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Although we have a few Epiphyllum, only one has bloomed for me, it was suppose to be white, but it has turned out to be totally different and not at all white, the color I was expecting, but a very pleasant surprise.

flowers/red_epi.jpgflowers/red_epi2.jpgThis plant just sat doing nothing for almost a year, and then shot out a new shoot and then came this beautiful flower. I hope you enjoy it, although I'm sure we enjoyed it more. Epiphyllum are usually a hybrid of two Mexican species. It has been in cultivation for many years and is still one of the most free-flowering of hybrids. It thrives in a rich soil in leaf mold and produces huge flowers in spring. Epiphyllums can be obtained in a wide range of flower colors and combinations.


cactus/devil.jpgThis is the Devil's backbone Epiphyllum darrahii also called Rick Rack, it is a new cactus to me, it is growing by leaps and bonds. In time hopefully it will bloom, but it has just been around for a few years now.

cactus/night_cereus.jpgThis Night Blooming Cereus Hylocereus undatus puts on a surprising late - late show, as it gorgeous funnel-shaped white flowers open from 10 PM to 4 am and then close for the day. This is just a new plant it will have to be about three years old to bloom. So you have a wait on flower pictures on this one. This nocturnal beauty bears no resemblance to desert cactus, except that it stores water. Flowers are produced from the jointed stems which have aerial roots. In the tropics where it grows wild it climbs up trees. I give it high light, and allow the soil to dry between waterings. It is already more than 4 foot tall, as it goes up over the top of our window.

cactus/jungle2.jpg Good gardening to you and come back as more flowers and plants are added to this page. As with all pages on our web site, it is a work in progress.


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