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idleloop's dat renamer

Please, before sending me any email (, try to find the answer to your question here !
Also, bear in mind that, although i'll try to read every message, my answer may have a little / big delay due to my increasing lack of spare time...

I don't know how to use dat_view !
Is dat_view really useful ?
Take a look at this page for help using the program, and read this other one for use assistance.
Where (else) can i find questions / suggestions / other users related to dat_view and / or dat_renamer?

Take a look (and participate!) here: kazaalinkz idleloop's forum !

My KaZaA / computer broke, and now i have incomplete / damaged / some / deleted ".dat" incomplete files !
Can u help me to resume downloading ?
If your ".dat" files are still there, KaZaA will resume them normally next time you run it: just put your ".dat" in your "KaZaA shared folder".
But be careful, if they're damaged, KaZaA will delete them! so make a backup !
If your .dat files have been deleted and you don't have any backup, i can't help u... but i'm not a kazaa Wizard. You can try these specialized forums, or others:
Kazaa completed my download, but it remains as a "dat" file... is it really complete / usable?

yes, it is. You have to manually change the actual extension of the file "dat", with the correct one "mpg", "avi", or whatever it'd be. The name doesn't really matter (for opening purposes). May be your "windows explorer" doesn't show file extensions... it's the default, so you have to change that behaviour somewhere in show/folder options... i don't remember exactly where, sorry.
Anyway, if you drag the file as it is over a player (windows media for example), it'd be played if it's complete.

My dat_renamer app can automatically track and rename every file kazaa forgets to. Take a look at it.

I've installed dat_view v1.1, but i can't find my ".dat" incomplete KaZaA files !
Since v1.1, the program remembers your last choices about "source folder", "destiantion folder", and "copy mode"... I think u just have to select your kazaa shared folder by clicking on left-most icon on toolbar... this should work. The next time, the program will start correctly there.
(Previous versions didn't remember anything, so is better to run these old versions with the program inside your kazaa shared folder).
When i try to select another folder in dat_view v1.1, the program shows an error and refuse change nothing !
This is a known bug in v1.1: if the folder that you used has been deleted, the program won't allow u any modification.
There's a workaround: You just have to delete the file "C:\.dat_view.cfg" (use the proper unit letter: D:\, E:\ or whatever in your case), and run again the program in order to select your source and destination folders again.
Or you just can create the deleted folder if u remember its name, start again the program, and select another folder.
I'll fix this nug in next versions.
I've installed KaZaA (Lite) and something's going wrong with it !
How could i do  "whatever"  with KaZaA (Lite) ?
sorry, i'm not a kazaa Wizard. Please don't send me these questions:
You can try these specialized forums, or others:
What new features has the last version of dat_view?
Should i upgrade?
You can see the list of new features, modifications, bugs, etc in this link...
It's always a good idea to upgrade to the last version, not just for new features, but for the possible bugs corrected... Consult this page for information.
comments, error reports, and proposals: