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ABD Video Summaries

    ABD volume one has footage of us at verious locales. From the very first ABD footage in David's bedroom with Danny. You can tell that it's original since we can see Danny hasn't cut his bangs yet and that we basically sucked then. And from then on the camera moves onto David's living room where Wilson makes his first appearance. This is also the tape of my first appearance and then Sheng and Danny's 10 minute breaking battle.
Highlights Include: The 5 minute blooper reel...ABD sponsored commercials...ABD origins...My very first carshow got put on it somehow (thanks Danny)...and several uncut scenes that'll later appear in ABD Vol. 2.
CREDITS: ABD volume 1 was written, produced, directed, cireographed and edited by D-flare.

    ABD volume 2 has been diversified. Since we were getting some recognition that we had to put out by ourselves, we did our first performance ever at OACC. This has us breaking at David/Wilson's house, my house, Sheng's house, Cow palace and OACC. This is LD (Legendary Dancers) first appearance in an ABD video. ABD Version 2.01 has, like I said, 16 more addition minutes of us breaking at Sheng's shack.
Highlights includes: the OACC performance...LD's dancing...Us breaking at Sheng's shack...Various car model cameos...Soul Train performers...Esther's going away party...and a hint for ABD volume 3.
CREDITS: ABD volume 2 was written, produced, directed, cireographed and edited by Deep Freeze. I have gotten some slack for my use of car models in various places in the video. I feel I have nothing else to say to everyone when I say, "my bad."

    ABD Bizzy Legs Sendoff is just a collection of clips from vol.1 and 2 put together by Danny to show that he was an integral part of the ABD history. Only a select bunch of people saw the end product as it probably would have stirred up too many emotions inside of all the viewers. Seeing that I was one of the last people to watch it made me go even more like "wow" when watching it, it didn't get me reaching for some kleenex, but it still got me pretty sad.
Highlights includes: Highlights from ABD vol.1 and 2 and some exclusive footage that has not been seen except for when it was recorded... Also included are candid on the spot interviews and conversations with ABD and LD about Wilson's leaving... Artwork done solely for the use on the video... And more out takes than at the end of those Jackie Chan movies.
CREDITS: ABD Bizzy Legs Sendoff was written, produced, directed, cireographed and edited by D-flare.

    ABD D Flare Sendoff To College is pretty sweet and pointless like fat free chocolate. But it is still sentimental and fixes the craving you that have to go out and buy another breaking tape.
Highlights includes: Me waking up at 6:30 a.m to deliver the tape to Danny after going home around 1 or 2... Imagine a shack filled with people talking and dancing to the camera.... 90 dedications by Sheng to Danny.... Me doing a K dedicated to Danny... T-flare dedicated to Danny by Sheng.... And all around goofiness.
CREDITS: ABD Deep Flare Sendoff To College was written, produced, directed, cireographed and edited by Hydro-boy.

ABD Produced Car Shows
Those girls were so nice to let me take a pic with them.     Import Autorama 4/24/99 Highlights include: Hondas, Integras, Nissans, 4 NSX's, Civics, yellow Lamborghini...Zero Gravity, Club De ja Vu, Asyn Divinity and AsianScene models...Cage Dancers...One lucky bastard wears a shirt that says "got dim sum?"...nothing much

I thought this photo looked like some Barry White type of pimping     Import Jam 6/13/99 Highlights include:Francine Dee...Guest appearance by 106 KMEL personalities, Chuy, Trace-Dog and Franzin...Pinnalce talent show performers...Zero Gravity, AsianScene, Synergy, ZoomX, Pinnacle models...Esther Wang, again Francine Dee, Maribel Wong...Cage dancers...Street R.C racing...One dude has a shirt that says "I know Nann"...and all the cars you see in the all the good car magazines.

Why yes, yes that is a pic of me and Maribel Wong at Import Autorama. Thanks for asking     Import Autorama 9/18/99 Highlights include: All the models mentioned above and then some...Same cars again but this time with a better looking MR2. Only 1 NSX, lots of BMW, Lexus', One Benz and one Integra dragger...Cage Dancers...Me(Ivan) performing...Battle of the car models...Bikini contest...Lots of guys with camcorders and cameras...One dude has a shirt that says "bling bling"...It's not the same unless you were there.

I never knew that silicone could feel so hard.     FAIME Import Fest 7/22/00 Highlights include: Lots of nice cars with European/Altezza lights that make it look like it all comes stock with every Civic and Integra.... Sasha Singleton (I touched her like I was in a dream), Nikki Cash (but sounds like Naked Cash to Jimmy), LindsayB (a new model that's half White and half Asian) and lots of others like ZoomX girls and the girls that modeled for that yellow RAV4.... Some funky Corolla with a Civic front body and Supra tail lights that makes it look cross eyed.... Unlike previous ABD car shows, this one is predominately filled with cars since the Import scene is going back to it's roots, import cars, not girls in skimpy outfits posing next to import cars, not to say that there's anything wrong with girls like that.... Hoong(Rice Bucket) and Cordova(Rice-Dova) going there in sandals and racing R.C's.... It has an Integra going "Whooosh!!!" with NOS.

These pretzels are making me thirsty    International Car Show 11/24/00 Highlights include: Big Body 550 hp Viper... new panning camera angle... Gran Turismo 3 Demo machine... Lotus', Ferrari's, Porches, Benzes, 3 kitted out Hummers... Battery dying after 15 minutes of recording... and everyone's shock when they saw how small the trunk is in the new MR2 Spyder.

Miscellaneous Other ABD Produced Tapes

RPM models and me. I had to buy a poster to get a photo with them. I might sell that poster on ebay soon.     RBZ Presents "Racing Ain't A Thing" is about my group of friends last two weeks of high school or all that I thought of recording of. The moments not recorded on video tape is better off left to memory. There are also flashbacks that help develop the story line as it progresses throughout the tape. And like with all teenage movies, the climax is at graduation. Sometimes in movies it's at their senior ball, but I just felt stupid recording at a dance and only got a bit of it. I knew holding the camcorder like that was hurting my shoulder, but I pressed on and kept it at eye level because I knew this would mean much more for the individuals who'd probably be watching this tape at home in the near future than for my sore shoulder the next morning.
Highlights Include: Breaking, basketball, football, import cars, one blazing blue truck, The Riceboyz Models (you know what I`m saying), Import Autorama, the people`s champion and the people`s row, underground rave music, AOL, RC rally races, Colonial Donuts, Crown Beach, Harbor Bay, Jack In The Box, Burger King, D&A, senior ball, boxing, graduation, Oakland High, Special Guest appearances by Maribel Wong, Francine Dee and the Ground Zero models. To see a quick test clip I did back with my old computer, click here. Notice how there's no sound and it's only 5 seconds long.
CREDITS: RBZ Presents was written, produced, directed, cireographed and edited by Deep Freeze.

Last updated 8-3-03

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