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Indian Astrology
Phrenology (Face Reading)
Vaastu Shastra
Lal Kitab
GEMS and their Astrological Significance

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  Why and how  I got into Astrology?
I  grew up with  scientific temper and lot of zeal and curiosity to know and discover  the unknown. I became interested in the astrology  in my school days just for curiosity  after being amazed  by  a prediction about the death of  my friendís father by an astrologer simply  by looking at his birth chart. It was not less than a miracle for me at that moment. But it gave a new and open  perspective to the line of scientific thought and made me feel  that the scientific theories are not perfect and may  not  be able to explain each and every phenomena of the nature. There exists a lot to which present laws of the  physics and physical world cannot be applied. This started a quest for ancient  knowledge and literature in me and  I  read whatever and whereever the literature and  books on astrology  I could put my hand on in libraries, freinds and professional astrologers. My readings were on Astrology, Palmistry , Mystic and Occult sciences, Vedas, Upnishads old issues of  Kalyan  and Greek and Chinese ancient knowledge of science and mathematics and astronomy.It was my interest in Astrology that inorder to complement my scientific knowledge I opted for Space Science and Astronomy as optional paper during my M.Sc. Physics. Initially my interest in Astrology was just an academic and scientific quriosity for exploration but later it turned to be an hobby and now an obsession. After completing my education and research in the areas of experimental physics I still encounter  scientific vagueness at several points in theories and experimental observations.This gives me support to study  astrology like any other science and a plateform to investigate it more scintifically..

What Astrology cannot predict ?
No astrologer what so ever expert he may be, can predict the finer details  (like branches of study) of a person's education, occupation and natural disasters like cyclones, earth quakes. However some  indications about  such events can be predicted due to planetary positions and combinations

  Why the Indian System of Prediction is better ?

The Indian Astrology, better known as Vedic Astrolgy is a system based upon the lunar system of calculation of time and its subdivisions. The earth is taken as centre and the zodiac is divided in to twelve signs called Rashis. These rashis correspond to 30 degrees each in zodiac of 360 degrees. These are subdivided in to 9 charans or pads and constellations or ther some parts lie in these rashis. The movement of stars ( 7 Planets and two equinoxes called Rahu and Ketu) are studied versus events in life and world. The moon being closest celestial body is considered to influence most followed by Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. Recently planets Neptune, Pluto and Herchel are also taken but their effects are not studied well.

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