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tses Macramé Crown Knot Instruction Page

TO MAKE CROWN KNOTS: This knot is made by holding the cords upside down, and separating the cords into groups, numbered counter clockwise, any number of groups over four (4) can be used to make a crown knot.

Put one group behind the thumb, this will be group #1.


I have started this knot already, it is using 6 working cords, some are made up of two cords and others four cords, as I wanted the color combination that this made. A crown knot can be made of any combination of four or more working cords.


Put one group behind the thumb, this will be group #1. Pick up group #1 and lay over group #2.

Pick up group # 2, lay #2 over #3


Pick up #3 and lay it over to #4


Pick up #4 and lay over #5


Pick up #5 and lay it over #6


Thread #6 into #1


Tighten all cords.


Pull each cord to make sure it is tight.


Pulling the cords to make them tight.

Tightening the cords

Hope this helps you with a crown knot.


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