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Welcome to tses Macramé page

images/macrame.jpg graphicimages/table_3.jpgJust some of the fun things, I have made. The table on the right is a recent project I just completed.

images/calico.jpg graphicimages/lamp_1.jpgOur Calico cat taught our Siamese to climb on this table. They also enjoy hiding under it. I had instructions on this particular hanger and have made a few of them in different kinds of cord, using hemp and cotton rope. I have not made this one with the acrylic cord now available. This hanging lamp has a clay pot painted yellow to hold the light.


images/kitchen.jpg graphicThese yellow and white hangers are all different and yet the same. They are usually all hanging in one room, even though the shades of yellow are different in them.

images/living.jpg graphicimages/plant_hanger4.jpgThese hangers have interesting ceramic and wooden beads used in them. I have used ceramic fish, teddy bears and other items that have holes in them that the cord can fit through. I also find there are many different wooden beads as well as ceramic beads to use as decoration for hangers of all sorts. I also like to use knots like the square knot button or Josephine knot as a decoration. The hanger on right is a smaller version of the pot hanger in the plant hanger instructions found on this web site.

images/kitchen1.jpg   images/kitchen3.jpg   images/mauve2a.jpg   

These pictures of plant hanger are close-ups of some of the many I have made over the years for fun or for therapy. Most of them will hold larger pots than I have in them.

images/rygw-5a.jpgimages/kitchen2.jpg  images/mauve_blue.jpg  images/pale_yellow.jpg

I have been busy doing a lot of hangers keeping myself occupied during a difficult time. I hope you enjoy them as I have taken pictures of most of them and also some old ones I have not had pictures of on our web site.

images/blue.jpg  images/pink_var.jpg    images/purple.jpg   images/yellow1.jpg

images/old-1b.jpgimages/old_2.jpgThese pot hangers are made of rope and are very old. It's mostly braided, and has very neat ceramic bears on the left and fish on the right in it. I have a hanging cactus is the left hanger. The ring in these hangers are not wrapped and have rusted over the years. There is not much to either of these, but they were the start on my doing this craft.

images/two_double-11b.jpgimages/wind_pot.jpg graphicimages/pinkbluedouble09a.jpgOn the far right, just a combination wind chime and tray that took me forever to finish. The wind chime is made with beads and cholla wood. It has an 12" pot saucer that can hold a plant. There are 3 different shade of blue cord in it, as well as mauve for the wind chime, and in the tray portion. It now holds cactus in it, as they don't need much water or attention and really look good in it. I used a combination of weird shaped cactus in pots to set on the saucer. The double hangers on left and right, can have either clay saucers or pots in them. The top tier was added after the hanger was complete on the one at right.

images/wind.jpg graphicimages/easy_wind.jpg graphicThis variegated wind chime hanger was fun to make and, although it takes a lot of wind to make any noise from it, it looks great. It has a piece of drift wood as the cross area, and I've used pieces of cholla (cactus) branches too. From the cactus skeleton, I hang large jingle bells in different sizes and lengths for more noise. I have found with using bells, my only problem was find those bells, in a size that would allow the cord to be used to fasten them as most of the bells had too small a hole for the cord to go through.

images/double_deck.jpgimages/double_2b.jpgThis is a picture on the left, of a double decker hanger I made in Occupational Therapy to strengthen my fingers and wrist. Although I wasn't able to pull the knots as tight as I'm used to doing, it came out pretty nice. I have improved while making this and the set of interlocking lark's head knots came out very nice. I also wrote instructions for it as I went, as I've been asked for instructions and typing was also one of the projects I have used to help with the flexibility of my fingers. It is a design that could be used for a bird feeder and bird bath; we hung strange looking cactus in it and also have put a spider plant on top and a purple passion plant on the bottom, it is 5 foot 8 inches in length. A different one at right made of similar colors, and not quite as long it is 5 foot 6 inches in length. Both have two different sized saucers in them they are 12 and 14 inches wide.


The hardest part of doing the macramé is that no matter how long I do this, the cords never turn out to be the same length as I pull the cords differently and therefore end up with different lengths when am done. I've always used four times the length of the desired project doubled, although I've read it should be five or six times, then doubled. Different types of cord provide different effects. My favorite thing to do is try new and different knots and see how I can use them in my projects. As I've looked back over my older books, they always say there are 6 to 10 basic knots, but I use many more than that. When a knot is repeated it's called a sennet, and the working cords, become much shorter, so learning to change the working cord is important and can be done, inside a bead, in an overhand knot or by alternating the cords. It won't show that you've changed cords when using a solid color, but in most of the things on these pages, I've used different colors of cords, and changing the working cords is very obvious.

We will be adding more picture as we are able!

Projects for you to make can be found on our web site.



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