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Indian Cuisine_-My Receipes

 Here are some of my favourite receipes of Indian Dishes
( Vegetarian Only)
                     Featured Tip of the day 
Quick Ready to eat Amla Pickle

                1kg  raw  green Amla
                    100 gms packet of Bedekar's Pickle masala
                    common salt as per taste
                    Two tea spoon lime juice or vinegar
                    about two full spoon musterd oil heatedto smokethen cooled
Method:        Clean and wash the Amla and  put in Microwave to heat at  medium or   6-7 power level  for  about 5 minutes. Take them out when cooked. Press a little with thumb and open to remove seed. Separate small segments (Phankain) and mix the readymade Achar/Pickle Masala and  about 4 teaspoons of lime juice or vinegar Mix well with hand while adding the preheated-cooled oil in a steel plate. Mix well so that all pieces are well laced with mixture. Fill in a glass container. Put some additional salt on  the top  which shall act as preservative. Placethe container in sunlight or two days  or start eating immediately. Amla Pickle will be ready to eat  with its best taste.

Note: The achar prepared by conventional method does not beome soft and has a bitter taste of raw amlas. However the pickle made by this method is so soft and tastful that even children love it. 

Important: Amla is one of the best known antioxidant available in vegitable or fruit form. It is also the richest source of Vitamin C and has cholestrol reducing property. In ayurveda a person is advised to consume at least two Amlas per day to keep him away from all ailments.

                       Raspberry ki Chatni
              500 gms well ripe raspberries
                    200 gms Sugar
                    a pinch of salt
                    Garam Masala as per taste
                    Red fine ground chillies

Method:        Clean and wash the berries and cut all into halves. In a Karahi add about 40 ml water and add all sugar, heat to boil. While boiling add salt and garam masala and the berries too. Boil  till all berries are cooked and become soft and the chashni becomes golden and medium thick. You can test it for single tar between two fingers. Remove from heat and keep in a glass container. Serve with hot Paranthas  in breakfast.

Aloo Malai Paneer Parantha
400 gm wheat flour
250 gm boiled potatos
50 gm well ground fresh paneer
Two spoonful of fresh malai from milk
Mix all above ingredients to make a slightly tight dough, similar to make puris. If need be there add some cold milk. Add salt, ajwain and black or red peper powder as per your taste.
Roll as chapatis using Belan to thin and cook as parantha using butter ar desi ghee to crisp brown and serve hot  with cold curd or with pickles and hot cup of teat

(This is very tasty and rich breakfast )

Make Chocklates at Home
250 gms     Dry Milk Powder,
100 gms     Drinking chocklate
50 gms       Butter
150 gms     Sugar
Take 150 gm of sugar in a fry pan and add about 50 ml water and boil. Add all butter  and boil till you get a two tread chashni. In a dry plate seive milk powder and chocklate powder so that they are mixed well without ball formation. When chashni is ready switch off the flame and add the milk powder and choclate powder mixture rapidly and stir well fast to avoid lump formation. while like bread dough in consistency  transfer to a greased thali or flat plate. Cut into slices and put in fridge so that it becomes hard. Remove from fridge after 20 minutes and cut or break in to small pieces.

Bhindi Aurangabadi
Take fresh medium sized bhindi (1 Kg), wash and chop in about 1.5 inch size. Sprinkle some salt and garam masala and keep aside. Add some oil in the Karahi and fry the bhindis till sligjtly brown.  Remove from fire and allow the excess oil to drain. Spray some lemon juice on fried bhindis and let them cool in an open vessel. For masala take the followings and grind  in kitchen grinder/ mixi. Dhania, Red Chilli, Kali Mirch, Amchur, Green Chilli, Podina, Onions-Half Kg, Lahsun if take, Malai,  Dahi  and  some hara Dhania. Add about 100 ml oil in Karahi and heat ,add ground onions and masala. Fry till brown , add malai and some dry fruits and some chhole masala. Cook for 15-20 minutes. When ready add Amchur powder. Note that cooking should be complete as can be checked by separating oil. Now add fried Bhindi and mix well. Garnish with Dhania and serve hot.

Take medium size potatos and boil slightly less than complete, peel them off. In Karahi add some oil and add jeera, lahsun, pyaz  haldi and garm masala and fry. when done add tomato gravy and  wait til gravy is cooked. now add about 100gms of khoya and again wait till gravy is thick and ready. Add salt and pepper as per your taste. You can also add 10 gms of sugar. Now add peeled potatos and simmer while covered for 10-15 minutes till completely done. In between youcan use spoon to change the positions of potatoes so that gravy is applies and sticks uniformly around them. Add Hara Dhania and serve hot with Roti or nan.
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