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M'ranoch Atel


In Nomine: The Mile Higher Club: M'ranoch Atel Habbalite of The War

Guest villain advisor MJ
Inspiration: The longer I play this character, the more he resembles The Joker, both Heath Ledger's interpretation and Jack Nicholson's.

Like all proper Habbalim, M'ranoch fully believes that he is an angel, working undercover for Heaven within the depths of Hell's organization. Like many Habbalim he has one angel who he's made a personal mission of bringing down. If he gets anyone else in the crossfire--well, that's the price of maintaining his cover. Why, in his twisted logic, would an undercover angel be assigned to bring an angel to his Fall?

His current role is that of Gregor Saroyan, an Armenian-American with ties to Kirk Kerkorian, who is rumored to be mafia. Saroyan is also an illegal immigrant, but whether that's by design or by sloppy rolemaking is hard to tell. He was arrested once for human trafficking but beat the rap.

Someone has been desecrating the chapel at El Toro, which is in the process of being remodeled. It's quite possible that this is M'ranoch.
Someone also killed a fortuneteller in Los Angeles, marking the crime scene with the Seraph symbol. "Saroyan" was living across the street.

His posse

based loosely on the characters in "Reservoir Dogs"

aka Mr. Pink
Calabite of The War
Sent to Brea Canyon to fetch ammunition

aka Mr. White
Balseraph of Death

aka Mr. Orange
Shedite of The War