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Answers To ABD Questions:

        Bet some of you don't know that we use toy dolls like GI Joe and Buzz Lightyear to demonstrate breaking moves for people and to explain the physics of it to each other.

Places I'd like to breakdance at:
  • Library
  • Bart Train or on the Back of the bus
  • Baseball stadium/football field/Basketball floor
  • Jack London Square where everybody can laugh at your ass if you mess up (already done)
  • Downtown Oakland, Frank Ozwald Plaza place with all the tiles on the floor (already done, hurts like hell)
  • Pacific Renaissance Center (already done, near the escalator, near the stairs and inside OACC)
  • Outside Karina's Apartment (it sorta hurts, the linoleum helped the pain)
  • Inside of Burger King/Jack In The Box/Mcdonalds (thought about it since my order took very long)
  • Bowling Alley (too fudging slippery to do anything serious, even more so with bowling shoes)
  • School Hallway (that's the heart of breaking man)
  • Chinese school (Saw it done one time before I knew what breaking was all about)
  • Inside a movie theatre (I heard James got banned at Jack London because he break danced there once)
  • Start Popping next to those street performers at Pier 39 (battle with them that way)
  • At the Bus/Bart station (that's how we'd get bart/bus fare to get our asses home)
  • Inside a shopping mall (tried it, it isn't as fun as you would think)
  • In my backyard (twice attempted, it's not until the next day when you realize how stupid you were when you realize the scratches you got)
  • Senior Ball (you can't blame a guy for trying)
  • Pool Hall (hell no, get hella pool balls thrown at me)
  • Safeway or Albertson (but where though? In the meat section?)

        Before we settled on Advancing Beyond Dreams as the official name of ABD. We came upon many others such as Another Bad Dream or the ever popular Asian Break Dancers or All Bearing Demons. In fact, in our first performance, we got introduced as Another Bad Dream.

        Even before that, David wanted to call the new up and coming breaking group HSB. Or Hakka Style Breakers, since he, Wilson and Danny are Hakka.

        Restaurant of choice is Jack In The Box with their 24 hour service

        We came up with most our breaking names for each other in one night at Wilson/David's house. Danny got renamed D-flare, Sheng got renamed Hydro Boy, Wilson got called Crazy Legs(which changed since someone else already had the name), I got called Mr.Freeze(because of the villian on Batman by the same name, but ultimately had to change it since someone in RockSteady Crew had it) and with David...Well, we struggled for it and Danny mentioned something psycho so I started thinking and that's how Pure Insanity was born.

        Why Cybertek as official ABD clothing? Simple, me, Danny and David went to Southland Mall, saw they were on sale for $20 off the original $60 dollars, so we were like cool and bought them. Wilson later bought some windbreaker pants to catch up with us.

        Remember that it's ok to take candy from strangers because they usually have the best kind.

        The first power move you learn as an ABDer is the handspin and the first popping move you learn is how to pop out of your shirt or jacket.

        Everyone has/had a color depending on their Cybertek clothing of choice. Ivan is blue, David is yellow, Wilson is red, Sheng is green and Danny is silver.

Last updated 7-08-01

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