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idleloop's dat viewer for command-line

This is the little sibling of "dat manager and viewer" for DOS command line.

if you love command lines, or want to use the functionality of the "dat viewer" for something you're doing, or whatever, this app is for you.

I haven't implemented "copy modes" with it, so actually it only shows the FastTrack (KaZaA) info stored inside the .dat files, but won't extract the correct blocks of data from them, as do its big sibling. If someone is interesting in this later functionality, just let me know (

Example of ouput:

C:\>datview -?

.dat manager and viewer
for command line v0.6
   Correct order for arguments:
   datview [-a] [-r] [directory[/file]]
         -a : advanced mode (more data shown)
         -r [directory]: shows global report for [actual] 'directory'
         directory/file : shows data for 'file'

.dat file manager & viewer v0.6
for .dat (incomplete) files from KaZaA, iMesh, Grokster
(it's possible that this program can't read correctly every KaZaA file)
(send error reports to: thanks :)
( )


comments, error reports, and proposals:

This program will NOT modify the contents of your .dat files in any way.