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tses Hanging Macramé Table


This table is 88 inches or 7 foot 4 inches long.
The Supplies used in this project: 402 yards of 6 mm cord, I used white. 16 cords 22 yards long, 2 cords 36 inches long, 24 cords 2 yards long, a 3" metal ring, a 6" metal ring, and 19" metal ring.

Step 1: Cut a 36" cord and with the 36" cord wrap the 3 inch ring and tie a Square knot to secure it. Tie it as tight as you can to cover the ring well.

Step 2: Cut 16 - 22 yard cords, and center them in the wrapped ring. Cut 1 cord 36" long and starting 2 inches from the center of the cords tie 4 inches of square knots, putting the left over cords from wrapping the ring in the center to secure the ring. Butterfly the 32 cords and fasten each with a rubber band to make working with such long cords easier.

Step 3: Tie the square knots together around the ring to secure it, use 2 square knots.

Step 4: Tie 7 inches of crown knots dividing the cords into groups of four cords each. Put any left over cords from the wrapped ring and square knots in the center of the crown knots.

Step 5: Tie 5 inches of half knot sennits using the four cords of each group from the crown knots, I reversed the direction on every other Half knot sennit.

Step 6: Triple half-hitch all cords onto a 6" ring. Be Sure to cover ring completely.

Step 7: Divide the cord into 4 groups of eight cords, tie 12 inches of Interlocking Square knots.

Step 8: Divide each of the 4 groups into to 2 groups and tie 5 inches of single strand crown knots in each group.

Step 9: Go down 3 inches and tie a 5 Square knot button and then around the button tie a four tier Lee Medallion

Step 10: Go down 2 inches and divide the cords into 2 groups of 4 cords. Tie 5 " of Alternating double half hitch knots in each group of cords.

Step 11: Tie 18 inches of Interlocking Square knots. In each group of eight cords.

Step 12: Divide the cords of each group into 2 groups of 4 cords and tie 4 inches of Half knot sennit, each turn the opposite way.

Step 13: With two cords from each Half knot sennit go down 2 1/2 inches and tie the sennit together with a Square knot . With the other two cords go approximately 6 inches on each 2 cords and tie a Square knot that will be used to fit the glass into the hanger. The gaps may need to be adjusted to fit the glass.

Step 14: On the cords that have the gap underneath the sennit, Larkshead 3 cords of 2 yards to each side of the square knot between each sennit. Then on the longer gap Larkshead 7 cords of 2 yards on each side of the square knot. Tie rows of Alternate square knots under the cords that were larkshead on. Tie 5 rows of alternating square knots using all cords below the glass.

Step 15: Half Hitch all cords onto the 19 inch ring. Unravel the ends using a small crochet hook, and brush out the tail, using a dog brush and combing against a flat surface. I trimmed the cords before brushing them and the table is 88 inches or 7 foot 4 inches long.

Knot instructions:

Alternating Double Half Hitch Knots

First the left cord goes around the two center cords and back through itself, then around again. Then the right cord goes around the two center cords and back through itself, then goes around again. At left shown loosely tied and at right tightened.

Alternating Square Knot

images/alternate.jpg graphic

Alternating Square Knots can be used to form a basket: Skip 4 inches, tie a row of alternating square knots, skip 3 inches, tie another row of alternating square knots.

Butterfly Cord Ends

images/square~knot.jpg graphic

Start with the end of the cord and make a figure eight around the thumb and little finger. Butterfly the cord ends leaving 18" free to work with. Grasp the center of the butterfly and slide off your hand. Place a rubber band or a piece of cord around the center to secure it. A gentle pull will release cord as it is needed.

Crown Knot

images/crown1.jpg graphicimages/crown2.jpg graphicimages/crown3.jpg graphic

To make Crown Knots: The cords are held upside down, and are separated into equal groups, numbered counter clockwise, in this instruction there are four groups. Put one group behind the thumb, this will be group #1. Pick up group #1 and lay over group #2. Drop group #1 as you pick up group # 2. Lay #2 over #3 Drop #2 and pick up #3. Lay over #3 over #4. Drop #3 and pick up #4. Take #4 over the top and put down directly through the hole where your thumb is. Remove your thumb and tighten each group separately. This can be made with any number of groups just follow them around and tighten each group to finish each row.

Double half-hitch

The cord comes from the back, around the front, up and over the ring forming a loop. Doing this two times so the knot will stay in place.

Half Hitch

images/half~hitch.jpg graphic

The cord comes from the back, around the front, up and over the ring forming a loop

Half Knot Sennit

With each group of four cords using the center 2 cords as filler cords tie half knots, they twist left or right depending which cord is overlapping. It will automatically twist when the proper number are made.

Interlocking square knots

With eight cords, using the center two as filler cords tie a square knot, now divide the eight cords in to two groups of four and with the outer cord and the filler cord from the above square knot tie a square knot on each side. Pulling tight to keep work tight.

Larkshead Knot

This is the most common method of mounting cords. Fold new working cord in half. Place the loop on top of mounting cord and pull ends through the loop. Tighten to complete knot.

Lee Medallion with Square Knot Button

Pictured above are the start of a Lee Medallion and a completed Lee Medallion with a Square Knot Button. After making a Square knot button and securing it, rotate work by 180 degrees and make one square knot with outer cords. Rotate again, back to original position and make one square knot below the securing square knot. Repeat this until you have three square knots at the bottom of your work, making sure the cords go out around the previous ones.
Special note: By pulling the cords tight around the square knot button a cup shape will form.

Square Knot

Using the outer cords as working cords and inner cords as the core cords. Place working cord to the left over core cords and under working cord on right. Place working cords on right under core cords and up through loop in left working cord. Place Left working cord over core cords and under Right working cord. Place Right working cord under core cords and through loop in Left working cord. Tighten cords.

Square Knot Button

images/button.jpg graphic

To make a Square Knot Button: Go down 3" from last knot. Tie five square knots. Then take the filler cords and thread them between the center of the filler cords at the top above the first square knot. Pull ends until it forms a ball. Tie a square knot directly under the button to secure it.

Triple half-hitch

The cord comes from the back, around the front, up and over the ring forming a loop. Doing this three times so the knot will stay in place.

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Good Knotting!



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