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1.  Designed and fabricated a remotely operated 1 Curie 241Am source handling and sample
     irradiating apparatus for Photon induced X-ray emission studies.
2. Designed and fabricated an angular distribution and polarisation measurement equipment for the
    study of anisotropy of photon induced x-rays.

3.  Designed and fabricated spring loaded microprobes for use in characterisation of electronic
     semiconductor materials at cryogenic and high temperatures. The new design offers several
     advantages over the pressure contact design of probes used in many equipment. The new design
    has been used in Biorad's DL4600 DLTS equipment for characterisation of semiconductor

4. Electronic process control circuit for the controlled anodic oxidation of semiconductor materials
    like MCT, CdTe, GaAs etc. for their surface passivation has been designed.

5. Designed and developed the prototype of a device to control the pollution caused by auto exhaust
    emission from automobiles. The device can be used in all kinds of vehicles in place of the muffler.
   The device has been tested to work satisfactorily and is found to reduce the pollutants up to

6. Designed and developed a commercial water sampler for collecting water samples for the
    pollution studies. The sampler can collect adjustable amount of water sample from adjustable
    pre-set depths without intermixing of waters from different depths.

7. Designed and fabricated a dedicated x-ray detection window cum collimator with changeable
   thin foil window for online experiments at Nuclear Science Centre Pelletron, New Delhi.

8. Designed and developed low cost ,single wire gas flow position sensitive detector for X-rays
   and charged particles for atomic physics experiments. An import substitute item.

9. A low cost, highly efficient and easy to assemble Solar Cooker for rural applications has been
    developed in 1982.

10.   Designed  low cost Solar Water Heater from refuse material  in 1980.

11.  fabricated six inches Newtonian reflecting telescope  in 1979.

12. A multi-channel Omni-directional VHF antenna for TV reception was designed in 1979.

13. A working model of Wilson cloud chamber was fabricated in 1977.

14.   A working model of an electromechanical Robot was fabricated as a college student in 1973.

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