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hi, wellcome to my site

v 1.5 !
more than you'd ever imagine! (11/2003)

list of improvements

glups... almost two years now since it all began...
it seems for me it was soooo time ago... internet moves so quickly.
but, hey, let's move it on. faster. further. higher.
'till it fulfills our ideal. digital liberty.

your KaZaA doesn't rename correctly your files when the download has finished?

dat viewer for DOS command line   v0.6
r U a fReaKy who 1ove$ c0mmand line5?

'friends' sites:
                      joaenna's wEb paGe            disturbing facts about a disturbing World

dis app isn't anymore distributed with KazaaLite,
and there's at least one other app which makes a similar work... anyway, i
think this tool is still
very useful and have some unique features that make
it a "not as bad" piece of
engineering... so this site
will continue up 'n workin'    ;)