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Zebedee tunnel application for android

This package ports Zebedee code (jzbd java version) to the Android platform (all android versions since 2.1 to at least 4.4).

Zebedee is a simple program to establish an encrypted, compressed "tunnel" for TCP/IP or UDP data transfer between two systems. This allows traffic such as telnet, ftp and X to be protected from snooping as well as potentially gaining performance over low-bandwidth networks from compression. (As stated on its web.)

Original program at:

Zebedee's java version (jzbd) at:

All licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL)


Actual version: 0.3 (11/2014): (0.38 MiB)


  1. Extract Zebedee.(v0.3).apk file
  2. Upload it to your android device
  3. Double-clik on it... (N.B.: you'll have to momentarily activate "Unknown sources, Allow installation of non-Market applications" as instructed by Android, if it wasn't activated yet. Revert the change after installing this app, so you be warned in the future.)


Please, refer to the original project page in order to understand and correctly configure this app:


The complete source code, as programmed with ADT Plugin for Eclipse, is published at github:


  • 0.3 (11/2014) :
    Added a checkbox to suppress log output.
  • 0.2 (12/2013) :
    Added android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to make it compatible with API 19 (KitKat 4.4).
    Version 0.2 is the original jzbd code.
  • 0.1 (02/2013) initial release.


Distributed under GPL 3.
(license text included in zip distribution file).