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Ryuki Watari
Banking heir and sorceror

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Corat's Cabinet

Ryuki Watari

Sorceror/banking heir
Fascinated with angels, has strong feelings about The War
Bad but overstated reputation.  Works with demons.  Possible ethereal loyalties.
GM's inspiration:  Tatsuya Fujiwara

If you do a web search on Ryuki, this is what you find:

Ryuki you already know plenty . Even so his information is harder to find than the Dylans', banking being a little less glamorous than snowboarding. He is the eldest of three children, and his father Ryukawa has a wife Miyako. His brother Kenichi “Ken” also works for Pacific World, their sister “Mia” still in college. His two siblings look like their mother, but Ryuki himself is taller and darker-hued than any of them.
The magic community does mention him by first name on the occasional blog, occasionally using the epithet “the Loan Shark” or stereotypically “the Dragon”. The consensus is that he's had contact with a demon or demons. A few speculate that he is a demon, but most don't. There's mention of his fascination with angels but no one's sure whether he's made contact with any. They speak of an arrogant man, too young to command the power they begrudgingly admit he has. His favorite trick, apparently, is the one you saw him do on Pepito—he watches someone and the victim mysteriously passes out, sometimes for days at a time. His next favorite trick is to throw around his charm (some say money) to get people to do what he wants. One site says he has mastered the “Jedi mind trick” and uses it to pick up women. Other sites make him sound like the lead in a John Woo film. No one can pin him to any long-term relationship outside of his work and family.
There's one site you run across, however. It's an older site, and its “guestbook” suggests it hasn't been looked after in a couple of years. Whoever this “urbanwitch” is, she hates him. She and her guests, also apparently female, repeat or embellish every negative rumor you've come across. One guest claims he fathered her child. Further there's a photograph of a picture in a tabloid page; in it he's younger, maybe 22, and he's sloppy drunk in the lap of a blue-eyed male friend of a similar age.

Marty Lehri
Excellent pilot
Created a tether to Wind, but is unaware of it
Transgender who wants to father a child
GM's inspiration:  personal friend

If you do a web search on Marty, this is what you get

Marty Lehri, the pilot, apparently stirred some people up with that whole landing-a-plane-in-a-firestorm stunt. News story retrospectives quote glowing gratitude from the passengers, stern words from aviation officials, and a lot of second-guessing from experts who hinted darkly at 'medical' reasons for such foolhardy flying. Older pictures of Marty are a bit more feminine, though you don't find “she” in anything you can find on the Net.
(Actually there was one year, don't remember which though it was more recent than in the story, when Ontario and San Francisco were both socked in fog and most of the LA area airports were under very heavy smoke. To my knowledge though there were no hotshot pilots scraping jets on the tarmac though.)

the Dylan Brothers
Professional snowboarders
Can travel the Marches as a pair
Colorful dreams suggest drug use
GM's inspiration:  Canadian snowboarder Ross Rebagliati, and personal friends

If you do a web search of the Dylan brothers, this is what you get:

William and Edward are identical twins, both twenty years old. Both are professional snowboarders, and considered among the best in the field. They've been known to go out of their way to help other snowbunnies, having once assisted in a search for a child lost in the mountains. Their harshest critics note that they tend to go off course looking for virgin snow and potentially endangering others if they were to have an accident in the trees, yet in years they've had no such accident. Otherwise they seem universally well-liked. Asked about considering the Olympics they generally laugh off the idea.
Their website, full of rainbow imagery not unlike what you saw in the Marches, tells you they've been snowboarding since their early teens and were homeschooled to allow for this. They're based in northern California, in the town of Mt. Shasta.

Excellent thief and burglar
Trying to live a straight life despite his talents and temptations
Has stolen from Corat in the past
GM's inspiration:  Kevin Pollack in "The Usual Suspects"


Promotes microfinance and ethical lending
Linked to Heckle, can bring each other down or up
muses: Ralph Bellamy in "Trading Places" , the Muppets' "Statler and Waldorf"

Professional soldier
Trains and equips birds to assist in warfare
Considered a terrorist by some

Can effectively identify celestials by her inability to read them, knew Pepito for what he was
Immature, tends to be tactless and confrontational

Danae you can connect to Chris “Pepito” Breckenridge, and this allows you to search for her information. From this you can get a last name, Peters, and a high school. She is 17. There you get dropped into the world of teen blogging... :) There's much gossip and bravado, but at least now you have a picture, an African-American girl with an attractive figure and stylish cornrows. She is a Beyonce fan.

Senator Heckle
California State Senator
Principled and clever politician
Vulnerable to corruption

Hayley Morris
fictional equivalent of Miley Cyrus
Pop star
Promotes virtue to the masses, genuinely
Is indebted to Media for the ability to do so

the Andersons
Volunteer rescue workers
Unselfishly save lives, raising good kids by example
Outspoken atheists

fictional equivalent of Midge Ure
Former pop star, philanthropist
Major impact on philanthropy, co-founder of the --Aid movement
Outspoken atheist