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An Angel/Buffy/Spike romance. The three are thrown into a relationship by mutual needs but end up deciding this is the best relationship for them when they realize they are in love with the other two. Set after season 3 with canon rearreanged to suit the story.

Also this fic is NC-17. You MUST be old enough to read this.
Chapter 1Looks Like Home
Chapter 2Realizations
Chapter 3Flying
Chapter 4On the Road
Chapter 5One Step in the Wrong Direction
Chapter 6Fighting till it Bleeds
Chapter 7Conversations
Chapter 8Conversations Part 2
Chapter 9Ultimatums and Domination
Chapter 10No Turning Back
Chapter 11New Beginnings
Chapter 12Repercussions
Chapter 13If I Should Fall
Chapter 14Changes and Chances
Chapter 15Back to Business
Chapter 16Innocence Lost
Chapter 17Cherry Surprises
Chapter 18Wild At Heart
Chapter 19Games and Lies
Chapter 20Progress and Realizations
Chapter 21Doomed
Chapter 22The Tears of my Broken Heart
Chapter 23Traitor
Chapter 24Laying Down
Chapter 25Sweet Dreams
Chapter 26Clouds of Comprehension
Chapter 27Chains That Bind
Chapter 28My Childe, My Love
Chapter 29Into the Hands Of Evil
Chapter 30'Til Death Do Us Part
Chapter 31Resurgence
Chapter 32Taking Back What is Mine
Chapter 33Choices in Judgement

The End.

"Awards and Nominations"