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In Nomine: the Mile Higher Club
Baron Samedi

Inspiration: Baron Samedi as portrayed in various horror films and novels.
This is a fictionalized version, bearing only the slightest resemblance to the real being.

A New World ethereal, a nomadic god of death and desperation and physical pleasures. The Baron seeks to expand his traditional powerbase from the dispossessed of humanity to the dispossessed demons. He has leapt from the gangsters of Los Angeles to the Goth subculture via schoolkids and from there to Gavin Russo and Pepito--a sorceror and a demon, both since dead. His next move...?

Do you think I'm sexy?
Photo by David Vance. Used with permission. David Vance Prints

The Loa, manifested as the Seven African Powers

compiled from these sources, and a certain amount of artistic liberty:

Papa Legba

Father, Messenger, Trickster
muse: Michael Dunn in "Wild Wild West"
as Loveless
aspect: the Infant of Atocha
Protective of his family in all their manifestations, aware of their precarious position with the Host.



Creator, Mother
aspect: Initially Our Lady of Mercy, then the Rainbow Serpent
The Loas' reflection of the great deity, s/he is both a primeval force and a loving parent. S/he prefers to let others speak for him/her.



Motherhood, Ocean, Moon
aspect: Our Lady, Queen of the Sea (Stella Maris)
She would fill the celestial void of the waters, if she could. As it stands she is quietly the patron of witchcraft, of creative endeavors, and of peace.



Warrior, Guardian of the Dead
The greater aspect of Maman Brigitte and Baron Samedi



Warrior, Lightning, all things masculine and husband of Oya
Aspect: the Yoruban king that he was in life


Feminine Beauty, but also avenger of women wronged. Money, and Freshwater
aspect: St. Cecilia



Healer, Charity
aspect: St. Martin de Tours