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do u have a D-LINK DSL router ?

&&, do you use mrtg?
(You can read more about mrtg tool here. It's a great tool for retrieving and displaying SNMP infos from your devices).
If both conditions apply, then you'd have already probably noticed a strange behaviour of some of these (and maybe other similar) appliances: their snmp server reports traffic correctly, until 1Gbyte is reached, at which point it decreases the count to 100 000, and starts adding "1" by every "10" ... strange, straNge...

So, I made this little script for mrtg which patches this behaviour...little script for mrtg

The tgz file contains a readme filereadme inside the tgz file explaining how to use my code.

Contents are formatted for *nix (carriage returns), but it'll run also in windows.

This program and its code are released under GPL 3 conditions. You can read GPL conditions here.