came not by the word of men, but by the Holy Spirit given unto those prophets who wrote down. They are the words of the spirit.

If you truly seek Him, you will find Him. The only truth is from the Living God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He deliberately gave us the written word so we would know the truth. And, contrary to popular belief, He still speaks through believers all over the world, who are filled with his Spirit. He is still alive, and well on this planet earth, and would love to talk to you, personally. He is Life. There is no death in him. He is eternal spring, forever living, growing, and never dying. Everything He is, and does, gives life in all its manifestations. God is love, life, light, and all things good. He gives us free will to make up our mind to accept Jesus, or not to accept Jesus. He does not force us, nor take you hostage, that you might believe. He is the author of free-will. He gave it to you and to me, to give us freedom to make up our own mind, and to accept the truth or not.

The devil, on the other hand, is everything opposite of God. He is the author of death. His trademark is death, darkness, confusion, bondage, and all things that are bad. He loves to take people to hell with him. He wants company when he goes, that’s the kind of guy he is. He wants to hold you hostage against your will, and bring you to hell with Him if he can. He wants you never to find the truth, and to never read, nor believe, these words.

The devil is a liar, no truth is in him. He is opposite of God, who is truth. He is totally opposite of what God is like. He is the author of all kinds of bad things. He wants you to worship him instead of God. That is the bottom line. He wants your worship. He will do anything to try to get you to worship him. He wants you to join him in hell when he goes. He is the great seducer. Oh, if he can’t get you to worship him, or his idols, then he wants to seduce you and take over your free will. He wants to possess or hold you in bondage by his chains. He doesn't give you a choice. He is darkness, death, and everything opposite of God.

The devil can’t really come out and be his true self, or nobody would desire him or listen to him, so he hides his true identity. He was once in the light in heaven, way back before the time of Adam and Eve, so he knows how to appear to be light. He is a great seducer, and he knows what will get to men. He has been around for a long time. He knows the ropes, quite well.

In Ephesians, it says Jesus led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men, for the perfecting of the saints. He broke all the bonds, and chains, and oppressions that had held us captive since the beginning of time. Jesus made a way for us to finally have victory over the enemy. He defeated Satan once and for all, when he rose on that third day, when he led captivity captive. All the things which had held us captive, and enslaved us, since the beginning of time, Jesus broke those chains of bondage once and for all. He set us free once and for all, when He rose to heaven, and took his rightful place next to the Father. Through his blood, we were made righteous before God.

Yeshua gave back to man all those things which the devil had stolen in the Garden of Eden. Yeshua gives us eternal life, when we believe on Him, and confess Him as Lord in our life. We are born again, re-born into a new man in Him. Yeshua came to restore all that was lost since the beginning of time.

In Beginning of Creation

It says in Genesis, that God created man in his own image. Now, just think about those words. “In his own image” - God is spirit, so, in his own image has to mean “in man God created his spirit”. That is just simple logic. Not the outer covering of our flesh because God doesn’t have a body, like you and I. He is spirit, not flesh. That is what was lost in the Garden of Eden, through disobedience. It was the spirit of God that was put into Adam and Eve in the beginning. Through our spirit we have a telephone communication line to God, if you would allow me to phrase it like that. God can only communicate with spirit, which is what He is, by way of the spirit.

God is an awesome God. He made a way for man to talk to Him, to communicate with Him, when He created us.

What was lost was the spirit inside of them, and the Holy Spirit that was placed inside of them when they were made. Think about how logical that is. Their bodies were still intact, so that was not what they lost. They were left to fend for themselves. They gave the seducer the keys to mankind, until Jesus Christ came along. The only way to have spirit upon man, was through the partial annointing that the priests had in the old testament. Or, God was reduced to talking through burning bushes, and so on. With this great sin of disobedience, came death. You see, the devil is opposite of God, he is death. When they disobeyed, in came sin, which is disobedience, and in comes death, which the serpent was the author of. The devil is opposite of God. He lost all that he was when he started a war in the heavenlies, way back before the fall of men in the Garden of Eden. He was in charge of light, the word tells us. And he was the most beautiful creature God had ever made. He was beautiful and was in charge of light. That was his job in the heavens. But pride, came in, and he began to look at HIS OWN BEAUTY, and that was his downfall. He worshiped himself more than the creator. LOVE OF SELF IS SO BAD, IT HAS DESTROYED MANY.

When the devil started to think that he was better than God, he was puffed up with pride. Then he talked one-third of the angels into joining him, and to war against God, and try to usurp the authority of God. He wanted to be worshipped, and is still trying to do this to this day. He wanted to be God. But you can’t be greater than what the Creator who created you. It is a simple scientic law. He lost, and God had to throw him and one-third of the angels out of heaven.

Now remember this: Lucifer, who is now the devil, was in charge of light. Now there was no light when he was thrown out of heaven. This was so catacylsmic, because everything in the whole universe, heaven and earth, and everything depends on light for its survival. Well this right here, is where you can have the ice age, remember all those animals, frozen in the ice age, well without light, which generates heat, there would be cold, and ice, all over the place. Everything was created by God, who is the author of light. Everything in the universe grows by light. Photosynthesis, light, makes things to grow. Light produces heat. Light is the key to everything in this universe growing, think about that.

Now, when he is thrown out, God gave him a position in the garden, the serpent, he slithered around the garden. Now remember the devil represents lust, pride, all things of the eyes, that which is about "self". “Look at me, I am beautiful” That is his middle name. His eyes, were not on God, but on himself, worshipping his own body, more than the creator. When took his eyes off the creator, God, and began to worship his own body, is when he got into trouble. It is still true today. We think we are better than God, and can do it better than him. This is self.

Pride, lust of the eyes, got him, and those are his tricks to this day to seduce us. He wants you to worship him, instead of God. He seduced 1/3 of the angels to come and war with God, to usurp the throne of God. He is still trying to do this today.

How can the creation be greater than the creator, it can't! Lucifer was in charge of light. He knows the tricks of light. He is great seducer. He is using the same old tricks today as it was in the Garden of Eden, long time ago, just maybe a different spin to the trick. He adapts well to the different generations, setting the stages for what he wants. He is the manipulator, the devil, and he knows how to seduce us.

Now, in comes Jesus Christ to save mankind, cause God had a plan, and He knew all of this was going to happen beforehand. He even tried to kill Jesus when he was first born, remember Herod. That was the devil wanting to kill Jesus Christ. The devil knew what was coming and he wanted to stop it.

Now Jesus Christ came to give us access to the throne room of God once again. He came so we could once again, be men and women of body, soul and spirit, and enter into the garden of his presence. Before Yeshua accomplished what he did at calvary, we were doomed to death. Once Yeshua, came, we could be new creatures in Christ, and once again be able to speak with God, our creator. We could once again, have eternal life, through Yeshua it was made possible.

He rose on that third day in victory over the enemy. Death was swallowed up in victory it says. Each man and woman can have eternal life, if they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

We were body, soul, and spirit as in the beginning of time through what Yeshua accomplished for all mankind. Through his blood, we were made righteous, and brought into the throne room of God, the Garden of His Presence. The way God intended us to be.

Jesus Christ did it all for us that day. He gave his body, a living sacrifice for you and for me. A willing sacrifice, not because He had to, because then it would not have been a free-will offering. He did it all for each one of us. And it is up to us to accept Him, or reject Him. He is the author of free-will. He does not force it on us. It is your choice. It is up to each man and woman to decide whether they will be born again or not. If you say no to Jesus Christ, Yeshua, then you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of eternal life. But think about it, what if the devil has been seducing you, making you think that you don’t need Yeshua, or that all you need is you. What if it is a big trick? Then what. If I were you, I would really think twice, and listen to what Yeshua has to say through the Holy Spirit, and then make my decision. Life is short here, what if you buy the ticket on the train to hell, there is no getting off once you buy that ticket. There is no exhanges, no stops, it is the train to eternal hell, torture train and pain for eternity, until it is all over and you are thrown into the lake of fire forever. So before you make the decision, please stop and read some more. Email me, if you have questions, I will be glad to answer any questions, I can. It is not worth throwing your life, for a trip on the eternal train to hell, if you can be saved. Jesus Christ, doesn’t charge for the ticket, either. His ticket is free, so email me, and I will tell you how to buy your ticket to the train that is leaving shortly, called, the eternal train to heaven, where the sonshine does never end, where there will be no more pain, no more torture, no more hurt. When you arrive there, God will wipe away all the tears from your eyes, and He will wipe away even the memories of all the pain you have suffered here on earth. It is a place of joy overflowing, so much you can’t even imagine it here on earth. It is a place of love, light, and all the things which are God, and Jesus Christ, is the light there, his light shines as the light of this glorious city. So before you decide, think one more time about what you will lose, if you chose the wrong ticket.

And come and learn more about Yeshua, He is the manna from heaven, the one who has been missing from your life. He is the love which you long for so much. He is the missing piece of your life, which you have been seeking for so long. He is the missing part of “you”, that will make you complete again, so you can stop searching and finally rest in his love and peace. You will finally be complete, body, soul and spirit, when you accept Him, as your Lord.

Passover - The Lamb of God

He was beaten beyond recognition for us all. A willing sacrifice, he was the Passover Lamb that year. He bore our iniquites on his back that day, so long ago, for a purpose. For us, each one of us. He didn't know us, but He loved us because the Father loved us. He always obeyed the Father. The Father asked Him to be the Passover Lamb. For that purpose was He spared, He cried out from the cross. His body a living sacrifice that day, upon the altar of the Holy Spirit, given for you and for me, even the ones who reject Him, spit upon his face. He died even for all those too.

He did it willingly, because of the love He had for the Father, and for you and for me. We were not worthy of this love, but He made us worthy that day. We were without hope in this world, dead in trepasses and sin it says.

Yeshua gave his body, as a willing sacrifice to be the final sacrifice for all mankind. He was that day at Calvary, the sacrificial lamb of God, being offered for all mankind. He was the Passover Lamb of God that day. He fulfilled all the law, so we could be saved.

He gave his body, as the ultimate sacrifice for mankind that day. He was led as a lamb to the slaughter that day, a willing sacrifice for all of us. He could have turned around and said, "I don't want to do this, Father." Don't you think? He was not forced to be beaten beyond recognition for nothing that He did. He was not forced to endure the pain, and all that suffering. He did it out of his own free will that day at Calvary.

That is true love. He didn't have to do it. He did it because He loved us more than himself. A love offering. He fulfilled all that was to be fullfilled in the old testament prophecies.

Yeshua cried out from that cross that day. "It is finished," were his words on the cross just before he gave up the ghost. For this purpose, was I spared. That means he did it willingly. He gave up his life, for you and me.

Man did not kill Him. He gave up the ghost that day, a willing sacrifice unto the Father. He gave his life for you and for me on the Cross. He is Yeshua, the Lamb of God. He is one who died for you, for me, and for all mankind. When Yeshua gave up the ghost on the cross, the Scriptures record that the veil of the temple was rent. That which had separated us from entering the Holy of Holies, since the beginning of time, was rent from the top to the bottom. The curtain which had prevented us from entering the Holy of Holies that day was rent, torn in half, so we all could have access to the Holy of Holies once again. Through the Lamb of God, Yeshusa, Jesus Christ, we can once again enter into the Garden of the Presense of God, and commune with Him, just like it was in the beginning of time, in the Garden of Eden.

Through Yeshua, we have victory once again. The enemy is defeated in his name. Yeshua did it all for you and me. We didn't deserve any of it, but His Grace covered us. We were filthy rags, not worthy of one drop of his grace, but He loved us anyway, and covered us by his grace. By Yeshua, we were brought into this glorious new birth. By his blood, our sins were washed away, and we were made worthy by all that He did.

We are set free from all the things that have bound us from the beginning of time, through Yeshua. So next time the devil tries to tell you one of his lies, you come back in his face, and proclaim the victory that was won at Calvary by Yeshua.

He was the Passover lamb who died for all that which was lost in the Garden of Eden. The enemy was defeated on that glorious day forever and ever.

Psalm 118:22-23 v. 22 "The stone which the builders refused is become the headstone of the corner." v.-23 "This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

He is our Passover sacrifice.

John 1:29 speaks these words to us: "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world."

He, the Messiah, is the Stone, the Rock of Israel. He is the chief cornerstone for our foundations. Messiah is the chief cornerstone. That is the stone that sets the whole building's foundation. The cornerstone must be solid for the building to stand. He is our chief cornerstone, the foundation of our building. He sets the pace for all of us. He has the run the race for us, and won. Yeshua is the headstone, the foundation on which the whole foundation is set, that is the Messiah, our Lord and Master. He is the missing link, the piece which we have been searching for, all this time.

"And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There shall come out of Zion the deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob."

How about you? Have you received your Redeemer? Have you yet received the Stone whom the builders rejected?

In His sacrifice, was, and is, forgiveness of sin. He awaits you at the door. He knocks at the door. If you let him into your heart, he will fill your heart with life, light and joy to overflowing. It will be what you have longed for, what you felt was missing, what you have been searching for all these years. Yeshua is the one who is calling you this night. He is the one who is knocking at the door of your heart this night. Will you answer his call? Will you reject him? Or will you say to Him this night? "I do not know you, Yeshua, I want to get to know you, I want to know the truth. I want to know once and forever, if you are truly the Messiah of Israel". That is the question that is put before every man, this night. Will you answer his call?

If you do not know Him, if you wish to know more about Him, according to the old testament scriptures, please email me at the email address below. I would love to share all that I know with you about Yeshua, the Messiah.

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