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 My Mystic Experiences

What is Metaphysics?

'Metaphysics' is the study of that which is behind the physical; the exploration, for example, of 'why you and I exist'! 'Metaphysics,' in essence, is about what lies behind the appearance of things. Just like physics deals with the science of 'visible' matter, metaphysics deals with the science of the  'invisible'' spirit!

Popular Metaphysics

A commonly employed, secondary, popular, usage of metaphysics includes a wide range of controversial phenomena believed by many people to exist beyond the physical. Popular metaphysics relates to two traditionally contrasted, if not completely separate, areas, such as:
(1) Mysticism, referring to experiences of unity with the ultimate, commonly    interpreted as the God who is love, and
(2) Occultism, which itself has two practical aspects:
a) The activity of knowing (e.g. extrasensory perception, including telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and medium ship), and

b) The activity of doing (psycho-kinesis) beyond the usually recognized fields of human activity. The academic study of the occult (literally hidden) has been known as psychical research and more recently, parapsychology.

The terms metaphysics and metaphysical in a popular sense have been used in connection with New Age Thoughts, Spiritualism, Occultism etc. Some of the varying understandings of metaphysics have been discussed in the writings of Bertrand Russel, Immanuel  Kant, etc.
Duality in Knowledge
All knowledge by description must be based on knowledge byacquaintance with 'abstract' attributes.

General rule: "Every proposition which we can understand must be composed wholly of constituents with which we areacquainted."

This means that there must Universals (Plato's 'Forms').
For example,to know that a person is honest, I must know the person and be acquainted
with (the abstract object) 'honesty'. From this basis we logical arrive at the following deductions: We must first distinguish knowledge of things from knowledge of truths.  In each there are two kinds, immediate and derivative.

Immediate acquaintance: with particulars (sense data, the self)and with certain universals.

Thus we have the following metaphysical duality:

Derivative knowledge of truths may involve anything derivable from
immediate, self-evident truths. Given the above account, all our knowledge of truths depends  on our intuitive knowledge!

 Key Tenets
  All metaphysical powers relating to the psychic and paranormal phenomena can be practically manifested by you today!  You can accomplish it by:
                         1. Going to the alpha level of mind.

                         2. Using your visualizing faculty

Our mind has tremendous energy. It cannot be easily measured. But it can be partially felt as consciousness. Where our consciousness goes, so goes the energy of our mind. It is this
'mind energy' not 'brain energy' that is the source of our metaphysical power! The mind is a marvelous piece of instrument. Though without cells, it  communicates through electromagnetic vibrations at various frequencies! our mind's consciousness seems to contact the consciousness of other minds as if it were all part of the same consciousness. The life energy of a single - celled creature communicates across approximately 50 feet (as per scientific investigations ). Multiply those 50 feet by hundreds of billions of cells in your body and you begin to realize that distance does not really matter!  Broadcast your image and the whole world gets attuned to it! If you  have the need and imagine or visualize it in a special way, it is as if all the ships at sea hear your SOS and the closest one responds with help! The image visualized reaches the consciousness that can help. And that image becomes that house that book, a warm helping hand, a  favorable decision or simply, cold cash! The more relaxed the mind, the better the metaphysical rewards! There are, in fact, ten levels of relaxation as outlined below:
                      1. Physical Comfort.
                         2. Eyes closed.
                         3. Mind stops flitting from here to there.
                         4. Physical comfort increases to lethargy - no desire to move.
                         5. Breathing slows down, becomes deeper.
                         6. Feeling of heaviness from head to foot.
                         7. Feeling of detachment from surroundings.
                         8. Feeling like in a trance like state.
                         9. Ability to create analgesia in hand.
                         10. Ability to open eyes without affecting relaxation.

Attaining 'Alpha - Level' of mind

                         This is called 'alpha-picturing'. It is a simple two- step method as

                         1. Relax very deeply (as outlined above).

                         2. Imagine in detail, confidently and vividly.

                         If you were to do this now and imagined somebody wanted to
                         telephone you, you probably would have to do it a number of times
                         maybe over a period of days, before that phone would ring!

                         Because relaxation can and has to be much deeper than you can
                         realize now.

                         It takes practiced relaxation and practiced imagining to make dollars
                         flow, locate lost objects, protect yourself from psychic attack et al.

                         Imagining should also be vivid, detailed and real to make yourself a
                         brilliant metaphysical miracle worker!

                         Dictionaries usually describe God as the Supreme Being. Since we
                         cannot put God on a table for a thorough investigation, God and his
                         nature is still seen by some as belonging to a belief system.

                         Scholars, who believe in the theory of evolution, naturally think that
                         this system of belief must also have undergone its own evolution.
                         They say that 'animism' (a belief in souls) slowly developed into
                         'polytheism' (the belief in many Gods) and from there developed into a
                         belief of one God.

                         However, it is clear from ancient scriptures of India, which go back
                         four to six thousand years (longer if we add oral tradition), that their
                         polytheism is indeed a very precise belief in only one God.

                         The many Gods, we heard about, are according to their own
                         explanation no more than qualities and externalizations of the single
                         Supreme Being. Thus the oldest book on this globe - the Rig-Veda -
                         tells us:

                         "The wise speak of the same One as Indra, Mitra, Varuna, and
                         Agni ... There is one Truth but the wise call it by different

                         This sentence alone should be sufficient to clear up another result of
                         ignorance. Polytheism can rather be compared with Trinity, the
                         threefold God of the Christians. Generally, Christians, Jews, and
                         Moslems agree: there is only one God. But there are still many
                         Christians and Non-Christians who believe that Trinity means three
                         Gods. That is definitely not true since Jesus himself explains that
                         there is only one God and we are all part of the One.

                         Trinity itself is not as most Christians think uniquely Christian.
                         Trinity, like religion itself, originated from India where it was called
                         'Trimurty'. Hindus call the Absolute Being 'Brahman' The Son, as
                         the creative force of cosmic vibration, is called 'Vishnu'. The
                         returning, ingoing, attracting, dissolving, involutionary force is called
                         'Shiva'. That is the exact equivalent of God the Father, God the Son
                         and God the Holy Spirit.

                         To picture all three as persons is somewhat childish because then we
                         are thinking in terms of human families. An omnipresent Being should
                         not be pictured in terms of Fathers, Mothers, Uncles, Sons,
                         Daughters, etc. In fact, it should be clear that God is not a person and
                         that when we talk about an Absolute Being or Supreme Being it refers
                         rather to a condition of perfect Beingness. Knowledge of this fact is
                         found in all genuine religions and systems of belief, which also
                         includes that of the American Natives.

                         Beingness, as the nature of God, is expressed when we hear
                         American Natives refer to God as the 'Great Spirit.' 'Jahwe' (JHVH \
                         Jehovah), the Jewish name for God, translates as 'I am who I am'
                         which is the perfect description of Beingness.

                         Beingness, then is the nature of God in fact, Beingness is

                         Since God is self-reliant and the world is a manifestation of God's
                         energy, we could call God: 'Self-energetic Beingness'. From the
                         accounts of the many Saints, Sages, and Self-realized persons, who
                         have encountered this condition of Being, we may add that this
                         condition is a blissful state of Being.

Dreams and their interpretations
The sequences in a dream can be related to events in real life. The dreams also is a forewarning to what might occur in the near future. Some of the common dreams and their indications are described below briefly.

If in the dream, a pleasant breeze blows past us then it is an indication of success in all endeavors. A cool breeze symbalises impending help from relatives. It also means upliftment in life. If this type of dream comes during a pilgrimage, it indicates a hurdle free travel. If Businessmen have such a dream, then their profits are bound to increase and all hurdles will vanish. The same dream for a farmer indicates good harvest and increase in wealth. At the same time if the cool breeze is accompanied by drizzle, then it is an indication of Bad health for children.

If we dream of a storm then it means that there is some trouble brewing. There is a possibility of a quarrel with relatives and friends It might also lead to enmity between close friends. It also indicates money problem in family and Hurdles in job.

On the other hand if it is Blue sky that comes in our dream then it indicates success in all endeavours. Enmity will vanish and friendship will develop. Cases will be decided your way. Family and friends will help. There is a possibility of buying new vehicles. Jobless people will get opportunities and those already employed will get new and lucrative offers.

A Red Sky or a very bright evening sky in a dream indicates that good fortune is on its way in your life. There is a possibility of receiving good news from Government, friends and relatives.

If a dream occurs in the following sequence:

You dream of Black sky and going along a thorny invisible path and suddenly a lightning occurs and u see the path , Then it means that you will be saved from the coming danger.

If you dream of hearing a Thunder but no other things as above then it means that even if you do dangerous job, u will succeed.

If a married Woman dreams of seeing a Sun rise, it means good omen and indication of child birth. If a woman dreams of seeing an Eclipse then it means that, the to be born child will be healthy and intelligent.

In general A full solar eclipse or partial eclipse is an indication of trouble in family and sad news. A full moon in a clear sky is an indication of a Happy and Prosperous Married life . It also is an indication of Good harvest in agriculture.

If the dream is in the form of Rays of moon falling on whole of the body then it means escape from unseen dangers and Fame through Social service. All Enmity will vanish, Loans will be cleared and Health will improve.

Bright and shinning stars in a dream means unexpected fortune and Promotion in job. If a Rainbow is seen in East then it is an indication of wealth and promotion in job. If it is seen in West then it will bring unexpected fortune. If you see a Rainbow very near to you, poverty will vanish and all u think will be accomplished.

Black skies in dreams means hurdles in job, health will be affected, enmity, loss of wealth. At the same time White clouds among black clouds indicates good times ahead. If you see no dark clouds but only hear thunder falling near u, then it means that a journey is on the cards. If travelers get this dream then there is a possibility of them meeting with accident.

If you dream of a lightning striking a building and destroying it or lightning striking your eyes then it is an indication of great difficulties ahead, enmity with friends and relatives and also loss of wealth. A dream of Sun setting in the west is not auspicious for men. It might lead to theft, loss of property and enmity.

If you dream of clouds suddenly covering the sun, it is an indication of troubled times ahead. If you dream of a sun setting in line with the house it is considered to be a Bad Omen and a death might occur in the family. If in the dream, the sun rays hits the body then it means that your health will be affected.

A dream of a Full moon being hidden by clouds suddenly means the possibility of theft. If this is dreamt by a woman then it will lead to health problems.

If you dream of Shooting stars falling on house, the head of the family will have change of place and there is also a possibility of a fire accident, Occurrence of Comets in dreams means floods, accidents and bad health.

If you dream of flying a kite in an open land then it is an indication of Victory in competition, profit in Business, Upliftment in life and Victory in pending court cases.

Here is an account of some of mystic experiences in my life till date
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