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Ryuki Watari

"the Mozart of magic"
Sorceror, heir to Pacific World Bank

intelligent, loyal, tenacious
temperamental, reckless, evasive

Japanese-American occultist/theurge who is rumored to be attempting to summon angels (which is theoretically impossible). Highly intelligent, wealthy, good-looking, and somewhat spoiled. By reputation an excellent swordsman with a fierce temper. He is respected and feared by the occult community, and rumors suggest this is in part due to some very crafty deal making. He and Corat seem to know each other well; Corat describes him as a "f**king loan shark". Rina-el is considerably more charitable.
He divides his time between San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Honolulu--an angelic, infernal, and ethereal stronghold respectively.
The nickname "Mozart" doesn't come only from his personality, memorably described as "that princess?" Though it's true he's capricious, temperamental and spoiled, it's also true that he juggles sorcery, banking, a college education and the responsibilities of family more or less successfully.
"Mozart" also comes from his approach to magic. While plenty of sorcerers are happy to follow the recipes from old books, he innovates. He tinkers with the details of spells, creating new effects from old workings. He's a composer.
Because of his lifelong fascination with angels and his more recently tight schedule, his magic is specialized to works that affect celestials and the Symphony directly.

Allied: Corat, Rina-el, Kahuna
Associated: MHC, community of sorcerors including the Russos
Hostile: demons

Introduced in chat session "In the Dragon's Lair". First appearance in "Release the Bats".

Inspirations include actor Tatsuya Fujiwara (pictured), his character 'Light' and the character 'L' in the Death Note films. Other influences are Constantine and Batman.

the Wataris and the Ivanovs of Pacific World Bank
James Bouchier

I am so high, I can hear heaven.
Oh but heaven, no heaven don't hear me.
And they say that a hero can save us.
I'm not gonna stand here and wait.

edited from the Spoilers page

He projects the image of a temperamental rich boy, powerful and on top of the world, at least on top of the infernal food chain. The closer you get to him, the more you can sort what of that is true and what isn't. Temperamental--yes. Part of that's inherent and inherited. There's a reason he's lost an uncle and grandfather to homicide, as that side of the family tend to be confrontational in a culture that 'hammers down' such things. His basic temperament is genetic, and he comes from a long line of fierce men. 'Watari' means 'ferryman', which suggests to me that rather than samurai or other such glory, his ancestors were dockworkers, merchant sailors, and shipyard thugs. Consider also that he has a rather large chip on his shoulder, the issue that drives him to (the necessary for plot) wanting contact with angels. He's Symphonic and it nearly drove him to the nuthouse, but more significantly it ***. And dammit he will know why, no matter what it takes, and when he finally meets whoever's responsible he's going to pop him in the nose, if it's God himself even.
His temper is also rewarded by sorcery and, for him, its precursor telekinesis. Yes, a potential-six-force little boy with a stepmother he didn't like, who could break glass just by getting angry with it. He can't do that (much) anymore, but at the time it made the connection in his brain--get angry, be feared. Now he's discovered that passion is fuel for magick, giving him plenty of incentive to keep his temper hot.
Rich? That's a bit more complicated. Most of the money is not his personally, and while he makes a comfortable salary he couldn't afford the antique books, the room service, flying first class three times a week, the *** if he had just that salary. All the surf-bum nonsense he pulled ten years ago he couldn't do now because he'd lose all the things he's come to depend on. A camel through the eye of a needle.
The infernal food chain? He knows from hard experience and reconstructive surgery that man vs. demon ends badly for the man. He swindles, he sneaks, he plays them off each other, he throws celestial smoke bombs and runs away. The reputation is the important thing on that, as it keeps enough demons insecure enough to not--usually--pull the net around him. One demon, and a bit of preparation? He can dig a victory out of that. Four demons and an ambush? An angel was almost not enough to save him.
He is a formidable sorceror, an amazing innovator who can make magick do things it's never done before. Because he was born hearing it, he has an instinctive command of the Symphony. But superhuman? He knows better.
The closer you get the more you realize you're just dealing with a human being. He doesn't let most get close, because that reputation is his shield and he doesn't trust the world not to turn on him, as it turned on his grandfather. But those close discover that selfishness has ...

the Wataris and the Ivanovs

Two banking families of relatively recent wealth, forged by turbulent history, united in a new world.

the Wataris

Tatsuya ("becomes dragon") Watari

Eyewitness to the bombing of Nagasaki, the family patriarch quickly climbed the ladder of the shaken social system, moving out of his caste as a mere clerk and into the high finance of the keiretsu. He'd made some enemies along the way and died mysteriously--some said latent radiation sickness, others whispered poison.

Ryukawa ("dragon river") Watari

Inspiration: Takeshi Kaga from "Death Note" and "Iron Chef" Tatsuya's eldest son and Ryuki's father.
As a young man he was wild and rebellious, and came to America against his father's wishes. Ryukawa is now the stern but loving father of two sons and a daughter. He has raised and educated them with an old country work ethic, one eye open for the rebellion he knows must be there.

the Ivanovs

With the breakup of the Soviet-era banks, the Ivanovs gathered their capital and contacts and sought like-minded partners. Vladimir cannot leave bloody history behind for long, so like his counterpart Ryukawa he leaves the daily transactions to his son.

Pavel Ivanov

Born into the rough world of Russian new wealth, Pavel is at once strong and spoiled. Introduced as a teenager to Ryuki, he found they had very much in common, including a desire to get out from under their watchful fathers. Pavel is a practicing Russian Orthodox, and while he finds Ryuki's interest in angels a little obsessive he does not find it unreal.

Scott Green

San Francisco police detective and Watari family bodyguard. Scott not only keeps his clients safe, he helps keep their cool by playing 'good cop' entirely too well. While associating with them flirts with conflict of interest, Ryukawa specifically hired a cop to show the police that the Wataris are not a criminal family. They're not perfect though, and Scott has to occasionally act as their ethicist.

James Bouchier aka Kahuna

(edited from the Spoilers page)
Beachcomber, surf instructor, unofficial truancy officer, and *** Kahuna found yet another kid ditching the boarding school, younger and more homesick than most but otherwise just another kid ditching school. It was he who unravelled the mysterious music that haunted him and assured him it was real, and that he was not insane. Kahuna, unimpressed by his by-then diminishing psychokinetic tantrums, he was one of the first adults to treat Ryuki as though he were nobody special.
... Kahuna used to be James Bouchier, a young and foolish man who dabbled in the occult in its heyday, in the late 70's. He learned the hard way what a bad idea it was to traffic with demons and ran for his life and his soul, eventually landing ...

"The Look on His Face" 'toon doodles from chat session "In the Dragon's Lair"

My drawing skills--well, there may be an inherent talent but it's been left to rot. What you get instead are little cartoon doodles that I do when I'm bored, or amused at something in my head. Or in the case of today (October 12th 2007), in suspense because I can't get to a computer to see what 'my' angels are doing. So I amused myself with The Look On His Face When and came up with these.

National Hug A Seraph Day

'cos they hate that.

Tea Anyone?

Some thoughts are clearer than others. That's Ryuki on the left with tea in one hand and his thoughts on the other. That's Corat on the right, 'trying to get some fresh air'.

teh cutez

Rina-el laying the charm on cynical Ryuki--exaggerated for comic effect.

You Call That a Sword?

Imagining what would happen if Gerhard decided to get martial with the little wiz. Note the dragon's head missing from the hilt.


And this is where my brain started this madness. Watching Gorillaz cartoons and imagining what a ticked off Windy would do. Note the complete lack of Windy in the picture, just Ryuki wondering why the ground is coming up so fast.