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The Premise

The Mile Higher Club

Field work can be tedious and full of hassles. You certainly miss just zipping over to a friend in the Heavens (or Hell, though that�s its own set of hassles). Here you have to get a phone number, get a phone, and hope they answer�at best. But it�s part of the job, and the most important job there is. Because The War in the end is about these souls, and you can�t save souls if you don�t understand them. So here you are, in an immersion course in Humanity.

Part of understanding humanity is these hassles, and a feeling something-like-loneliness when you can�t get through. Sure, with your Role you have friends, but they�re different. They don�t�mostly can�t�know the real you. What you wouldn�t give to sit across the table with someone else who�s been in The Presence, someone who knows what it�s like to have a Word even if you don�t talk about it.

Somebody understands. He�or she?�left a message on the back of seat 35C on the flight from LA to SFO. �Netzach, Mile Higher Club, welcome� was all it said. Sure enough though, if you laid the Tree of Life over the plane�s seating plan, you were sitting right at Netzach. You smiled, summoned up a bit of Essence, and added your own coda. �Binah, received� and on your way out tucked a little essence in the pocket of seat 12B.

You stepped just a little lighter that day, and promised yourself to take that flight again sometime.


Ronan Harris of VNV Nation, inspiration for Corat the Ofanite of the (East) Wind

David Rasche as inspiration for Gerhard Reuter/Shenmachel, Seraph of the Sword

Inspiration for Ash Kuhman/Ashbel, Cherub of Fire

Inspiration for Dr. Glen Norton/Da'at, Elohite of Destiny

Tatsuya Fujiwara as seen in "Death Note" etc., inspiration for Ryuki Watari, sorceror

Chris Kattan as Azrael Abyss, inspiration for Pepito the Impudite

Kenneth Branagh in "Hamlet" as inspiration for the Archangel Laurence

Michelle Rodriguez in "Resident Evil" as inspiration for Guadalupe of the Corps, Ofanite of the Sword in service to War.

Michael Biehn in "The Terminator" as inspiration for Kyle of the Corps, Cherub of Stone, in service to War.

From a costume catalog, as inspiration for Vato, Baron of Hysteria, Captain of Repartee


GameMaster notes:

Message board represents coded/concealed messages left on a plane. The celestials have a knack for knowing which plane�they won�t get it right every time, but they�ll get it pretty consistently.

The messages can potentially be intercepted.

All messages in the forum will be available to all celestials. For whatever reason, your character does not grab the note so that others don�t read it.
Well, that was the plan. The story's action has moved somewhat, hasn't it?

The chat, tabletop-style game takes place occasionally, more or less monthly. Watch the OOC thread for times, dates, and locations.

Out of character comments in the in-character forum should be limited (obviously) and enclosed in double parentheses as is the custom in the PbP area.