00:24:28 ‹Corat› (Corat answers Shenmachel's question:) Gideon I don't know very well, but Ryuki...in occult circles, nobody crosses him.

00:25:20 ‹Corat› He's smart, educated, and really knows his magic. He's also youngish, which can make him touchy sometimes

00:25:21 ‹Shenmachel› puts his hands carefully around Rina-el's waist and slides her to a free seat next to him, muttering

00:25:49 ‹Shenmachel› About that we'll also have to talk. then he looks at Corat

00:26:18 ‹Corat› Also?

00:26:36 ‹Corat› He faces you straight on. Let's talk.

00:27:29 ‹Shenmachel› Oh, I was talking to Rina-el...

00:27:58 ‹Nain› She looks calmly at the new guy then at the Windie. "I can explain a bit about Gideon."

00:29:02 ‹Aaron› That'd be great Nain...I'm more than willing to help out, but I'm walking into the middle of all this.

00:31:12 ‹Aaron› So if y'all could clue me in on what's going on and what I can do...

00:31:12 ‹Nain› She nodded. "Yeah. Here's the quickie rundown. Corat's an Ofanite of The Wind." She points to him. "Rina-el is a Mercurian of Flowers. Gerhard here is really Shenmachel, Seraph of the Sword. Mitchim is a Mercurian of Trade, and I'm a Bright Lilim Master of Divine Knowledge. We've all been assigned to deal with this guy

00:31:55 ‹Corat› Rina-el gives me a call the other week, says that someone at Bats Bazaar was trying to summon angels

00:32:13 ‹Corat› Normally, nothing to worry about. This town is full of amateurs

00:32:36 ‹Corat› Wannabe Dr. Stranges

00:32:50 ‹Nain› named Ryuki.

00:33:08 ‹Corat› Well sort of

00:33:26 ‹Corat› He's mixed up in this, but I"m not sure how.

00:34:00 ‹Nain› She nodded.

00:34:25 ‹Aaron› Okay, so this Ryuki is trying to summon angels...I didn't think that was possible.

00:34:46 ‹Corat› It shouldn't be. It probably isn't.

00:35:00 ‹Aaron› But...

00:35:11 ‹Nain› She shook her head. "Neither did I. I knew some people in Fate used to grumble about how unfair it was that angels couldn't be summoned and bound, but I didn't know anyone had done anything about it."

00:35:24 ‹Corat› The ritual gets performed, and me and Mitch and Nain here show up.

00:35:48 ‹Aaron› Seemingly coincidentally.

00:36:01 ‹Corat› Yyyyyup

00:36:18 ‹Aaron› I mean you walked into a room...not *poof* there you three are, correct?

00:36:26 ‹Nain› "Destiny works in mysterious ways." She smiled confidentally and a little smugly.

00:37:14 ‹Corat› Correct. We were there because Rina-el here had gotten a lead that Ryuki was involved in the ritual

00:37:36 ‹Corat› and he's been trying for years to develop an angelic summoning rite.

00:37:54 ‹Aaron› Indeed, Nain. But the more I realize that, the less I believe in coincidences.

00:38:37 ‹Aaron› So is it the chicken or the egg? Did you three show up as a result of the summoning or did you show up to prevent it?

00:38:47 ‹Aaron› Most intriguing...

00:38:50 ‹Corat› Exactly.

00:39:53 ‹Rina-el› Yeah.. I could have *sworn* that I told Windy here to watch himself at the Festival... Oh, well.. These things happen, I suppose..

00:40:37 ‹Rina-el› She hugs Aaron. "Welcome to the party!"

00:41:03 ‹Nain› We had a bit of a...how does one put it? Well, no one can say the Wind is discreet.

00:41:47 ‹Corat› Heeeeeeyyyy!

00:42:08 ‹Nain› Though to be fair, I did my share of hell-raising too. The only really innocent one there was Mitchim, who was just along for the ride.

00:42:18 ‹Rina-el› "Many things can be said about my dear friend here", she says, patting Corat's shoulder, "But none of them are discreet! ;-) "

00:42:18 ‹Nain› She laughed.

00:42:46 ‹Rina-el› As I said, it happens..

00:43:05 ‹Corat› , He blushes, just a little

00:43:43 ‹Corat› And then, we get recognized here at the Dog

00:44:12 ‹Rina-el› That was a mess!

00:44:22 ‹Nain› We did get to visit the biggest poser-fest in the LA County area though. And I got to possess a Goth kid with a sword fixation. He was compensating for some matters.

00:44:31 ‹Aaron› By Jordan and his friends...who were apparently hangers-on at the summoning from what I gathered during their brief stay

00:44:43 ‹Rina-el› Hmm..

00:44:47 ‹Nain› She nods.

00:45:17 ‹Corat› Jordan was one of the kids doing the ritual.

00:45:35 ‹Nain› That Gideon kid was the guy I possessed. I caused him to louse up the ceremony from within and shatter a valuable reliquary Ryuki was going to use.

00:45:55 ‹Aaron› Do we know Jordan's...er...potential in this matter?

00:46:31 ‹Nain› He Needs to believe that there's still magic in the world, but that Need could drive him to Destiny or Fate. It depends. Same with the Eliza girl.

00:46:40 ‹Corat› He doesn't have any kind of reputation in this town, that I'm aware of

00:48:14 ‹Rina-el› Hold on.. *YOU*, (insert Nain's Role name) were responsible for Gideon's change of behavior? Or am I mixing something up?

00:48:39 ‹Rina-el› Who doesn't have a reputation? Gideon or Jordan?

00:48:42 ‹Nain› Yep.

00:48:50 ‹Nain› She smiled.

00:49:00 ‹Nain› Amazing what a little possession will do for a person.

00:49:09 ‹Rina-el› And that's one of the reasons Jordan is freaked

00:49:12 ‹Rina-el› ?

00:49:12 ‹Corat› Neither. Except that Gideon loves his swords

00:50:22 ‹Rina-el› She sighs.. "What a mess.. And here I thought that there was enough of a mess in the LA dance scene.. Now you've all gone and made everything more complicated.."

00:50:52 ‹Rina-el› "Oh, well.. Now I guess things will be more interesting.. Which probably means mor fun for me! ;-)

00:51:35 ‹Corat› Yeah yeah Mira. Wait until *you* get summoned!

00:51:38 ‹Nain› "Well, not really. Aside from: wrecking a ceremony, humiliating a sorcerer, causing a kid to freak out, turning on the fire sprinklers at a Goth convention, and starting a fight, no, we haven't done too much."

00:51:53 ‹Nain› She giggled and winked at Corat.

00:52:22 ‹Nain› "Hey, I didn't spend centuries surviving Hell just to wind up summoned to some pimply-faced geek's basement now."

00:52:30 ‹Rina-el› It's the humiliating a sorcerer that has me troubled..

00:54:03 ‹Nain› She sobered a bit. "Ryuki doesn't bother much so much. A quick run-in with a Malakim flight should straighten him out. Its' that Dark Man that worries me. The guy with no readable destiny who seemed to be running things could really be a wildcard."

00:54:36 ‹Rina-el› I don't know if you should be dismissing Ryuki that easily..

00:55:12 ‹Rina-el› And for no other reason than you want him to work with us, too... Otherwise all hell may just break loose..

00:55:45 ‹Nain› I don't totally dismiss him. Its' just that I've seen a lot of his ilk over the years and they don't usually amount to much."

00:57:38 ‹Aaron› Dark Man? Where does he fit into all this?

00:58:00 ‹Rina-el› Your guess is as good as mine, Aaron..

00:59:28 ‹Corat› No idea actually, except that he was the one created and led the ritual. And community-wise, he's a nobody

00:59:29 ‹Aaron› Was he at the summoning?

01:03:37 ‹Corat› He was leading the summoning


Aaron: As well as a group of disaffected teenagers and the three of you who may or may not have been summoned by the ritual in question.


Rina-el: Most likely he'll be angry because he knows Wyatt and we rained on his parade.. With no manners whatsoever..


Nain: *nods* Yep! And a lot of Goth kids who may or may not be pissed. I had Gideon shout that the ceremony was an angelic trap but I'm not sure how well that's gone down now that the confusion has worn off.


Shenmachel: *Shenmachel listens attentively* If I may interject... Did anyone ever *test* Ryuki's power?


Nain: We had manners! We paid for our tickets like any other person there. It's not our fault that a certain sorcerer sicced his bully-boys on us.


Nain: Her look was one of falsely wounded innocence.


Nain: We didn't let things get that far, no.


Corat: We didn't pay. Gideon paid for you, and I hauled myself in there.


Rina-el: Heh.. Sorry, knowing Wyatt's reputation, and assuming Ryuki has a clue as to who he really is, it's no wonder he sicced his bully boys on ya.. What interests me most is the possibility of Infernal attention.


Shenmachel: He's a sorcerer. It wouldn't be letting things get too far, but to the right point. *he smiles for a moment, but the smile doesn't reach his eyes*


Nain: *She looks at Shenmachel and suddenly is very glad she's on the right side of the Sword*


Rina-el: I'm not sure.. From what I know, Ryuki isn't originally from around here, but he's big news..


Corat: -i- Corat realizes his reputation has just been smeared again -i- He is who he really is. He knows what I really am. He's got my damned phone number...


Shenmachel: And do you have his address, Wheel? *the Seraph looks at Corat*


Corat: ...what I can't figure is what he's doing with 'Dark Man', and why anyone is calling Gavin 'Dark Man'. Jordan was right--up until that day, everyone considered him pathetic.


Rina-el: And how are you planning on using that, dearest?


Corat: *mild sarcasm* I can get it, Holy One. He's got a few of them.


Nain: Maybe we can find out just what Ryuki knows and smooth over some of the issues? If my will is strong enough I think I can give him a powerful suggestion that might help him towards seeing the light. Assuming it won't interfere with his Destiny, of course.


Rina-el: Who's Gavin?


Rina-el: Or we could just talk to him on a basis of trust - it's worth it to see how far that will take us, no?


Corat: You, not knowing something? Gavin Russo is our 'Dark Man'.


Corat: *Trust* Ryuki? That's a new one. 'Course, maybe with a seraph among us...


Shenmachel: *Shenmachel looks at Nain and Rina-el, it's almost obvious that his vision of a sorcerer "seeing the light" has something to do with reflections on a drawn blade*


Shenmachel: We may not forget the Power. It might be useful to know his feelings while dealing with us - maybe even more than knowing if he lies.


Rina-el: I happen to think that he's a sweetheart and you are mistreating him badly! Besides, we have some backup, so why not? *She sticks her tongue out at Corat in a decidedly childish manner, then hugs him*


Nain: I kind of agree with Rina-el on this one. Let's find him, read his Destiny and give him a chance. I mean, I wouldn't be here if someone didn't give me a chance once. Let's see if we can work with him or convert him peacefully before we get all smitey on him.


Aaron: That would seem to be the best course of action.


Corat: Alright, should I try to, er, raise Ryuki? *He holds up a cell phone, to make his meaning clear.*


Rina-el: Exactly! *The look she gives Shenmachel is decidedly out of character, being one that is both serious and challenging, suggesting "Don't mess with this"*


Shenmachel: *he leans towards Rina-el and mutters* Well, I'd like to have the address "just in case", as one says. Perhaps someone has to be paid a visit if negotiations won't work.


Shenmachel: *he simply nods*


Corat: *Corat dials phone.*


Corat: *He turns up the volume on his phone so you can mostly hear what's being said. He also takes a minute to work his resonance, and seems satisfied with the results.*


Rina-el: Rina-el decided to move over and sit beside her favorite Warrior


Corat: Hey Ryuki, I need to talk to you.../Hey Corey, what's up?/...Yeah, the other day, at Bats.../Don't remind me./...


Shenmachel: (Rina-el is already sitting besides Shenmachel - he slid her discreetly off his lap... ;) )


Shenmachel: (*points towards the forum*)


Aaron: (Takes off his jacket and tie and begins rolling up his sleeves)


Corat: Yeah well, I need to know what happened there. I mean, I can't imagine Gavin beat you to the punch!.../No, he didn't. At least I don't think so. Still, imagine my surprise when you show up!/...


Aaron: (leans in to listen intently to the call, looking all business)


Corat: So I need to know what happened there..../You know my fee./


Nain: *She amiled at the Mercurian and laughed as she went to play with Shen.*


Corat: *Corat swears something unintelligible, but he smiles at you to let you in on his game.*


Nain: *She listened carefully, rolling her eyes at the fee comment*


Shenmachel: *Shenmachel pulls out a ballpen a writes on a serviette, showing it Corat:* "Meet in person"


Corat: I'm not paying it. But I can offer you something better..../What?/...You've always wanted to meet one of the bigger angels..../How big?/


Rina-el: Is he willing to meet?


Corat: *Corat nods, thumbs up. Makes a motion like a fish on a hook.*


Aaron: (To Rina-el) He'll bite. His kind always do.


Shenmachel: *when he listens to the words "bigger angels" his eyes wander to Nain; he tilts his head a little, as if judging the measure of danger awaiting her*


Rina-el: *Rina-el nods, smiling*


Corat: Highest choir..../Seraph?/...Yep. Here in the flesh..../Seraphim don't have flesh./...Neither do I, but it's never stopped you from calling me for a ride. Where you at?


Rina-el: *whispers to Corat so that the table can hear but not the phone, "She's not the only one.. I'm a Vassal.."


Corat: /I'm in town. Executive suites on Century Boulevard. I'll give you the number if you promise no funny stuff./...Pshaw, you know me..../I also know angels. Promise me Corey./...No funny stuff, I promise.


Shenmachel: *his head jerks back and his eyes fixate Corat, his face showing a really annoyed look*


Aaron: (to the assembled angels) Fortunately Corat isn't a Seraph as well


Rina-el: *Rina-el puts a restraining hand on Shenmachel's arm*


Corat: /And I can ask him anything I want?/...Sure. *Corat winks at Shenmachel.*.../Suite 360./


Aaron: Gerhard, it's all part of the job. I'm sure your Commander would want us to find out what's going on here most of all.


Nain: *She was momentarily concerned at the mention of higher angels, looking to Rina-el. Then she looked at Shen and mouthed silently* "Do you think you can handle it?"


Corat: See you there. *And hangs up.* Yes, but he doesn't know that I can lie like a rug. He knows a lot of things, like that you can't lie.


Shenmachel: *between clenched teeth he says, in a low voice* I think Ryuki does know of the Choirs but not of the Distinctions, Vassal of Flowers. So he's one of those sorcerers who readily use the powers granted by Hell but don't do any _real_ research? *that said, he looks from Corat to Nain to Rina-el*


Corat: He's probably heard it, but he gets enough false information not to trust it.


Rina-el: There's quite a lot of danger in letting Ryuki question a Seraph.. He can ask just the questions that will do him the most good and us potentially the most damage, while giving us the smallest amount of useful info in return.. Are you *sure* about this, C?


Corat: Carpool?


Aaron: Most Holy, while we value your abilities, the rest of us, can and have used falsehood to serve the Lord.


Aaron: You must trust that your new allies will not misuse your greatest of gifts, and trust we know the best way to use ours.


Corat: I'm sure. I told him he could ask anything. I never told him you'd answer. He'd appreciate that difference


Shenmachel: Well, Bright One, I'll do my best - as is always expected. - And Aaron, I do agree with you. One should get information about the enemy before striking...


Nain: If I go with you, I can make him forget the meeting, if you'd like. Lord Yves granted me his Forgetful Words attunement.


Aaron: Rina...can Ryuki necessarily tell a Seraph from, oh say a Power?


Corat: And watch your step. He may try to hide a binding under the rug.


Rina-el: Aaron, *please* try to be a little less formal.. You'll draw all sorts of attention to us.. After all, I'm pretty sure my darling Gerhard isn't a Prince or a Bishop..


Shenmachel: And I do realize that humans sometimes are just too...fallible...to be told the truth. That doesn't mean I'd like it, though. And Corat's right: I don't have to answer questions I don't want to.


Rina-el: I'm going to. no arguments


Aaron: Just showing him the respect he is due, my dear.


Corat: Probably a good idea Nain.


Aaron: Corat will Ryuki be...alarmed...if we are all present?


Corat: *to Aaron* a little bit. He won't let on though.


Shenmachel: Oh, I do find the manner of Aaronebat talking very appropriate, Intercessionist. *Shenmachel smiles, although there's not even a hint of arrogance in it*


Nain: Then I'm coming. But we won't be alone. I'll scout ahead and make sure that he's not planning a double-cross.


Corat: I'd almost count on a double-cross. We should just get there soon so he doesn't have time to do much.


Corat: *Corat gets up and watches to see if you'll follow. If so, he heads out to the parking lot where he's parked his motorcycle.*


Aaron: (follows Corat out)


Nain: *She follows, already searching for a pigeon or other bird to possess*


Rina-el: *Rina-el gets up and casually drapes her arm around Corat. "You might want to have Gerhard with you, dearest"


Shenmachel: I think I again have to ask someone for a ride. *he looks at the others*


Aaron: Yu know him best...is that likely to help or harm our misison?


Rina-el: Who's driving with me?


Shenmachel: *gets up as well and leaves the coffeehouse*


Aaron: I could use a ride Rina...I cabbed it here.


Corat: Will what help or harm?


Nain: I'll go with you Jasmine. *she smiled* I just might not be lively.


Rina-el: You're more than welcome, then! :)


Nain: OOC: Is there a bird she can possess?


Aaron: (to Corat) The alarm of all of us all showing up...


Corat: (Yep, a crow.)


Corat: Just "three" of us. Nah.


Shenmachel: (How many people do fit into Jasmine's convertible?)


Shenmachel: So he's very sure of himself, Corat?


Corat: *Corat offers Gerhard the back seat of the motorcyle, and a helmet to go with it.*


Rina-el: (5 if we squeeze)


Nain: *She sent out some of her Forces, just enough to possess the crow, then she looked at Corat* What's his address? I'll fly on ahead and check things out on the way over.


Corat: Confidence of youth.


Rina-el: And success.. Don't forget the success..


Corat: (Gives Nain correct address--the place he mentioned on the phone would be familiar to her as near the airport.)


Shenmachel: A confidence that should be tempered by some ill experiences while dabbling with powers Man was not meant to be given... *he takes the helmet and looks at it as if holding an inexplicable thing from the Far Marches in his hands*


Rina-el: Are you sure you want to do that, Gerhard? There's still room in the car.. ;-)


Rina-el: C'mon, Aaron! *Rina-el hugs him, takes Nain's hand, and leads them to her convertable.*


Nain: See you there then! *she looked at Jasmine* Shotgun! *she grinned while the crow took flight for Ryuki's place*


Shenmachel: You really expect me to ride with you, Wheel? On a motorcycle? *he looks at the motorcycle as if he watched some angry servitor of Death charging*


tHE hERETIC: (Traffic is quite forgiving for a Friday night--even the car gets above 45 mph once in awhile. The Executive Suites are quite nice, sterile in a hotel sort of way. The concierge greets you politely, and Corat merely says, "We're visiting a friend." The concierge directs you towards the elevator.)


Rina-el: You're still welcome to the back seat, Blade buddy!


Corat: (back at the motorcycle, before the drive). *Gritting his teeth.* Gerhard, this is my transportation. You do remember my name, right?


Nain: OOC: What does Nain see from her aerial scouting position?


Shenmachel: *he still tries to handle the experience of undamped velocity that comes with sitting behind a Wheel of the Wind on a motorcycle (as well as that short glimpse of Trauma during every turn) when he follows Corat into the building*


tHE hERETIC: (An ordinary day in the LA airport district)


tHE hERETIC: (near as she can tell, anyway)


tHE hERETIC: (LOL what did you expect him to drive?)


Aaron: (you'll see :) )


Shenmachel: [One from before the drive:] I certainly do, Corat, but I didn't know you'd prefer to be called by your name from a Sword-bearer. *then he sits on the motorcycle*


Corat: Thank you Gerhard.


Nain: *She flies in closer, perching on lamppost near Ryuki's place and attempting to peer in a window. Meantime, she looks for another host, such as an insect that might be able to get into the house*


Rina-el: After you, Windy!


tHE hERETIC: Apartment/suite. It's less a home and more a really expensive hotel room. PM on what you see.


Aaron: (throws his jacket back on but keeps his tie in his pocket. carries his briefcase up as well)


Nain: *Her human form strides in casually, perfectly at ease, as if she belongs here*


Shenmachel: *the Seraph regained his composure, finally, straightened to the point where it hurts looking at and asks, in a quiet voice during their "ride" on the elevator*


Rina-el: ((BTW, Rina-el spent the entire drive talking to Aaron on his Role, his views, the weather and whatever Aaron thought to talk to her about.. She occasionally threw something to Nain, but figured Nain wasn't really with them..))


Shenmachel: This might turn out violent? *his voice is calm and neutral*


Rina-el: Absolutely NOT, Gerhard! No way!


Shenmachel: Okay.


Rina-el: I have a backup to make sure it doesn't. *She gestures at her necklace of flowers*


Nain: I certainly hope not. It depends on Ryuki really.


Nain: Oh. *She raised a hand and spoke lowly* He's doing something near the front door.


Rina-el: OOh.. Fun..


Shenmachel: Can you see what exactly he's doing?


Nain: I'm not sure what he's up to. He's either got something in his hand or he's tracing something around the doorframe. Either way he's really close to that door. Suspiciously close.


Shenmachel: (I think that's what it does. You have to "update" (with the button) quite often, Karen.)


Rina-el: That doesn't sound familiar to me.. But then, I don't know much about Sorcery..


Nain: *She shook her head*


Nain: Guys, can you hold up for a few minutes? I'm going to try to get in and get a better look but I need a little time.


Rina-el: So.. Are we going to chance it? Would you like me to go first?


Rina-el: Okay.. But I don't think we should keep him waiting too much longer..


Nain: I'll try to be fast then.


Shenmachel: Well...


Corat: (Corat) By the door you say? Warding against demons maybe?


Shenmachel: He wants to see a Seraph. So I'll go first. *he looks at the others*


Aaron: Or angels?


Rina-el: *Rina-el turns to the Seraph, innocently* Well?


Shenmachel: This might be something dangerous, perhaps a trap. So it's my duty to take this upon me.


Rina-el: I don't think he's going to ward against Angels if he wants to talk to them..


Rina-el: My hero! *She enthusiastically hugs Shenmachel*


Shenmachel: *his look is grim when he faces the door, walks towards it and makes his presence known - by knocking, pressing a bell button or the like*


Shenmachel: *all this after wriggling free from Rina-el's arms*


tHE hERETIC: He opens the door.


Nain: *she grits her teeth* I haven't had time to scout. Don't do anything yet!


Ryuki: Ryuki is an attractive Japanese man. It's hard to tell his age, but you can guess he's under forty, at any rate. He smiles, bows slightly, and in a perfect American accent says "Hello, come in."


Nain: So, nice place you got here. *she looks about casually* Don't you get a headache from all the air traffic?


Shenmachel: Good afternoon, sir. *the last word seems to have difficulties leaving the Seraph's mouth* I think you expected us.


Shenmachel: *he follows the invitation and takes a few steps in, looking around after that, especially trying to get a look at the other side of the door*


Rina-el: Rina-el walks in after Shenmachel, walks right over to Ryuki and hugs him "Well met!"


Ryuki: He's a little stiff--he wasn't expecting a hug. Corat, you'll note, is hanging back.


Nain: *Nain is still out in the hall, casually taking in everything. Her eyes are fixed on Ryuki's and an easy smile is on her face.*


Shenmachel: *while he's looking at the interior of the room he's in, he tries to memorize the position of the furniture*


Ryuki: (Ryuki) come on in, come on in. I don't bite, really.


Shenmachel: So you are Ryuki.


Nain: *She strode in, giving him an appreciative look and a smile* I admire a man who has good taste, and you sir, have good taste.


Shenmachel: *Nain's compliment makes Shenmachel turn a little pale*


Rina-el: Rina-el looks around "I quite agree with my friend here, this room really is tastefully furnished.. Is it comfortable, dear?"


Shenmachel: I didn't know we were here to discuss questions of interior decoration. *he looks at Ryuki*


Rina-el: "Eh, my friend here has no sense of fashion!" *She winks (very clearly) at Shenmachel*


Nain: Sometimes the finer points of social politesse escape him. I'm sure that's not a problem you suffer from, Mr. Ryuki sir. *she smiled winningly at him*


Ryuki: *He bows slightly to Nain.* Thank you ma'am. *And address you all, including Corat who has reluctantly followed the rest of you into the room.


Shenmachel: Fashion is used too often to conceal shortcomings of various natures. So maybe being unfashionable isn't something bad.


Rina-el: *Rina-el wanders over to look at the swords..*


Ryuki: It's comfortable enough. Have a seat, please.


Rina-el: "Do you spar, Ryuki? These are really magnificent."


Shenmachel: (I think so.) *he strolls through the room until he finally reaches the dresser and is able to get a look at the hilts and sheathes of the swords*


Aaron: ((wanders over to Rina-el and whispers))


Aaron: He's up to something. Spread the word.


Ryuki: You like them? I wish I could say they've been in the family for generations, but they are only about fifty years old.


Shenmachel: *he looks over his shoulder towards Rina-el* If these swords had real blades - which I do not know, for they are not drawn - it certainly was not a good idea to spar with them.


Rina-el: *Casually leans over and whispers to Shenmachel "Aaron says he's up to something" then teasingly licks his ear and grabs his butt to cover the whisper*


Ryuki: *He reaches for one and unless opposed unsheaths it.*


Nain: *She returned the bow politely and fluidly, a little deeper than his, to indicate respect*


Shenmachel: So they were forged after the Second World War? *he turns towards Ryuki* Are they only decorational swords or are they real blades?


Ryuki: I indulge swordplay occasionally. *Corat gives you a look and a gesture that says No, Not a Good Idea*


Shenmachel: *right then a Mercurian hand grabs his butt - something which brings him to a complete stop while throwing an irritated glance at Jasmine; he hisses* Thank you.


Ryuki: *He caresses it theatrically.* They are quite real.


Rina-el: *Rina-el wanders over to Ryuki to examine the blade, oohing and ahhing over the intricate designs on the blade and the dragon-head hilt*


Ryuki: *He turns towards Shenmachel at the hiss and looks at him quizzically.*


Shenmachel: Pardon me? I have missed your last sentence, I fear. *he looks again at Ryuki*


Nain: Really? A sophisticated sport, fencing. Not seen so much nowadays from what I understand. Is it a passive hobby for you, or something you enjoy?


Rina-el: "Wow! Well, perhaps one day you can show me? I've never learned how to wield a blade, regretfully."


Shenmachel: *then he throws a second glance at Rina-el, quite an infuriated one* (That was mean! ;) )


Nain: (*L*)


Shenmachel: I don't think you just fence - or do you? I rather believe that you're practising kendo or kenjutsu.


Ryuki: *His mind more on Shenmachel, he nonetheless answers Rina-el's question.* Maybe some day.


Shenmachel: *he takes a seat, trying to get a place that gives him one wall and nothing else in the back*


Rina-el: "I'll look forward to it!" *She smiles winsomely.


Aaron: ((clears his throat))


Ryuki: *He starts to answer, maybe, and then stops to really look at Shenmachel.* Good afternoon, my name is Ryuki Watari. Who do I have the pleasure of meeting in my humble home?


Rina-el: I'm sorry! Introductions!


Shenmachel: *before taking the seat, though, he murmurs to Nain that 'the heathen is up to something'*


Aaron: Mr. Ryuki, we all know why we're here...perhaps we should move on from the small talk.


Rina-el: This here, whom you know, is Wyatt..


Ryuki: *He smiles at Wyatt, the cat that ate the canary smile.*


Rina-el: *She quiets down, seeing as we've moved past the icebreakers*


Shenmachel: *waits for Rina-el to take over the introductions, since she seems to want to*


Shenmachel: *and remains silent all through Aaron's words*


Rina-el: *after a very short silence, she continues*


Ryuki: *Corat smiles back, sarcasm.*


aron: ((looks at Rina-el, hoping she understands that he only cut her off based on what he was picking up))


Rina-el: My lovely friend here is Mira, a local bartender.. You should stop by some time.. It's a nice place!


Rina-el: The young man over there is Aaron, a motivational speaker..


Rina-el: My dear friend Gerhard, from abroad..


Ryuki: *Nods politely*


Aaron: ((Appears)) fuming, somewhat angry


Rina-el: "And I'm Jasmine.. you might have seen me around, sweetie.." and she gives him a bow, then jumps up and hugs him again, careful of the sword!*


Shenmachel: *he bows slightly while sitting*


Ryuki: I wasn't expecting so many. I hope I have enough tea. *But doesn't get up to get any.*


Nain: *She smiled and bowed*


Shenmachel: Jasmine, please be careful, someone could get hurt by a sword. *he might talk to Rina-el, but his eyes never have left Ryuki*


Ryuki: I'd be disappointed, Jasmine, if you were my promised guest.


Rina-el: "Really?" She seems to wilt a little.. "Why would that be?"


Ryuki: I've always pictured a seraph as a dignified being, and while hugging a stranger with a sword in his hand is...remarkable, I would not call it dignified.


Rina-el: *She's playing innocent to the hilt.. To the point of it being clear she's playing and knows everyone can see it..*


Shenmachel: *he monitors Ryuki carefully while he talks to Jasmine*


Rina-el: "well, of course I'm not a Seraph, silly! That wouldn't be nearly as much fun! Besides, don't you like hugs?"


Aaron: Enough!


Shenmachel: Often things are not as we picture them - and sometimes it's better not to find out the truth.


Ryuki: *He makes a show of checking his pockets.* I'm just a little suspicious of them.


Nain: You might be surprised at how affectionate angels can be, Mr. Ryuki.


Nain: *She blinks and looks quizzically at Aaron*


Ryuki: Mister Watari. But call me Ryuki. I know, Asian names can be so confusing.


Shenmachel: Or how disaffectionate.


Rina-el: "I guess if I were as exalted as you are, I might be suspicious too.. But then, I *really* like hugs.." *She grins, but lets the conversation move on to something else..*


Shenmachel: *also looks at Aaron*


Ryuki: Not exalted, ma'am. Wealthy.


Ryuki: *He smiles, and looks straight at Shenmachel. That cat at the canary again.* You are the seraph, aren't you?


Rina-el: "Well, I'm as wealthy as I want to be.. You should come see my show, Ryuki! I think you'll enjoy it!"


Nain: *She gives Shen a "You're not helping" look then looks back to Ryuki* My apologies. My friend seems a bit agitated. It might be nerves. Angels do not often deal with sorcerers in such refined settings and under such relatively amicable conditions.


Rina-el: "sourpuss", she mutters and looks fondly at Shenmachel


Ryuki: Why not?


Aaron: ((wanders over to corner, looking agitated))


Shenmachel: I think I may call myself happy as not to understand every slang term... *he smiles politely at Rina-el* Yes, Ryuki, you are right. I am the Seraph Mr. Wyatt told you of. *he keeps sitting and looks at the sorcerer, calmly* So, what do you want from me?


Nain: There are long traditions of distrust and suspicion. I'm afraid that even we of the Heavenly realms are not above such things. Hopefully, this meeting will be the beginning of a bridge to a better relationship for us all.


Shenmachel: (I hope the other cops will catch on. ;) )


Ryuki: *He gives Gerhard a good long stare. Corat starts to say something, but Ryuki gives him a gesture. "You promised" it seems to say.* What is your name, Gerhard?


Ryuki: *That sword gets quickly and deftly pointed in the direction of anyone else who tries to speak.*


Shenmachel: Why do you ask me? You already _have_ a name which you can use and I will answer to.


Rina-el: *Rina-el walks over to Aaron and gently maneuvers him to a seat. As she does so, she whispers "now is the time to make a scene if you want"*


Aaron: *clenches his jaw *


Aaron: *nods to Rina-el*


Shenmachel: And perhaps you'd sheathe your sword. I don't know if he *Shenmachel points towards the tall, burly Elohite* will be made calmer by someone waving about with a sword.


Ryuki: Don't play with me, "Gerhard". You know what I'm asking for.


Aaron: This man consorts with Diabolocals and we sit here chatting about the weather.


Shenmachel: (Well, not to me. Because of that Shenmachel - although he believes that Sorcery can't command angels and that the Holy Spirit will shield him from such foul machinations - won't give him his true name; just because he somehow feels used by this.)


Ryuki: I do no such thing.


Rina-el: Diabloicals? Really, Ryuki, what were you thinking? Those guys'll tell you anything to get your soul! We're relly *much* nicer! :)


Nain: *She raised a warning hand and shook her head at Aaron*


Aaron: ((feigns standing up and takes heed of Nain's warning...Ryuki's reaction?))


Shenmachel: I do know what you are asking for.


Ryuki: *He looks over briefly at Aaron, but his focus is on Shenmachel.*


Shenmachel: *he concentrates for a moment and tries to get in tune with the Symphony*


Ryuki: *Shenmachel's words bring a smile--content, pleased. Not sharky like it's been so far.*


Shenmachel: So, do you consort with denizens that you know are from Hell?


Ryuki: In Los Angeles, you run into them every so often. But I don't consort with them, whatever you mean by that. I have no need.


Shenmachel: And why do you want to talk to a _Seraph_, Ryuki?


Aaron: (( "whispers" to Rina-el, if she's still restraining him somewhat))


Rina-el: "That's better! :)See? He's not so bad after all, Windy!"


Aaron: This cursed millenium...a thousand years ago his own kind would have rejoiced to bring me his black heart.


Rina-el: ((She's not, but she's still nearby, Aaron))


Aaron: (( good enough..))


Rina-el: Aaron, what *are* you talking about? *she takes a step away from him, looking at him quizzically*


Ryuki: The Seraphim are the most exalted of the heavenly hosts. I don't believe I've ever met one before.


Aaron: You know...you were there when we weren't expected to barter with sorcerors.


Rina-el: "Yes, but times have changes, honey! not all Sorcerers are *evil*, you know!"


Rina-el: (This has gone way beyond whispering, if it wasn't clear)


Ryuki: (The guy seems to be completely ignoring Aaron. Aaron however might note that his grip on the sword is just a little tighter.)


Shenmachel: This is not the answer to my question.


Nain: *She keeps one ear on both conversations, wondering where Aaron is trying to go.*


Aaron: Fah! Go...bow at the feet of those we are sworn to struggle against.


Ryuki: Very good. I wished to have the honor of meeting one of the holiest of choirs.


Shenmachel: *perhaps Nain notices that Shenmachel is doing his best to keep himself under control, but his left hand, lying on the armrest of the easychair, grabs the armrest hard*


Rina-el: Aaron, my dear.. Are you *really* going to threaten our host? I will have to step between you, if this is the case.. Please shelve your outdated opinions and come join us in the 20th century.." *She seems perfectly serious - maybe you've gone a little too far..*


Shenmachel: And why did you wish for that? Out of sheer curiosity?


Rina-el: As she says this, she stands between Ryuki and Aaron..


Shenmachel: Keeping to convictions is not a bad thing in itself, Jasmine, even if others see them as outdated.


Aaron: ((mouths 'trust me' to Rina-el))


Nain: *She reaches over and lays a hand over Shen's in support.* Aaron, please, that's enough. Its' not helping matters any.


Ryuki: (to S) Because I find you wholly charming


Rina-el: *mouths back "You know I do!", counting on her back being towards Ryuki to keep him from seeing*


Aaron: ((stops his diatribe, but sits faux-glaring at Ryuki))


Rina-el: *Seeing Aaron backing off slightly, she turns back to the conversation*


Nain: *She smiled at Aaron and then turned back to the conversation as well, keeping one hand over Shen's both as restraint and comfort*


Ryuki: (waiting for the next move, rolls ready for a change)


Shenmachel: Why are you lying to me? Why are you spoiling the perfect Symphony, created by the Lord, with your foul notes of falsehood? Can you explain that to me, Ryuki? *while he had loosened his grip under Nain's touch a little, he now raises his voice until it is loud and almost booming through the room; during the last words he stood up*


Shenmachel: Why did you really want to see me? *he eyes him fiercely*


Ryuki: Because...you have the most wonderful haircut.


Rina-el: That was silly, dear Ryuki..


Ryuki: Yes Mira. It was.


Nain: *She gives Shen a very worried look, afraid that he might be about to push things too far*


Ryuki: *He sits back in his chair, appearing calm. He can't hide the tension though--he has noticed the two violent fellows in his living room.*


Rina-el: What *do* you want, wealthy Sorcerer? *She says this in a mix of admiration and scorn - it's complicated, but she manages..*


Shenmachel: *it hurts Shenmachel almost corporeally to hear the Symphony so blatantly spoiled* Do you believe that anyone of us here is stupid, sorcerer?


Shenmachel: Then answer. Now.


Ryuki: I want... *he chooses his words carefully* you to *looks at Aaron, and can't hide his anger* stop calling me a devil fucker.


Aaron: In all fairness, sir, I never said you fuck devils.


Ryuki: To not presume to give me orders. You are my guests here.


Ryuki: 'Consort' with is close enough.


Nain: To be fair, you were rather...unrestrained in your views on Sorcerers, Aaron. We are in Ryuki's home and we are his guests. Could you please apologize to our kind host?


Aaron: I just want to know why you conspire against us...and please don't deny it. You obviously know what my friend here ((points to Shen)) is capable of.


Shenmachel: But I think we only have to behave like guests when you behave like a host worthy of the visit of _angels_.


Shenmachel: And, to continue: I see that you are starting evasion maneuver after evasion maneuver. I think it's enough by now. So would you mind answering my - our - questions now?


Ryuki: To show me what a seraph...IS.


Ryuki: I do not conspire against you.


Nain: Remember folks, ultimately this is the world of mortals. We're just visitors here so there's no need to antagonize the locals.


Rina-el: "Honestly, Ryuki, while there was a certain amount of caution on our part, we *truly* want this to be a mutually beneficial relationship. What can we offer you that will make you willing to take a step towards us?"


Ryuki: *He begins to speak again, but regains his reserve.*


Rina-el: *She walks over to him, and if he doesn't react alarmed or annoyed, then she kneels down beside his chair and puts her hand on his arm - the one without the sword..*


Ryuki: *He is a bit jumpy at her approach.*


Shenmachel: *he smiles for a moment* Why do you want to know what a Seraph IS? And has this anything to do with your relationship with Gavin Russo?


Rina-el: Slow down, Gerhard.. One step at a time, please!


Shenmachel: *he throws a pained look towards Aaron*


Ryuki: *He looks Shenmachel directly in the eye.* I do not conspire against any of you. I do not wish to be accused of improper relationships with demons.


Nain: *She gave Rina-el an approving nod and smile*


Rina-el: "That's fair enough. Unless someone thinks you're lying, which I don't, then no more accusations, please! It seems to be counter productive!" Rina-el seems totally serious..


Shenmachel: I do know.


Rina-el: *Rina-el makes sure to keep her head and gaze lower than Ryuki's. She is the least seemingly dangerous amongst them and makes sure to seem that way.*


Ryuki: *He steals a glance at Rina-el, and takes a moment to size up whether Aaron is going to spring again.*


Shenmachel: *then he seems to wait for Ryuki to continue*


Rina-el: Know what?


Aaron: ((waits placidly-reverts back to his emotionless self))


Nain: *She folds her hands in her lap and slightly lowers her head, taking her lead from the Mercurian*


Ryuki: *Quietly* Arigato. (Japanese for 'thank you')


Shenmachel: I do know that he's not lying. So, please continue, Ryuki.


Rina-el: *She smiles, but doesn't move*


Ryuki: You wish to know about Gavin Russo. I wished to speak to exalted angels. *He takes a deep breath.*


Ryuki: There are many 'sorcerors' in Los Angeles, in California, in the world. I have met almost none who are genuine.


Ryuki: Gavin... *he shakes his head 'no' * cannot be genuine.


Ryuki: He lacks... *struggles with the words, stealing glances at Shen and Aaron*


Shenmachel: That means...?


Ryuki: But something got you in there...but you already know that.


Ryuki: *He looks to Shen.* He lacks the education, the skill, the talent, the will... *He shakes his head*. It doesn't add up.


Rina-el: Would you believe that it was because of *you* that we were there?


Ryuki: *He smiles, relaxes a bit. It's clear you've appealed to his vanity.* I don't know...no, that's not true. Sorry Gerhard.


Shenmachel: And even though he lacks all these things he is able to...manifest supernatural powers? Or to conduct sorcerous rituals successfully?


Ryuki: I didn't do the rite. I was just observing. Honest. The jar was something else.


Rina-el: Truly, I heard about an attempted Angel summoning and that *you* were going to be there, so I sent my friends here to check it out.. Unfortunately, things got messy, or so I understood..


Rina-el: So what was going on in the rite?


Ryuki: *He looks at Shen, and for the first time you see anything like vulnerability.* Yes.


Shenmachel: *he sits and listens*


Shenmachel: That is...interesting.


Nain: If I may, one word of advice. You are familiar with the concepts of Destiny and Fate, yes, Ryuki?


Ryuki: -I- do not call demons. I'll trade with them same as anybody, but I do not...my soul is dear to me. Gavin...you speak of sticking to convictions. I understand this, but he does not.


Ryuki: I am familiar with them, yes.


Nain: Please be aware then that Gavin Russo has no Destiny.


Rina-el: Mira, could it be Shedim?


Ryuki: He looks at all of you, almost pleading.* I like to think that if Gavin were involved with demons, you would know it. Yet here you are. So what is he involved with?


Ryuki: What has he brought into this world?


Shenmachel: *murmurs* Or perhaps an Ethereal...


Nain: *She shook her head and fixed Ryuki with a concerned gaze* No. Even demons have Destinies. He has absolutely none, and I've never encountered that before. Not in millennia of life. I have no idea what he's involved with but it goes beyond mere summoning angels.


Rina-el: If only we knew.. Thank you, Ryuki! I for one, would be more than happy to meet with you again, and I am willing to believe that I owe you a favor. Call upon me anytime - as long as I'm not on stage! Here is my number" *She hands him her cell phone number on flower-pressed paper*


Shenmachel: Well, Ryuki, thank you for your information. This won't be the last time we've met.