Faith That Moves Mountains

Mountains can be moved by faith

How many times have we heard the words "Just have faith" and have not known how to have faith. We strain and try to get this thing called faith, and we try and try with all our might, but we never quite can get our faith up to the place where it connects with God.

Yet, God says we cannot please him without faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please Him.  We must have faith to believe in Him, faith to believe He is there when we pray.  When we believe his promises, that is faith.  This is how we please Him, to have faith. Faith is what we must have to believe each and every one of his promises in the word. We must believe to receive the promises that He has for us there. 

But wait a minute, think about this.  What does the devil not want us to learn about most?  I would bet it would be to keep us from understanding this word called faith.   Even the devil knows what faith can do, and worst can do to him.  So one of his main objectives in life is to keep you guessing on that word that just seems to elude us so much, "faith".  There are two kinds of faith.  I am going to discuss the faith that will move mountains if that is needed.  To walk in faith as Jesus did, on water, raising the dead, eyesight restored from being blind.  This was only a touch of what He walked in here on earth.  Every day, every moment of the day, Jesus was walking by faith.  He was not trying to figure out if what he was being told by the Holy Spirit measured up with what his mind saw as truth.  No He walked in the power and the might of the living God on earth.  He said to us, greater things shall we do.  What can beat raising someone from the dead?  Or walking on the ocean? What can beat that?   Think about it.  How about bringing someone into the new birth.  We don't even realize the power that is given to us as saints. We don't even try to scratch the surface of faith. Greater things will we do.  Can you imagine, Jesus saying that to you.  Glory to God. He has given us the keys to the kingdom, but how many of us believe to walk in the power of that might.  What does Ephesians says?  "to us-ward who believe."

Words of faith and believed as seeds planted in our hearts give birth to miracles and we each miracle builds on another, like a building made of stone, each stone builds a layer which makes the foundation strong, and it begins this great mansion which we build in our hearts as we believe his words. We begin to see miracles being birthed, and it begins with the seeds of Faith planted and believed in our hearts.

Faith is what gives his promises wings to fly. 

Take these promises and fly with them. 

Believe the promises of God, and you can start your own miracle garden with seeds of faith.  We have not even touched on all that we are in Christ.  We have just read the words, but they have not sunk deep into our hearts until they produce faith.

The devil knows once we begin to realize what Jesus has given us and what we have been given in Christ as believers, then there will be no stopping us. He will be done with.  He doesn't want you to find out what You have in Jesus, what things He gave to you, when he led captivity captive.  We are to walk as sons and daughters of faith.

Gifts of Power, Faith and Miracles-

First- powerhouse seeds from heaven's garden bank are planted in order to see miracles come to pass.  Seeds of Faith planted by the Holy Spirit in our hearts begin with a tiny seed of faith. Nothing you can do that will stir up this type of faith either, it is given by the Holy Spirit to the one who it will be birthed from to produce the fruit that it was intended to bear.  This type of faith is a supernatural faith that is given to those who have this gift.  Holy Spirit plants it in our hearts, and gives us this little spark of hope in there with it. Think that is the fertilizer.  Then as the days follow, He begins to stir up that soil around our heart, and we begins to nurture that seed of faith, giving it more fertilizer (hope to see it through).  Each day He is nurturing that little seed., and suddenly it begins to sprout and grow.  Then He gives us the faith to speak it forth.  Miracles are not usually just for us, but to restore the faith in others, or to bring them to salvation.. Miracles bring hope to mankind, stirring up the heart of man to repentance, or the new birth. With this kinds of gifts of power, comes much responsibility, testing and more fires to go through. God does not give this kind of faith for it to be abused by someone greedy for power and for the glory.  I believe these gifts are given to those who are humble and meek before Him, and that will glorify his name, and give Him the glory when the miracle occurs.  Because with this kind of power comes awesome responsibility to God and to our fellow man..  God will only give these power gifts I believe to those who have walked for a while, tried through the furnace.   I could be wrong.. but anyone who thinks he is just going to move a mountain, cause he wants to, is not going to be given this power and responsibility.  

Each day it begins to grow and take root in there, and you begin to grow in this faith, that is not yours,  you feel the energizing of that faith begin to take root in your heart. Suddenly what seemed to impossible last week, is suddenly possible. But at the same time, you don't have the full measure of faith to bring it forth.  This comes as we believe in what He speaks into our hearts, it begins to take shape.  Almost like a baby in the womb, at first it doesn't have much of a shape, but as it is nourished, cared for it begins to take a form.  Each day it grows in the womb, it is becoming formed, matured, beginning to shape into what will come forth in the birthing child as a child.  When words of faith are spoken into our spirit by the Holy Spirits, much the same thing begins to form in our hearts, we begin to grow and have strength, and that begins to swell in us, really just like a real birth.. We swell up as the baby grows in us.  This miracle birth begins to shape and form and grow and be strengthened in almost the same way.   He plants the seeds in your heart and it begins as the tiniest thing in your heart.  Then He suddenly will give you the jutzpa I call it, or the spiritual guts to speak forth that miracle that is going to come to pass before it even comes to pass.. Believe me, you wont' be able to stop those words from coming forth out of your mouth.. There will be a large crowd gathered, with many scoffers, I can guarantee that one.. And they will laugh at you and say you are crazy, that is impossible, but the more words they speak to you against this, the stronger your faith becomes.  I can guarantee you that there will be one man or woman in that crowd who will believe. Because God doesn't do this for the scoffers of the world, but for those who will believe on Him after the miracle comes to pass.  This is the time where everyone will chide in to say, "It can't Be Done".. those are the ones from the land of unbelief, those people who will never have faith. They will never believe even when they are shown that it came to pass, they will still say it can't be done.  That is just their nature.  You will have a few of those sprinkled in to the crowd.  But that will not stop God's miracles from occurring.  He will bring it to pass that which he has birthed in you.  Nothing will stop this process of birthing this miracle, unless you chose to abort the mission.. Yes, you can do that. We have freedom of will.  We can say I no, I don't want to believe, then that seed dies in us.  I chose to believe that all the seeds that are planted, serve a purpose, and by his will they are brought forth for a reason, a purpose that He has.  

I believe now in this final day and hour we are going to see many of his children reach out and take that gift of faith.  And many will be empowered in these last days, to go forth and heal the people and to do many signs and wonders.  For in these days, his glory will intensify upon this earth. Those who will be walking in great power and faith, will not seek there own glory, they will only seek to Glorify the King of Kings.  I believe that God is doing a mighty work in his people right now, and that which seemed impossible before is being made possible I have seen in the past few weeks, such a great increase in healings of cancers, tumours, and instant healings of deafness, blindness.  Many brought back from the death's door.  The miracles will begin to intensify with greater miracles and power being manifested and revival is going to break out as we have never seen before on this earth.  

He is saying to us this day-  Come and Walk with Me, I will teach you and show you things which you have not even imagined yet.  As miracles grow in number and the word spreads it is like birthing little baby miracle seeds in the hearers heart.  It births faith in the hearer.  Love multiplies and grows.   As the temperature of believing rises in each one of us, He will be able to do more and more for through us. We will no longer be held down by our earthly thoughts and chains of bondage which prevent us from growing in Him..  We shall be men and women of faith and believing, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit- moving forward with no fear in our hearts to trust in Jesus-the author and finisher of our faith. He is the one who forged the way for us first.  He made the path smooth.   Through Jesus, we are able to walk in all the power of the Holy Spirit here on earth, as He did and even greater things shall we do.  Come on.. Take the Plunge Today. Come out and test the waters of faith, walk in the power and the might that is given to us-ward who believe. My dream is to see water walking pool parties coast to coast by next year.  People everywhere doing  the Water Walk - just gliding across that water, just praising him.  Dancing on the water, that would be cool too.  Just do it! Jesus did it, why can't you, the motto of the year.

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