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idleloop's dat viewer
program HELP DOWNLOAD incomplete files GUIDE

".dat manager and viewer" can help you to:

  • Preview the files you're downloading. Maybe KaZaA doesn't show/play (correctly) them... doesn't matter!, with dat_view you can reallocate downloaded data in various ways, so you can see/play as much data as possible. Moreover, you can use 'till two configurable external applications (such as Virtual Dub, AJ preview, etc) in order to enhance your previewing experience.
  • See how much data you have downloaded, and how much good data blocks are, and where are they situated. This way you can detect problems, as for example, if you can't view or hear some file because you haven't still downloaded its beginning, or if some file is corrupted and unusable for KaZaA...
  • Obtain a global report for all your incomplete files, and how much hard disk do you need.
  • Modify the data stored in a "dat" file: for example in order to add a user and node, in order to improve a download, or to modify the downloaded file name or its path when it'd be completed... (KaZaA must not be running).
  • Insert gaps in order to redownload some "damaged" zone while the file isn't still complete.
  • Delete, copy or backup your downloads (KaZaA must not be running).
  • Preview your partially downloaded files,

  • letting you to construct files with your data compacted, without intermediate gaps which still don't contain valid data. This way, the resulting file contains only data from the original archive, which can greatily help the other programs that you'll later use to preview or extract that data:
  • Compress more your partially downloaded files,

  • by filling the gaps without valid data, with zeros (0x0) or ones (0x1), which should improve the percentage of compression.
    You can choose from two methods of filling gaps:
    • obtaining a file that can be restarted by your Kazaa program (with .dat info)

    • (program option complete .dat file, fill gaps with hex. 'FF' or '00')
    • obtaining a file that can not be restarted by your Kazaa program (without .dat info)

    • (progam option data and gaps, fill gaps with hex. 'FF' or '00')
  • Any other thing that you can imagine...

  • (except for flying, and things like that...)
read as " let's open that mandarin ! "
i think it's completely functional with new KaZaA v2
u can report me incompatibilities ( ;)

Right-clicking in any part of the program (except on the edit control) will let you select the "advanced" option (or with Ctrl+A), which will show all the information stored in the .dat, including ip directions of users and super-nodes, and others.

comments, error reports, and proposals:

This program will NOT modify your .dat files without your previous permission, and only if you specifically use its advanced features.

This program is provided "as is", etc, etc, & im not responsible for nothin' apart having the intention of distribute this program free and useful. thanks.