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Ofanite of the Wind, IST War

Ryuki Watari
Banking heir and sorceror

the Corps
Archangel Michael's Special Forces

Corat's Cabinet

M'ranoch Atel
Habbalite of The War

Impudite of Dark Humor

Baron Samedi
Petro Loa

the Gothic/Magick community

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In Nomine: the Mile Higher Club
The Corps

Inspiration: the US Marine Corps
Consultant and guest GM/player

Michael the Archangel's special forces, these angels root out and destroy any demon whose activities break the peace of the Symphony. If one of these elite teams has heard you, you are not long for this world.

Ulysses, Seraph of War
Inspiration: any hero commander in any inspirational soldiers' movie, Russell Crowe (pictured) as Jack Aubrey in "Master and Commander"
A consummate professional, Ulysses is a quietly paternal leader thinly disguised as a stern commander. He's also that rarest of beings: a Seraph with a sense of humor.

Kyle, Cherub of Stone IST War
Inspiration: Kyle Reese from 'The Terminator'
The conscience of the team and often their spokesman, his genuine concern for the team adds Cherubic nuance to the commander's War Song, allowing this team to act in unison no matter how many miles are in between.

Atticus "the Judge", Elokite of War
Inspiration: Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch of To Kill A Mockingbird
Quiet and perceptive, little escapes his camera and less escapes his notice. His judgment is rarely questioned, and it is he alone can call a retreat.

Lupe, Ofanite of the Sword IST War
Inspiration: Michelle Rodriguez in action films, particularly 'Resident Evil'
Navigator, driver, interrogator, and walking buzzsaw. Simply someone you don't mess with.

Caleb "the Preacher", Malakite of Fire IST War
Inspiration: Jules in 'Pulp Fiction'
Loves his work. Carving up demons, what's not to love?