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Yosemite Lakes Park


The Club house

The back of the club house.

This is the dock to Blue Heron Lake.


The Club House

The swimming pool and spa area.

The lake area between the club house and pool.

From the bridge looking toward Correl

The picnic area.

The lake by the mail boxes.

The tennis courts.

A duck on the grounds around the club house.

From the club house, ducks and the picnic area.

This is a favorite Oak that has a natural rock sitting area right under it in our yard. A seasonal creek runs right in front of it, in a good storm it can get to be 12 feet across.

This is a cactus garden behind our house, this is only about half of it.

This is a cactus garden is beside our house, this is only about half of it.

This spotter plane is a welcome site checking on fires, during our long fire season. The farther away it is, the happier we are!


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