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What is dat_view ?

dat_view is the name of (afaik) the first ever available program for managing (modify, view...) KaZaA incomplete files.

KaZaA was a p2p network similar to, for example, actual emule... in those times (about five years ago) it was the biggest p2p network.

dat_view allowed to manage the files that KaZaA was downloading, in order for example to preview its contents, to see the users associated to a file, to add new ones, to make backups... just everything one could ever imagine with them...

Where the name come from? KaZaA's incomplete file extension was ".dat", so...
I used a mandarin as "fruit" icon for the files,

so one could also say "let's open dat mandarin..." and other stupid word games like that...

Also, I created a command-line version for DOS, and dat_renamer, a little app intended to patch the annoying bug KaZaA had, which provoked that sometimes incomplete files would never renamed when they were complete.

This program was the main content of my web page some time ago... you can view the old page heremy old home page.

You can browse all dat_view associated content with left menu... and also here: