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1. Measurement of   Ll , La ,Lb  and Lg   X-ray production cross- sections in some high Z elements by 60 keV  photons.
  Phys. Rev.  A 31 5 (1985)  2918-2921.

2. Measurement of   Ll , La ,Lb  and Lg  X-ray production cross-section in some high Z elements at Sn   K  X-ray  energies.
  Third International Symposium on Radiation Physics.
  University of Ferrara, Ferrara, ITALY (1985)

3. Measurement of L and M shell X-ray production cross-section  by 6 keV photons.
  X-Ray Spectrometry 14 4 (1985) 195-198

4. Measurement of anisotropy of LIII  subshell fluorescent X-rays of  thorium.
  Sixth National Symposium on Radiation Physics.
  Kalpakkam (1986). INDIA.

5. Measurement of relative LIII  subshell X-ray intensity ratios in elements Pb, Th and U.
The Proceedings of National Seminar on X-ray  Spectrometry and allied areas. Nagpur (1985) INDIA.

6. Measurement of average M Shell fluorescence yields in Gold and Uranium.
  Ind. J. Phys. 58 A (1984) 366-367

7. Energy dependence  of   photon  induced L shell X-ray  intensity  ratios in Ta and W.
  Pramana 22, 2 (1984) 79-88

8. Measurement of average M-shell fluorescence yields in some high Z  elements.
  Physica C 124 (1984) 279-281

9. Z dependence of photon induced L /La X-ray intensity ratios in some elements 73 ? Z  ? 92.
  Ind. J. Phys. 58 A (1984) 361-362

10. A method for efficiency calibration of Si(Li) and HpGe detectors at low energies.
Nuc.Phys. & Solid state physics symposium. BARC, Dec.22-27 (1983).
  University of Mysore, Mysore-570 006. INDIA

11. Energy dependence of photon induced L shell X-ray intensity ratios in some high Z elements.
   J.Phys. B : At. Mol. Phys. 16 (1983) 4313-4322

12. Further measurements of relative intensities of L-Shell X-rays in some high Z   elements.
  Nat.Acad.Sc.Lett. 5 10 (1982) 345-347

13. Measurement of relative intensities of L-Shell X-rays in some high Z elements.
  J.Phys. B: At Mol. Phys. 15 10 (1982) 3377-3382

14.  Measurement of L Shell fluorescence X-ray intensities.
  International Conference on X-ray and Atomic Inner- shell
  Physics  August 23-27 (1982) Oregon, USA

15. Measurement of relative intensities for K and L shell X-rays.
  Fourth National Symposium on Radiation Physics.
  Oct,5-7 (1981) Punjabi University Patiala - 147 002. INDIA

16. Germanium Ka   and Kb X-ray escape to photo-peak ratios in high purity Germanium detectors.
  Silver Jubilee Physics Symposium, December,28,1981-Jan 1,    1982, BARC, Trombay, Bombay - 400 085  (INDIA)

17. Minimisation of target self absorption correction factor in XRF experiments.
National Seminar on Atomic Inner-shell ionisation Process and related areas.
  Indian Society for Radiation Physics, February 19-20,      Punjabi University Patiala - 147 002. INDIA.

18. Experimental investigation of angular dependence of photon induced  L-shell X- ray emission intensity.
  Pramana, 35, 1 (1990) 105-114

19. Some studies of passivation of Hg 1-x  Cdx Te.
  National Seminar on Recent Trends in IR materials and devices.
  March 17-19, Solid State Physics Laboratory, Lucknow Road, Delhi

20. A new, simple design of  XYZ -micromanipulator for semiconductor experiments
National Symposium on Instrumentation, Jan 24-26, 1991. Madras, India.

21. A new technique for dactyloscopy.
Submitted for award to National Bureau of Crimes and   Records, 1991

22. A new design of water sampler for pollution studies.
  Invention Intelligence, Feb, 1993, 74-75

23. A method of auto-exhaust pollution control.
  National seminar on radiation, environment and man
  Oct. 8-9, 1992 University of Mysore - 570 006. INDIA

24. Position sensitive detector for charged particle and low  energy photon detection
  Tenth National Symposium on Radiation Physics
  August 17-20, Kalpakkam, Madras, INDIA

25. Characterisation of ma:Si:H / aSi:H films for solar cell applications with C-V and DLTS measurements
   Journal of the Instrument Society of India vol 29 (4) 197-206, 1999.

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