Fresh Manna
Jesus said: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life. I am that bread of life. Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead. This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die. I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world." (John 6:47-51 - KJV)

This page is to provide fresh "manna from heaven" - a collection of teachings, and thoughts meant to comfort, encourage, instruct, and challenge. May God increase your faith and richly bless you as you read these words.
The Bread of Life


In order to survive in these days that are upon us, and have peace, we must be in Him, totally surrendered to Him in our hearts. If we are not surrendered to Him, then the peace that is supposed to be ours in these last days, will not be. If we are in our self mode, or not trusting Him to take care of us in everything, then we will be in turmoil inside ourselves.

It is always hard to give it all to Him. We may all want to, but our human nature prevents us from doing so. It is to control some portion of what we are, our self that is the factor that makes us do this. We hesitate giving total control to Him. Oh, we may say we do, but do we really trust Him to answer everyone of our prayers. Do we trust him to do it all for us? Or do we hold back, maybe in the finances part, we don't want to let go. Maybe we say in the health department that we want to hold back a little, and seek the doctor before we seek Him. We all have our weaknesses; in Him are we made strong. None of us are perfect, and we won't be till we get to heaven. If we do not totally surrender all of our lives to Him, all of it, then we are in self mode, and we will be angry and agitated or filled with fear, when things begin to shake around us, and we will not have peace. Yet, Jesus' peace that passes all of our understanding will fill us; when the world around us is in turmoil and fear, we will be filled with His Peace. And they will see the peace which we have and will come and ask us how, why are we so full of peace, when the mountains fall around us, and we will tell them of the Prince of Peace, and they will come to Him, and worship Him for they have not known Him.

When we are in self, which is the mode of having to have self-control over our lives, events, and things which happen, then we will not have any peace, but be agitated inside, full of fear when the mountains begin to fall, and the fires rage outside. I know a girl, and I am sure there are many like this now, it seems to be a flaw of this generation. She has to control everything. She becomes anxious if she cannot control everything around her, even to her family - she tries to control it all. She has no peace. Her mind races endlessly and she can't stop it. She feels like she is a boat that is sinking, unless she can control all the events around her. My heart goes out to her, but she does not listen. Her mind races so fast, she cannot hear anything but her own voice inside her head. I think this is much like a lot of people in this world today. The only safety net they feel is themselves. They do not know the Lord, so the world races out of control, and they cannot sleep unless they have control over their own world. Only they can do it perfect, they think. It is a foolish lie of the enemy of this world. The only perfect one is the Lord Jesus Christ, and only He can give us the peace which we seek. He can give us the peace of mind we so desire, if we seek Him, and Him only.

This is a problem, even for the church, who have have been serving two masters for years. You cannot serve two masters. Only one or the other, or you are a divided house. You cannot serve the world and the Lord Jesus Christ, it won't work. You will never have the peace which he has promised us through these last days. You must surrender all of your heart to the our Lord Jesus Christ. How many do not know Him as Lord, yet they profess to be Christians? They have not given over all of their hearts to Him. They have tried to keep part of it for themselves - again the control or self issue comes into play. They want to hold back part of their hearts. They want to hold back something from the Holy Spirit for themselves. This is dangerous. Saphiras and Ananias held back a portion of their offering to the Holy Spirit, and look what happened; they died. We are to give our whole heart to Him, surrender all of it, not hold back a portion of it, if we want to know his peace. This is what he is seeking in these last days, a people who will surrender all of their hearts to Him, give themselves to Him, as a love offering from their hearts, body, soul and spirit, all of it. That is the only way we will be able to survive what is coming, and have peace. Come to the altar tonight, and ask Him to show you what is in your heart which is not fully given over to Him. Tell Him to show you where you are not fully given over to Him. He will show you. Then repent, and ask him to cleanse you and to wash you with the blood where you have sinned, and held back from Him. He will show you all that you have been holding back. He loves you so much. Then the Holy Spirit's fire will burn out the dross, the garbage that is not pleasing to Him there, that is not of Him. Give yourself a willing sacrifice to the Saviour tonight. Give your heart, fully to Him. He seeks a people that will love Him like this. Hearts afire with the Holy Spirit. Unbridled love for the Master. Willing to give themselves over to Him, and say do me over, take out the stuff you dont like, and give me the stuff you like... Purify my heart, oh Lord, refine me with the refiner's fire, make me a worthy vessel of gold and silver to hold your oil. That is what he is seeking in these last days. A people who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. Will you surrender to Him this day? He is waiting for you, at the altar.


Do we serve the Lord, or do we serve man? That is the cry of our hearts, our souls. The church cries out to Him, ďChange me, Lord, change me.Ē But when the Lord begins to change us, and answers our heart's cry, we want to take it back from Him. Like we donít really want to relinquish all the reigns, just a little part. Thatís how we are. We cry for the Lord to change us; He comes and drives us out of our Sodom & Gomorrahís, then we donít really want to totally let go of that place. Just hold on to a little of it. Itís really a comfy place to be, hate to go out to that cliff called uncertainly, that desert in the wilderness, I donít really want to go crazy. That is what the church has been saying - if we are crazy for Jesus, it's out of control, obsessive. I know one thing, if your heart is not on fire for the Holy Spirit and you are not moving forward in the Holy Spirit then you are dying. You are asleep,and blinded by the enemy of our souls, the devil. He has seduced you and put you to sleep, so you canít see the enemy at your door, because you are so comfortable where you are.

The whole world is crying SELF -take care of yourself. Even with saving food, got to take care of yourself, you come first. Nobody is going to take care of you, if you donít. Oh, I love that lie. The whole world is into control oneself. Self is the motivation of it all. Self-motivating, Self-controlling, Self rules everywhere, it seems. They say what can you do to improve self? Everywhere, the billboards, the ads, TV, self image is where it is at. But what does Jesus show us? Jesus is just the opposite of what the world is pushing on us. He is all giving; He is totally un-self. In every area the world says we must look into ourselves; He says don't look inward, but to Me. He works from the inside out. He never works from the inside in, like the world does.

Our children are thinking that they have to have lipo and their tummy tucked at 9 years old. Oh, what have we become? A society devoid of truth, who worship only themselves. Looking at the outward appearance of man, rather than to look at what God looks at - the inward heart of a man. We are a society full of self, and no God. We are fixing the outside, but our hearts are filthy, dirty, disgusting mud pits that you would not have your worst enemy walk through. Are we the Pharisees and Saducees of our day? We cry to Jesus, but we judge a man by what he looks like on the outside, not by how Jesus looks at him. Are we a nation which is driven by outer appearance, and yet our hearts are empty deserts, filled with self? The church is filled with itself. Would you invite a homeless man who hadn't had a bath in a few months, whose clothes stank, and he stank more than you have ever smelled, to dinner in your house? Would you invite the man in to stay, and to take a bath at your house, if the Holy Spirit asked you to? Would you feed him or invite him to church? This is what He is talking about. We are a church which is seeking Him in words only, we don't really look to the heart of a man, but are judging the outer appearance of people. When you passed that man in the street, did you turn and give him a dollar, or a word from the Lord? Or did you pretend not to see him, and turn your heads, as if to look in disgust at a man down on his luck. The church has become hypocrites; they speak of Jesus, but their acts are far from Him.

They cry, "Give us revival, Lord!!!" But they donít want to be cleansed and their hearts are far from Him. They donít want to come through the fire of the Holy Spirit and be purified, because they want to stay with their feet in Sodom & Gomorrah. They like it there. They enjoy the riches, the prestige, the trappings of a sin-filled world. They don't want to give up anything for Him if He calls them. Oh, yes, they cry to Him, "Change me, Lord". But when they are at the cliff of uncertainty, they run back to Sodom. It's too hard. They cry, "Lord! No, I need my Lexus, I don't want to give that up, Lord." And when the Lord calls again, they turn their heads pretending not to hear him. No, this church would rather stay in the world, then to truly seek Him. They do not want to be cleansed, because they don't really want to repent, and to be shown their sins, or what is unholy in them. They donít want to repent of their unclean hearts, or sins. They do not ask the Holy Spirit to show them what is impure and unholy before Him, so they can repent and be cleansed. They would rather not. They just want to say it with their lips, but their hearts are far from Him. The church cries for revival, but you can't have revival without the conviction of the Holy Spirit in the heart of a man. Revival starts in each man's heart. It is an inside job, worked from the inside out. It is a job of the Holy Spirit.

This church wants only to hear loving words. "No harsh words," we canít bear it they say. "You are not speaking in love," they cry, as they cover their ears not to hear the Holy Spirit speak. They seek words that flatter their philosophy, not the true word of the Lord. They are like what the scripture speaks of in Ezekiel, where the true prophets spoke, and the people would not hear; they wanted to hear flatteries, nice words, not harsh words. And in the New Testament, when He says we are in the last days, where the people will follow after fables, with itching ears, wanting to hear only flatteries for their ears.

God is once again calling out the church. Warning the church that is lukewarm, that has still got their hearts in the Sodom & Gomorrah of our time. Desiring the things which they left behind. We are in our final days, Church. Read what the Spirit is saying to the churches. It is a message of repentance. He is calling his children to repentance. There cannot be revival without the conviction of the Holy Spirit in a man's heart. It starts in each man's heart. Each man must be convicted by the Holy Spirit, and repent of his sins, and what is impure before the Holy One. That's how revival fire starts. The Holy Spirit brings down the fire into each man's heart, purifying that which is unholy. Then revival starts. Our cry should be, "Lord, cleanse me. Take out that which is impure, unholy in your sight." That should be our cry. Throw down your hearts on the altar, Church, He cries to us. You cannot serve two masters. One or the other. You canít cry for revival, and want to go back to the mud hole to play in the pit. It just won't work. He is saying, "Church, come out of Sodom & Gomorrah! Come out of there, it is about to be burned. I am sending out my warning - come out of there now."

And when you start running, don't look back. Run with all your heart into His Arms. When it gets tough, don't murmur like the children of Israel to go back to Egypt, where He took you from. You will get second best, instead of best. And you might have to wander the desert for another 40 years, like the children of Israel. He didn't promise us that the walk would be easy, but He promised us it would be worth it. Did Jesus say that being beaten to a pulp for doing nothing, as He was, was easy to bear? Oh course not; He has had to bear much worse than any of us on this earth will ever experience, and He did it for us, and we were totally unworthy of it. We were like that homeless man on the corner you pass everyday and turn away from because of the stench. We stank, because our hearts stank worse than any homeless man has ever smelled. Yet, Jesus did not turn his back on us. No, a thousand times, no. He withstood the trials and tests beyond any man's endurance just so we could have life eternal. So quit saying, "Oh Lord, it's so hard to walk with you, Lord." "Quit your grumbling," He says. You don't know what hard is. Jesus endured pain beyond what any human being has ever had to endure, but cried, "Thy will be done!!!!!" That was his heartís cry from His spirit. Not, "Oh, this is much to hard to take. Take me off this cross this instant, this is not worth all this pain." No, He didn't say that. He endured to the end. Quietly.

God is calling to us one more time. He is again calling out our names. Will you answer Him when He calls you? Will you run to Him with all your heart, afire with desire, to serve Him and please Him? Crying with the delight of a child. "Yes, Lord! Thy will be done. Cleanse me, purify my heart, show me what is garbage within me, let me repent before you, so I can be purified by your fire." Will that be the cry from our heart tonight? Or are we still crying for the days which we left behind, longing to go back in Sodom tonight?

Thatís the question before the church here tonight and in the days to come. "When He calls out your name, will you answer him? ďYes, Lord, Thy will be done.Ē ďYes, I desire you more than anything in this world. Cleanse the whatever is unholy in me, and make me a worthy vessel, oh Lord. No matter how hard the road is that I must climb, I will not look back, and desire what I left behind."

Thatís the crossroads which faces us tonight, Church. Which master will you serve? Which way will you go when He calls you? Will you step out of Sodom and Gomorrah with both your feet, and run towards your Saviour when He calls you. ďYes, Lord, no matter how difficult the walk is, I don't want what's back there. I desire only to follow you.Ē

That has to be the cry of the Church, right now. In order for the Holy Spirit's fire to break through the hearts of men all over the world, we have to be willing to come out of the world, and run into the fire of the Holy Spirit with all of our hearts. Run to your Saviour with reckless abandon. Hearts afire for the Holy One of Israel. That's the church he is calling out of Sodom tonight. Abandon the idols of your hearts tonight, children, He cries out from the Spirit. Let me break them & crush them into powder He cries. Let the church run to Him this night, with their hearts afire for Him. Crying out, Lord, cleanse me of all the things you find unholy, and make me a vessel fit for your oil.

Rivers of Living Waters
Jesus stood and cried, saying: "If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water." (John 7:37-38 - KJV)


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