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 Prophesies and Predictions

Origin of Homo Sapiens on Earth

Since my childhood we have been reading about evolution of  man from apes or alike creatures but some how I could never believe it and always questioned.

From where humans came on Earth
In my view the apes monkeys and other species might have been sent to this planet by the residents of some other planet or place within this or other galaxy in the same manner as we send the monkeys dogs, mice etc to space to test for their survival and behaviour. The human evolution cannot modify the races to such an extent.

Different types of Races
Besides the whole human race can be divided in to few basic morphological features like Negros, Hispanic, Mongols and Caussicans which cannot be explained by evolution theory. These races have very distinct features. Why one particular type of these races is found within a continent or subcontinent can be explained on the basis of the fact that the original residents from space landed on different parts of this earth and spread by multiplication.

Why they came here
The reason of their departure from their planet might be the hell like conditions developed there due to population explosion and deplated food and other resources.

Angels from Sky
Till few century back the people from the mysterious planet of their origin might be visiting our planet quite frequently. The proof of this is that all religions look towards sky as the home of gods and angels who arrive to take care of humans on earth.

My own Mystic Experience

Several times I had dreams that I am roaming on an unknown planet and flying over its surface.This planet's surface is redish violet and some scanty water streams are flowing there. It looks almost unhabitable but some large size vultures are sitting on the banks of streams. The streams have some fishes which have wide mouth but are short in length. Some very poor looking human like creatures are living inside underground burrows. These creatures were competing with vultures for fishes.

It may be difficult to interpret such a dream. But my hypothesis  is that during very deep sleep one can leave his/her body and roam in space with the velocity of light and can return back to body very quickly. During my college days I used to meditate and had experienced a sudden expansion and contraction of some thing like eather which fills my whole body. This state of thoughtlessness or deep meditation could be achieved only momentarily. But it made me realize that ancient Indian Saints who practiced Yoga and Samadhi might have achived some devine power to do so frequently and with a better control, due to which they were all after it.

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